Devon James Fraud Exposed

Devon James claims she was a Tiger Woods mistress but let’s be real, was there ever any proof of it?  I mean fuck, at this point anyone can claim to have did Tiger Woods, but it doesn’t exactly make it true.  Devon James’ own mother even openly questioned if the two had ever even met or been in the same city at the same time, let alone had sexual relations.  How bad do you have to suck to have your mom telling the media that shit?

Because Devon James wasn’t getting enough attention in the media she then began to claim that Tiger Woods was the father of her child.  This of course was despite the fact that Devon James’ already knew who the father of her child really was and even had a DNA test to prove it and it wasn’t Tiger Woods.

Next came the sex tape. Devon James claimed she had a sex tape of her and Tiger Woods.  Then she claimed someone gave her $350,000 for it and they were going to split the profits from it 50/50 yet for some reason she was still selling it herself on her website.

Eventually a man came forward claiming he was the actor paid to play Tiger Woods in this movie Devon James was claiming was real.

Well now after taking money from people to buy this tape she claims is real, now she was forced to admit the take was a fake and is selling it as a “spoof”.

Radar Online broke the story.

After months of lies that grew bigger, bolder and more outlandish every day, the Florida porn star who is selling a sex tape she claimed showed herself romping with Tiger Woods has been forced to admit — it’s a fake.  Devon James, real name Melinda Janette, set up a web site to sell her 62-minute xxx video, accepting MasterCard, Visa and Paypal.

She claimed to have had and recorded a sexual encounter with Woods at a Tampa Bay condo in 2008.  But now — after a investigation caught James and her husband Nick in a plethora of lies — Devon’s scam has ended not with a bang, but with a whimper.

The “sex tape” is suddenly being advertised as a “SPOOF TAPE” on her web site.  The words “SPOOF TAPE” appeared Friday, in a barely visible font and as a shadow at the top of the site – just 10 days before orders were to be shipped.  But what is plainly visible is that James could no longer maintain their lie as caught the couple in a host of contradictions, inconsistencies about their stories and even one witness who revealed they previously discussed creating a phony tape.  The hoax continued to unravel this week after exposed how the scam artists had filed for bankruptcy.  But as was required under law, they failed to declare the sex tape which should have been listed as an asset, because of its anticipated multi-million dollar value.

They also failed to mention the supposed $4 million of tape sales they repeatedly boasted about to

Even faced with that embarrassment, a defiant Nick tried to claim the tape was still real and perpetuated his lie, with the erroneous claim Tiger’s lawyers were negotiating to buy it off the market.

When their site went live in September, Devon – who also prostitutes – proclaimed: “Coming soon Tiger Woods sex tape!”
Furthermore, she boasted on another of her XXX sites: “Come watch Devon f*ck and s*ck and see Tiger Wood’s former girl Play all the holes and why Tiger WOULD too!”

But all through-out the pair’s two-month lie, the couple repeatedly refused to show us proof the tape even existed.
When a reporter asked last week, we were told images from the tape would be posted on the site, within 24 hours.

That, of  course, never happened.

Nick and Devon told lie after lie and several legal experts now tell that Tiger could file a whopping lawsuit against the couple for fraud

Even though they conceded it is now a “SPOOF TAPE”, the release date has been pushed back – from November 15 to December 1 – and the price lowered to $19.99.

Now the couple’s scam has been exposed, they may need every cent for legal fees.

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