Pot Kettle Black … eh Genesis?

I made a comment about a few porn stars being a Myspace whores.  Actually it was about the company they hired to help maintain their myspace pages, and people freaked the fuck out.  I go on to explain about abusive business practices of  that company, hired by these porn stars and people freak the fuck out again.  I mean it’s only defrauding your fans, why the hell would anyone care about that, right?  I finally just decide to drop it. I mean if people want to get all pissy about their little fucking friends then more power to them.

Well recently I noticed others crossing this same line they condemned me for so I thought I would take a moment to point out a few of these things.

  • Here we have the Genesis editor who was all up in my face about telling proven facts about his “friend” when we have him here spreading a very untrue and potentially hurtful rumor about Morgan Dayne ditching Cezar Capone
  • Here we have Scott Fayner calling Charley Chase being called a southern slut
  • Here we have Scott Fayner calling Sierra Sinn a whore and fucking gross
  • Here we have Scott Fayner calling Jenna Haze a smut slut
  • Here we have Scott Fayner calling Shy Love a horse face
  • Here we have Mike South calling porn alt star Dana Dearmond an attention whore and implying she is a nobody
  • Here we have Mike South again making a snide remark about Jesse Jane, who was  shown on TMZ, passed out and being carried to her car.

So next time someone wants to call me out for telling what turned out to be the truth, you need to look at your own blogs and see if you aren’t in fact talking shit too.  I’m most sure porn stars don’t like getting phone calls from the head of the company they have a contract with, to clarify a rumor that you are spreading about them.

6 thoughts on “Pot Kettle Black … eh Genesis?

  1. I don’t normally like to get involved with gossip, but multiple people saw Dayne and Lee speaking with different CEOs at AEE, and it didn’t appear a mystery to us. Who knows if they are getting contract offers, but they were indeed having some sort of conversations with CEOs. Lee is definitely coming back to the business, and she is not hiding that she wants a contract.

    Just my two cents.

  2. The general consensus was indeed that Dayne in particular was discussing a contract and that’s what she was there for.

  3. Certainly, no one wants to see Dayne’s contract get damaged, but news is reported by news sites as it is seen, even if its gossip. The fact she was seen by multiple people having discussions doesn’t necessarily mean its a contract, but the rumor went around the show based off being seen. Hopefully everything will remain fine with Morgan and her company, as I certainly don’t think Genesis Online intends or wants anyone’s reputation harmed.

  4. So let me get this straight, you and your friend see Morgan Dayne and Cezar Capone in talks with 1 or more studio heads, and as a result you think it’s okay your friend goes around spreading rumors about it and how she is looking to leave Cezar Capone and get a contract with another studio? Seriously for someone who claims to be so reputable, they sure don’t seem to put much effort into fact checking.

  5. I’m not saying she was looking for a new contract, I don’t know her. She was seen talking with a CEO of a different company at length, but maybe they were discussing the weather or the effects of global warming. She was there though. I am not sure which friend of mine you are referring to above, as multiple people saw this. As far as McKenzie goes, she is publicly seeking a contract as she’s coming back to the business. That’s not a secret.

  6. Thanks for the link 🙂

    On the Morgan Dayne thing… My sources, and yes they’re real sources and it is the plural as in more than one, stated that a contract was being discussed. They even went as far to say that someone from Morgan’s “camp” was on a call with this CEO sorting out details. Will she jump ship? Who knows. Is this hearsay? Quite possibly. But I did not say it was definite, only reporting what was told to me by reliable sources who have given me viable info many times before.

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