Jesse Jane Fucked Up and Passed out on TMZ

The lovely and mega hottie blonde Jesse Jane apparently celebrated a tad to much about the release of her new movie Pirates II. TMZ today has on the front page of their website a video of her being carried out drunk and passed out in her car ala Lindsey Lohan. I’m not sure who the other blonde in the car is that is with her but you can tell she is equally as fucked up.

Jesse Jane Pulls a Lindsey Lohan

In the video she is carried out of the venue without shoes and placed into the car, completely passed out. “They had a long day of signing, they had a couple shots and then ….”. The camera men at first thought the girls were Playboy girls but in reality seemed not to interested once he found out they were “porno girls”.  They never named who the girls were only ever identifying them as porno girls but you can tell by the video that the girl in the front seat is Jesse Jane.

click here to see the video from TMZ

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