Joslyn James is Back in the News

With so much attention being placed on Charlie Sheen and his porn stars, we almost forgot about Tiger Woods and his. I bet Tiger Woods loves Charlie Sheen. LOL

So what have Tiger’s babes been up to? Turns out one of then Joslyn James has been a busy little bee and is recently really focused on getting her career in order.

Joslyn James Comes Out of the Woods to Sign With Rising Star PR and is heading off to the Bible belt and plans on doing a live apperance at a club in Oklahoma City called Little Darlings.  Not only that she is also busy promoting her Vivid movie called The 11th Hole (Vivid’s Tiger Woods parody) and she also has her own collection of sex toys called the Joslyn James signature series, which is basically her favorite picks for which fancy, glass dildos she likes to stick up her pussy – the same pussy mind you that kept Tiger Woods entertained for awhile.

It may have been her relationship with Tiger Woods that thrust Joslyn James into the spotlight, but while the golfer’s game has struggled, Joslyn is at the top of hers.

She has her most famous movie to date, Vivid Entertainment’s The 11th Hole, close at hand. Through, she also has the Joslyn James Signature Series of glass adult toys, with a percentage of all sales proudly going to non-profit organizations that help those in need. A signed print “and maybe more” are also shipped with all orders.

To help her promote her many ventures, Joslyn has signed on with Rising Star PR.

“It got to the point where I felt like I’d be better served having people experienced in publicity help me out,” Joslyn said. “Between the media, featuring, products and shooting, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for making sure I’m promoting things as much as I should be. If I’m going to put in this much work, I want people to know what I’m doing.”

This weekend Joslyn will be featuring at Little Darlings in Oklahoma City, hitting the stage Friday and Saturday nights. She is also on the cover of the latest issue of Girls and Corpses. Meanwhile, eager fans are still gobbling up her most famous work, Vivid’s The 11th Hole.

To see and purchase Joslyn’s collection of glass toys go to To pickup The 11th Hole go to Little Darlings is located at 1500 SE 59th St, Oklahoma City. Go to for more information.

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