An Update from Shawna Lenee Herself

Former Porn star and Penthouse Pet of the Year runner up disappeared from the jiz biz last year. Turns out she got engaged and pregnant. She said that she is getting married on May 12th of this year.  While it’s not big news that she is engaged, most of her die hard fans already knew that, I bet you didn’t know this … Shawna Lenee is having a baby and her due date is October 14th.

Shawna Lenee said “Yepp.. Big news! We have been trying for awhile now so we are very excited.”

Basically Shawna Lenee wanted to speak out about the chatter about her anal scene. Well the story associated with it.  Here is her entire comment (from the Shawna Lenee anal sex post)  ……..

🙂 Hey Ryan, I’ve always been a hit!  The funny thing is.. I have the copy of my check from my bank after it was bounced. You know those ones where they stamp “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” across it. I can’t remember if my copy is white or yellow.

Oh and for those saying my awesome ass wasn’t worth 5g’s..
Turns out it was worth 14g’s. I know, that’s unheard of.. Some think it’s impossible.. But, my butt is totally worth that much..

I think my fiance said he was going to send you a picture Ryan, did you get it yet? May 12th, 2012 is my wedding day and Oct. 14th, 2011 is my due date for my second child. Yepp.. Big news! We have been trying for awhile now so we are very excited.

I know I disappeared and found my true love and stuff. But I always had this question in my mind: “Should I send in that copy of the blank check just to get this ‘liar’ thing straightened out?”

I hope everyone in the industry is doing well. Although there are only a few close friends that I miss.. I have the tell the world that my life has been the most amazing fulfilling life ever since I quit porn. Things that I never thought I deserved have happened in my life.. All thanks to the love from my fiance. 🙂

Bye all! -The Former Shawna Lenee

By the way, thanks to HD Porn for the header graphic of this post of Shawna Lenee

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