Porn Star Tweet Storms Ft. Lauderdale with a Fury of Top Talent

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- May 29, 2013 -- Las Vegas, NV -- Porn Star Tweet, this morning announced it’s final talent lineup for the forthcoming Exxxotica Expo ( to be held May 31st-June 2nd at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This convention marks the 4th year that Porn Star Tweet has been a proud sponsor of the Exxxotica Expo shows all over the country.

Appearing live in the Porn Star Tweet booth over the three day expo will be XBiz Award Winning Sheridan Love, Superstar Joslyn James, the amazing Mellanie Monroe, sexy Imani Rose, voluptious Sienna Hills, cock lover Gaia Love and heroin Leia Down.

In addition to an all-star lineup Porn Star Tweet is partnered with Honeyhole Entertainment ( for this show; who will be in the booth and their multiple divisions including They Do It All Cam Network (, HHE Models Agency ( and The Honey Hole Gentlemens Club from Tampa. Honeyhole Entertainment will offer a variety of rotating of fresh face talent that fans will simply fall in love with.

“Florida has some great memories for us”, said Pete Housley CEO of Porn Star Tweet. “It was our first Exxxotica Expo and we’ve not missed a chance since to participate.  We’re very excited about a stellar talent lineup and the opportunity to work with our good friends from Crystal Delights Toys and Honeyhole Entertainment again. This will no doubt be another show for the record books!”

AVN and Xbiz Award Winning Crystal Delights Toys ( will also be part of the Porn Star Tweet booth showcasing an amazing selection of their handcrafted glass toys for sale including the Spartacus MMXII Torch, the Silver Fox Tail Plug and more; BBW superstar Sienna Hills will be exclusively signing at the Crystal Delights table and advising fans on the pleasures of glass toys.

About the Naughty Tweet Network:

The Naughty Tweet Network operates a series of websites focused on Social Media in the Adult Industry it boasts more than 400,000 followers on Twitter and follows the daily lives of more than 5000 real life Adult Stars through all aspects of Social Media. Unique sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available throughout the Naughty Tweet Network, for more information contact Denise Kraft

Lisa Ann Kicked off of Hustler Set

Adult FYI reported a very interesting story today about Lisa Ann and the upcoming 3D Hustler production of the newest Sarah Palin porno parody.

To sum it up, Lisa Ann was kicked off the setup of the latest shoot, replaced with Joslyn James.  They claimed that Hustler made her so she better start showing some respect and then told her to get her has been ass off of their set.  You can read the full story below.

The only thing I keep thinking is …… the 2012 elections are soon.  What better time to have a political porno parody war.


PARAMUS, NJ– During her interview for the latest edition of the adult webcast, Video World TV, XXX star Lisa Ann opened up about her now famous on-set blow up with director Axel Braun. The confrontation culminated in Lisa being fired from the lead role in the highly successful Nailin’ Palin adult video franchise.

While conducting her first interview as Video World TV host, Adam & Eve contract star Alexis Ford spoke to Lisa Ann about a number of the veteran porn performer’s projects. However, it was when Alexis asked Lisa about her experience performing in the “Palin” parodies that things got it bit heated on the VWTV set.

“My Palin career has been fantastic,” Lisa said. “It’s opened so many doors for me…but sadly I have been replaced.”


Joslyn James or Lisa Ann … who makes the best Sarah Palin?

Lisa proceeded to go into detail about her on-set altercation with director Axel Braun during the shooting of Who’s Nailin’ Palin? 2. Lisa said what led to the blow up was that she had been on set all day waiting to perform, and when she informed Braun at 11:30pm that, according to her agreement with the company, her work day was to end at midnight and that she had an early call time the following morning for another shoot.

“That turned into a very nasty verbal tongue-lashing at me,” Lisa remembered. “He talked to me like an abusive boyfriend would talk to some eighteen-year-old porn girl who’s on crack.”

“He fired me,” Lisa continued. “He tells me to get my ‘washed-up’ ass off set and he never wants to shoot me again.”

From there Lisa went on to explain how an online campaign of negativity followed her dismissal from the popular porn series.

“So they hired another Pailn. Not only do they shoot another Palin movie, but they tweet and send out messages and do interviews about how much time they wasted with me and how much better the new Palin is.”

As Lisa relived the story of her dismissal, Alexis offered support to her guest, but Lisa assured Alexis that she was just fine.

“I don’t care. I think the whole thing is hilarious. Just so the world knows, porn can sometime be like high school with drugs and money. That’s what porn is.”

You can see the Lisa Ann Video World TV interview with Alexis Ford at

Porn Valley- Sir CharlesZ posts on : If you follow Lisa Ann on Twitter, you likely noticed that she was pissed off royally after being fired from her latest movie (a 3D parody for Hustler) and being replaced by Joslyn James. Personally, I think it’s outrageous that a legend like Lisa would be treated in such a shabby manner.

She’s posted the emails she sent and received back from Hustler on her website:

Let the Politics Begin!
My email exchange with a Hustler employee…

———- Message ———-
From: Lisa Ann
Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 10:53 AM
Subject: ?
To: Drew

Today I ask myself why i would even be brought into that situation…
It was not a matter of pushi8ng back my call time or me coming too early. I was booked for Monday- NOT Tuesday morning. It is completely unfair that i am treated with such lack of respect for all of the hard work and consistency I have shown your company. The to ice the cake I have to fight for myself when someone looks at me and speaks to me with such disrespect.

i would like to know what you will be offering me as a kill fee and how this will ultimately be settled. I am sure we are CLEAR I will never be on another set for Axel Braun.


———- Reply message ———-
From: Drew
Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 11:55 AM
Subject: RE: ?
To: Lisa Ann


I am not offering you shit!!!!! You had already made up your mind at 11:15pm that you were leaving when you walked onto MY set, interrupted a dialog scene with demands on how soon you would be in front of the camera.

When I told you 30min, you snapped back that it was unacceptable because that would put you there until 3am. I said no, probably 2AM. You then proceeded to ask Axel. He responded that it would be more like 3AM. The argument with you and Axel was ridiculous but still, we were in the middle of an important scene on a green screen, with 13 people, shooting in 3D??? YOU single handedly derailed my entire shoot. What do expect when you come at us like that. YOU threatened to leave and he told you several times to talk to Mark. It became a challenge as to who would win the argument and you made your decision. YOU left me at that moment with no options. I had wardrobe fitted for you, you were already in makeup, etc…

As for you, and your consistency with Hustler….? This company put “LISA ANN” back on the fucking map several years ago and you know it. I made sure we continued to hire you. I know what you sell those DVD’s for. I made sure you got whatever you wanted, whenever you needed it. I made sure we plastered your image and name larger than life, year after year, in our booth in Vegas. So let’s be sure it’s all in proper perspective, OKAY?

At 10PM Marc started telling me that you were getting antsy. You were only there for 4 hours at that point? Leaving me hanging at midnight with no options is a total lack of respect for me!!

No more worries Lisa. We have an understanding. I won’t be putting you in any more “SITUATIONS” again.

I am very disappointed. Go Tweet THAT!

DR [Drew Rosenfeld]

Joslyn James is Back in the News

With so much attention being placed on Charlie Sheen and his porn stars, we almost forgot about Tiger Woods and his. I bet Tiger Woods loves Charlie Sheen. LOL

So what have Tiger’s babes been up to? Turns out one of then Joslyn James has been a busy little bee and is recently really focused on getting her career in order.

Joslyn James Comes Out of the Woods to Sign With Rising Star PR and is heading off to the Bible belt and plans on doing a live apperance at a club in Oklahoma City called Little Darlings.  Not only that she is also busy promoting her Vivid movie called The 11th Hole (Vivid’s Tiger Woods parody) and she also has her own collection of sex toys called the Joslyn James signature series, which is basically her favorite picks for which fancy, glass dildos she likes to stick up her pussy – the same pussy mind you that kept Tiger Woods entertained for awhile.

It may have been her relationship with Tiger Woods that thrust Joslyn James into the spotlight, but while the golfer’s game has struggled, Joslyn is at the top of hers.

She has her most famous movie to date, Vivid Entertainment’s The 11th Hole, close at hand. Through, she also has the Joslyn James Signature Series of glass adult toys, with a percentage of all sales proudly going to non-profit organizations that help those in need. A signed print “and maybe more” are also shipped with all orders.

To help her promote her many ventures, Joslyn has signed on with Rising Star PR.

“It got to the point where I felt like I’d be better served having people experienced in publicity help me out,” Joslyn said. “Between the media, featuring, products and shooting, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for making sure I’m promoting things as much as I should be. If I’m going to put in this much work, I want people to know what I’m doing.”

This weekend Joslyn will be featuring at Little Darlings in Oklahoma City, hitting the stage Friday and Saturday nights. She is also on the cover of the latest issue of Girls and Corpses. Meanwhile, eager fans are still gobbling up her most famous work, Vivid’s The 11th Hole.

To see and purchase Joslyn’s collection of glass toys go to To pickup The 11th Hole go to Little Darlings is located at 1500 SE 59th St, Oklahoma City. Go to for more information.

For more Joslyn James:

Devon James is one crazy bitch

The so called 15th mistress in the whole Tiger Woods scandal seems to be one-golf ball short of a full deck! Was she even one of the mistresses or is it all in her imagination to get in the press. Let’s not forget the so-called “Sex Tape” of Devon James and Tiger Woods.

Next we have this Headline from Radar Online: Porn star and escort Devon James, aka Melinda Brinling-Caso, claimed Tiger Woods fathered her secret love child. But her own mother thinks Devon is full of shit. How sad is that? quoted the mom as saying:

My daughter is a “pathological liar” who lost custody of the child and made up the extortion plot because she owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support…My daughter is nothing but a pathological liar… all she is trying to do is to get Tiger Woods to pay her some money to shut her up.

Now there are the Death Threats. No seriously, it’s true! Radar Online reports there is an email sent from Devon to a mutual friend back in June. Devon allegedly threatened to kill fellow Tiger Mistress and Porn Star, Josyln James, after the two had an argument over money that Joslyn believed Devon stole from her. Click HERE to see the “Email”

Joslyn says she’s not worried about Devon’s threat to kill her because “she’s not all together.” Despite Devon’s unveiled “I will kill” threat, Joslyn says she’s not taking it seriously.

“She doesn’t seem to understand that there are laws against fraud and there are laws against threatening other people,” she said, adding, “I think she needs to know that there will be lawyers taking action against her.” She adds, “Who knows what her motivation is but the fact that she keeps making up lie after lie, it’s obvious Devon’s not healthy.”

So what will Devon James come up with next to get her name in the Headlines? Maybe instead of checking herself into Rehab (like she did back in August) she should check herself into the Nut House!

Tori Black and Joslyn James Heads to The Big D

Tori Black and Joslyn James Hosting The Sexy Celebrity Tour
May 28th and 29th 2010 in Dallas, Texas

Los Angeles, CA/May 25, 2010 – The Lee Network (, the premier booking agency for adult film stars who continue to shape the Gentlemen’s Club industry is pleased to announce clients Tori Black and Joslyn James will be hosting the Sexy Celebrity Tour ( in Dallas, Texas on May 28th and 29th 2010.

An exclusive event bridging the adult, mainstream and sports industries is ready to rock and dazzle an unforgettable celebration. The extravaganza ‘tees’ off on Friday, May 28th with the Tiger Tail Tournament at Cedar Crest. Teams will compete for prizes including golfing accessories, cash award and the chance to win a brand new car. Additional activities include a Pole Dancing Workshop, Karaoke, Massage Therapy and All You Can Eat Buffet.

After the tournament, the party moves to The Lodge for a lavish dinner buffet and awards ceremony, followed a spectacular after-party at Club Plush.

Tori Black is excited to be a part of this great event. “The Sexy Celebrity Tour is going to rock. I look forward to mingling with fans and meeting new friends in Dallas – and don’t be too shy to say hi, because I certainly am not! Come play with us at the course and be sure to bring your party hats for the weekend festivities!”

“I’m so happy to be part of this event,” says Joslyn James. “After living in Texas for three years, I learned two very valuable facts: One is you don’t mess with Texas, and two is there is nothing like Southern Hospitality!”

On Saturday, May 29th be sure to visit Silver City Premier Gentlemen’s Cabaret where Tori Black and Joslyn James will mingle with friends and fans throughout the evening, topping off the night with individual stage performances. Twenty percent of the events’ proceeds will benefit the Metroplex Animal Coalition.

About The Lee Network:

Since 1989, The Lee Network is the premier booking agency for adult film stars who continue to shape the Gentlemen’s Club industry. Home to legends such as Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon and Jenna Jameson, also stars including Tera Patrick, Belladonna & Jesse Jane (plus Specialty Acts and Showgirls), no other agency has ever boasted a star-studded lineup that would rival that of The Lee Network over the last two decades. And so it continues…

The Lee Network has partnered with L.A. Direct Models to form The Lee Network’s Los Angeles office. This powerhouse agency represent many of the top adult film stars in the business today for their film careers and the alliance with The Lee Network ensures that our vault of top rated adult film star feature entertainers will continue to flourish well into the future.

As The Lee Network transforms, as it always has with changing faces and relationships, the one constant remains: for the very best in feature entertainment you can count on The Lee Network to deliver. Our club clients are among the longest established and most respected owners in the business, many of them with us for over 15 years. Make no mistake, the experience lies here. We have our finger on the pulse of the adult entertainment industry. Our resources are unmatched; our talent roster the very best. We work diligently and with a keen sense of purpose; to drive the customer to your door.

Sex Video of new Tiger Woods Mistress

The Huffington Post is now reporting that there is another porn star Tiger Woods may have hooked up with.  This ones name is Joslyn James – and guess what?  We have a video of her in a hot 3 way including her taking it up the ass.



Porn Star Joslyn James


Tiger Woods has been linked to another porn star. A source tells Deadspin that porn actress Joslyn James would talk about “all the freaky shit Tiger dug in bed.”

Woods has previously been reported to have slept with Holly Sampson (NSFW PHOTOS, VIDEO), whose credits include Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife. The Sampson news followed rumors that Woods had a range of mistresses across the country.

Below, see video and stills of Joslyn James dancing in a stockings and a thong at the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.