Is billionaire Google boss a man whore?

And we thought Tiger Woods had a lot of mistresses but the billionaire Google CEO apparently makes him look like an amateur. I think the most fucked up part is how his his wife defends his actions. It’s really kind of sad how she puts it.

Wendy told the New York Times: ‘Some couples are very much in each others’ space. In our case, we are both busy. I think it’s nonsense and, between us, if we know what is going on in our lives and we are happy, that kind of stuff is part of his being in the public eye.’ She added she would tire of  ‘following’ her husband around the globe: ‘I would feel like a piece of luggage, and he wouldn’t want me to feel that way.’

Yeah I guess if my husband had a string of women I would feel like a piece of luggage too.

The $8.2billion Google love rat: How boss, 58, of internet giant resisting online porn crackdown has a string of exotic lovers in his ‘open marriage’… but DOESN’T want you to know about it [source]

He is the billionaire Google boss under fire for not doing enough to protect children from internet porn.

Yet today The Mail on Sunday can reveal that 58-year-old Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, does fiercely protect one thing: his own private life, which is as colorful and complex as the ever-changing ‘Google doodle,’ which pops up each time the search engine is launched.

In the past few years, the unlikely sex symbol with thinning hair and pockmarked skin has embarked on a string of affairs with younger women, including a vivacious television host who dubbed him ‘Dr Strangelove,’ a leggy blonde public relations executive and a sexy Vietnamese concert pianist.

Meanwhile his wife Wendy, 57, remains at one of the couple’s many homes, a $23million waterfront mansion on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, where she focuses on her philanthropic work amid reports that she has accepted their ‘open marriage’.

Schmidt, worth an estimated $8.2 billion, is believed to have had at least one mistress sign a confidentiality agreement not to divulge any details of their relationship.

Stunning TV personality Kate Bohner, aged 46, had a three-year affair with the married mogul from 2007 to 2010.

‘As far as Kate was concerned it was true love,’ her close friend Jason Parsley, a journalist, told The Mail on Sunday. ‘She adored Eric. This wasn’t some short-term fling. This was a serious love affair that went on for three years.

‘The reason I am speaking out now is that it is ironic that someone like him can be so free and easy discussing other people’s privacy issues online while using his vast wealth to protect his own image.’

Bohner moved to Los Angeles to be near Schmidt, whose property empire includes a home near Google’s Silicon Valley HQ, and a $38 million estate in Montecito, California.

Bohner laid bare her feelings for Schmidt, whom she jokingly called ‘Dr Strangelove,’ in an online blog: Recoverygirl007. She revealed he had given her a prototype iPhone (late Apple boss Steve Jobs was a friend of Schmidt’s), whisked her away for romantic getaways and lavished her with expensive jewelery.

She wrote of her pain at their breakup, saying: ‘I’ve been sleeping with my Blackberry just in case Dr Strangelove might send an email.’

At the time of the affair, Schmidt was at the height of his power. He was brought in as Google’s CEO in 2001 by creators Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who relied on his expertise to turn their modest Internet search engine into a global media powerhouse.

But Google has been criticized for not doing more to protect users, particularly children, against the  proliferation of porn on the web.

Google, which says it has a ‘zero- tolerance’ policy on child sexual abuse content, has argued policing the billions of images, stories and data generated daily on the Internet would be a Herculean task and any controls could inadvertently restrict legitimate online searches. It says parents can use Google ‘filters’ like SafeSearch to prevent children accessing pornography.

‘What I worry about is that such  laws are often slippery slopes,’ Eric Schmidt told a conference in May 2012. ‘In many other countries, adult pornography legislation is an attempt to legislate something else.’

But a source who knows Schmidt well defended him, saying: ‘Eric is integral to the success of Google and in enabling it to become a hugely successful company that employs 35,000 people around the world and is a service that is much-loved by its users. He was a great CEO and very well regarded as someone with extraordinary technical knowledge and great business acumen.’

Bohner did not return calls or emails this week, possibly bound by her believed confidentiality agreement, but her close friend Parsley insisted: ‘It was a serious romance, at least as far as she was concerned.

‘To my knowledge he would pay for her to travel to see him. He was always promising her he would get divorced. She cried on my shoulder countless times. She believed wholeheartedly he was going to leave his wife for her.’ Schmidt and Bohner were photographed together at the Burning Man festival in 2007, a gathering in the Nevada desert which showcases art and encourages creative thinking.

The couple wore goggles and bandanas to protect themselves from sandstorms. Schmidt posed with his arm around his mistress, although he refused to join the masses camping in the desert, preferring a five-hour round trip to the nearest hotel.

Parsley continued: ‘They communicated a lot by phone and email when they were not together. But it devastated Kate that he would chose to spend holidays with his family. It was always the same, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all the big ones.

‘I am speaking out because Kate has been the victim of unfair comments online. In any affair, the woman always gets the blame – “Oh, she knew he was married.”

‘Well, in this case it’s not so cut and dried. Yes, Eric was and is married. But he needs to look at himself long and hard and start living a truthful life. Eric wants to have his cake and eat it too. He has had numerous affairs and everybody knows it.’

Like Bohner, Schmidt’s other reported girlfriends have been glamorous, successful women of a certain age.

There was Marcy Simon, a leggy blonde PR executive in her mid-40s who was spotted with him on holiday on the French Riviera in 2006 and, according to reports, remains close to him still. He gave her a large, canary-yellow diamond ring.

Website reported on their split in December 2007, and also alleged that the couple rekindled their relationship in 2009,  when they were reportedly spotted together at the Aspen Ideas Conference in Colorado and in California.

Schmidt was also linked to Lisa Shields a 47-year-old divorced single mother who worked as a producer for America’s top-rated breakfast show Good Morning America.

According to the New York Post, in 2011 Schmidt took her on holidays aboard his $72.3million superyacht Oasis to the Caribbean and the South of France.

They were spotted dining out in the millionaire’s playground of Southampton in upstate New York, and according to the New York Post were ‘also spending time at a summer rental in the Hamptons’.

A source told the Post at the time: ‘She has been telling friends they are dating and they have been going out openly in New York and the Hamptons as a couple.’

Shields now works as a publicist for the Council On Foreign Relations in New York, and speaking from her weekend home in the Hamptons did not deny her reported relationship with Eric Schmidt, but added: ‘I never comment on my  personal life.’

Schmidt’s most recent affair, according to the New York Post (which has taken particular delight in his extramarital interests) was with sultry Vietnamese concert pianist Chau-Giang Nguyen, with whom he has been spotted dining at upscale New York restaurants.

A source said: ‘He has been very supportive of her music career. Eric is getting increasingly interested in the arts.’

Nguyen, who declined to comment on their relationship, was previously engaged to Hollywood producer Brian Grazer. Wendy Schmidt failed to respond to requests from The Mail on Sunday for comment about her marriage. She met her husband at Berkeley University in the late 1970s and they married in 1980.

They have two grown-up daughters, Sophie and Alison, who remain close to their father.

In her only comments on the  subject, Wendy told the New York Times: ‘Some couples are very much in each others’ space. In our case, we are both busy. I think it’s nonsense and, between us, if we know what is going on in our lives and we are happy, that kind of stuff is part of his being in the public eye.’

She added she would tire of  ‘following’ her husband around the globe: ‘I would feel like a piece of luggage, and he wouldn’t want me to feel that way.’

When asked about his open marriage Mr Schmidt told The New York Times : ‘I don’t think that is  an appropriate question. We don’t comment on that, rumours.’

Schmidt hit back at critics of Google who argue the company should be more concerned about protecting people’s privacy, saying: ‘If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the  first place.’

It is, perhaps, advice he would be wise to heed himself.

Joslyn James is Back in the News

With so much attention being placed on Charlie Sheen and his porn stars, we almost forgot about Tiger Woods and his. I bet Tiger Woods loves Charlie Sheen. LOL

So what have Tiger’s babes been up to? Turns out one of then Joslyn James has been a busy little bee and is recently really focused on getting her career in order.

Joslyn James Comes Out of the Woods to Sign With Rising Star PR and is heading off to the Bible belt and plans on doing a live apperance at a club in Oklahoma City called Little Darlings.  Not only that she is also busy promoting her Vivid movie called The 11th Hole (Vivid’s Tiger Woods parody) and she also has her own collection of sex toys called the Joslyn James signature series, which is basically her favorite picks for which fancy, glass dildos she likes to stick up her pussy – the same pussy mind you that kept Tiger Woods entertained for awhile.

It may have been her relationship with Tiger Woods that thrust Joslyn James into the spotlight, but while the golfer’s game has struggled, Joslyn is at the top of hers.

She has her most famous movie to date, Vivid Entertainment’s The 11th Hole, close at hand. Through, she also has the Joslyn James Signature Series of glass adult toys, with a percentage of all sales proudly going to non-profit organizations that help those in need. A signed print “and maybe more” are also shipped with all orders.

To help her promote her many ventures, Joslyn has signed on with Rising Star PR.

“It got to the point where I felt like I’d be better served having people experienced in publicity help me out,” Joslyn said. “Between the media, featuring, products and shooting, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for making sure I’m promoting things as much as I should be. If I’m going to put in this much work, I want people to know what I’m doing.”

This weekend Joslyn will be featuring at Little Darlings in Oklahoma City, hitting the stage Friday and Saturday nights. She is also on the cover of the latest issue of Girls and Corpses. Meanwhile, eager fans are still gobbling up her most famous work, Vivid’s The 11th Hole.

To see and purchase Joslyn’s collection of glass toys go to To pickup The 11th Hole go to Little Darlings is located at 1500 SE 59th St, Oklahoma City. Go to for more information.

For more Joslyn James:

Devon James Fraud Exposed

Devon James claims she was a Tiger Woods mistress but let’s be real, was there ever any proof of it?  I mean fuck, at this point anyone can claim to have did Tiger Woods, but it doesn’t exactly make it true.  Devon James’ own mother even openly questioned if the two had ever even met or been in the same city at the same time, let alone had sexual relations.  How bad do you have to suck to have your mom telling the media that shit?

Because Devon James wasn’t getting enough attention in the media she then began to claim that Tiger Woods was the father of her child.  This of course was despite the fact that Devon James’ already knew who the father of her child really was and even had a DNA test to prove it and it wasn’t Tiger Woods.

Next came the sex tape. Devon James claimed she had a sex tape of her and Tiger Woods.  Then she claimed someone gave her $350,000 for it and they were going to split the profits from it 50/50 yet for some reason she was still selling it herself on her website.

Eventually a man came forward claiming he was the actor paid to play Tiger Woods in this movie Devon James was claiming was real.

Well now after taking money from people to buy this tape she claims is real, now she was forced to admit the take was a fake and is selling it as a “spoof”.

Radar Online broke the story.

After months of lies that grew bigger, bolder and more outlandish every day, the Florida porn star who is selling a sex tape she claimed showed herself romping with Tiger Woods has been forced to admit — it’s a fake.  Devon James, real name Melinda Janette, set up a web site to sell her 62-minute xxx video, accepting MasterCard, Visa and Paypal.

She claimed to have had and recorded a sexual encounter with Woods at a Tampa Bay condo in 2008.  But now — after a investigation caught James and her husband Nick in a plethora of lies — Devon’s scam has ended not with a bang, but with a whimper.

The “sex tape” is suddenly being advertised as a “SPOOF TAPE” on her web site.  The words “SPOOF TAPE” appeared Friday, in a barely visible font and as a shadow at the top of the site – just 10 days before orders were to be shipped.  But what is plainly visible is that James could no longer maintain their lie as caught the couple in a host of contradictions, inconsistencies about their stories and even one witness who revealed they previously discussed creating a phony tape.  The hoax continued to unravel this week after exposed how the scam artists had filed for bankruptcy.  But as was required under law, they failed to declare the sex tape which should have been listed as an asset, because of its anticipated multi-million dollar value.

They also failed to mention the supposed $4 million of tape sales they repeatedly boasted about to

Even faced with that embarrassment, a defiant Nick tried to claim the tape was still real and perpetuated his lie, with the erroneous claim Tiger’s lawyers were negotiating to buy it off the market.

When their site went live in September, Devon – who also prostitutes – proclaimed: “Coming soon Tiger Woods sex tape!”
Furthermore, she boasted on another of her XXX sites: “Come watch Devon f*ck and s*ck and see Tiger Wood’s former girl Play all the holes and why Tiger WOULD too!”

But all through-out the pair’s two-month lie, the couple repeatedly refused to show us proof the tape even existed.
When a reporter asked last week, we were told images from the tape would be posted on the site, within 24 hours.

That, of  course, never happened.

Nick and Devon told lie after lie and several legal experts now tell that Tiger could file a whopping lawsuit against the couple for fraud

Even though they conceded it is now a “SPOOF TAPE”, the release date has been pushed back – from November 15 to December 1 – and the price lowered to $19.99.

Now the couple’s scam has been exposed, they may need every cent for legal fees.

Sex Video of new Tiger Woods Mistress

The Huffington Post is now reporting that there is another porn star Tiger Woods may have hooked up with.  This ones name is Joslyn James – and guess what?  We have a video of her in a hot 3 way including her taking it up the ass.



Porn Star Joslyn James


Tiger Woods has been linked to another porn star. A source tells Deadspin that porn actress Joslyn James would talk about “all the freaky shit Tiger dug in bed.”

Woods has previously been reported to have slept with Holly Sampson (NSFW PHOTOS, VIDEO), whose credits include Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife. The Sampson news followed rumors that Woods had a range of mistresses across the country.

Below, see video and stills of Joslyn James dancing in a stockings and a thong at the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.