Brilliant Devon James publicity stunt

I saw a headline today titled Tiger Woods Sex Tape from Adult Industry News. The article states that pornstar Devon James is currently in negotiations with several companies to sell her 62 minute long Tiger Woods sex tape. What makes this such an awesome PR stunt is that there is NO WAY IN HELL Tiger Woods would sign a release for this tape. And we all know that no release equals no sex tape. So it’s not really about there actually being a sex tape (which I doubt there is) but more about getting Miss Devon’s name in the press. What is that saying, “there is NO bad press“? At the end of the article it even says: “She is currently available for booking…” Hmm, you think!

It seems that all we hear about lately is one sex tape after another like Montana Fishburne, Karissa Shannon, Kendra Wilkinson, Danielle Staub (from Housewife of NJ fame) Mindy McCreedy, and the list goes on and on. People seem to think that if it is a scandal or not a “planned” movie (not counting Miss Fishburne) than it is a hot ticket item and the more famous the person, the more tantalizing the movie. So why not use your tryst with Tiger to get your name out there. The 15 minutes of fame for being one of Tiger’s mistresses is over, so a girl has to do what a girl has to do to make that 15 minutes last longer and getting your name in the headlines again for a “sex tape” is a perfect way to get people talking about you again. So all I have to say to Devon James, is YOU GO GIRL!

*UPDATE* RadarOnline reports that Devon is trying to pitch the tape to Vivid. “This sex tape is worth at least $350,000,” James said, exclusively. “If Vivid won’t pay enough, we’re going to self-release the tape… It’s going to be the bomb.”

When asked about the impending meeting, Vivid’s head honcho Steve Hirsch told “We can’t comment at this time.”

I hope that Devon James realizes that what money she could get from self-releasing the tape will all be spent on legal fees with the multimillionaire Tiger Woods takes her to court!

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