Jana Jordan is one busy little bee

Luke is Back recently reported that Jana Jordan has signed on to be one of the sites celebrity bloggers.  Just after she posted about her own experience with hurricane Ike.

janajordan Says: I evacuated to Austin from Houston for the hurricane. I just came back, and Houston is a fucking mess still in my area. My power is back on, and most of the street lights are working again and stores are opening up but there is still a curfew and trash/trees are still all over the place.

Now Mike South is reporting that Jana Jordan may very well be in talks and closing a deal this very second with Vivid Entertainment to become the next Vivid Girl.  He says … “This one is sketchy but the source is generally right.   Word is Jana Jordan is about to be announced as a contract girl for Vivid.

It seems that Jana Jordan has been one busy little bee.  We don’t know if there is any truth to this rumor about her signing with Vivid and our contact at Vivid had only this to say …..

It is not our normal policy to confirm nor deny that we may or may not be in talks with any given starlet.   If such a rumor turns out to be true we will make a statement at that time. She wouldn’t say much else, not even confirming if she even knew who the hell Jana Jordan even was.

Jana Jordan

2 thoughts on “Jana Jordan is one busy little bee

  1. I don’t know who started this rumor or why, but i’m not in talks with Vivid or any video company at this time to be a contract girl. Sorry to disappoint those guys and girls waiting to watch my little box get drilled by a cock… xoxo Jana Jordan

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