Wicked Brings It

Barrett Blade’s Bring It:
Alektra Blue And Jana Jordan
Are In It To Win It For Wicked Pictures

New Cheerleading Opus Also Features Victoria Lawson And Katie Jordin

2011 XBIZ Feature Studio Of The Year Wicked Pictures is pleased to unveil Bring It, the latest collaboration between 2011 AVN Fans Choice (Best Body) winner Alektra Blue and acclaimed actor/director Barrett Blade. A fun-filled look at the lives and lusts of competitive cheerleaders, this energetic new release arrives at better retail locations across the country this week.

In his latest production for Wicked, Blade explores the sexy lengths some ladies will go to in their relentless quest for cheerleading supremacy. Fortunately for viewers, Alektra is only too eager to share her teammates’ sordid secrets, and her actions set the stage for a procession of increasingly erotic encounters. From chronicling the torrid exploits of XBIZ Best New Starlet nominee Jana Jordan to capturing Victoria Lawson and Katie Jordin at their seductive best, Bring It spoofs the intricacies of cheerleading by lacing its narrative with a winning series of high-energy liaisons.

Chemistry is paramount when casting a feature, and Alektra, Jana, Katie and Victoria receive first-rate support from an excellent supporting cast that includes Tommy Gunn, Marcus London, Dane Cross and Bill Bailey. And in addition to the film’s commercial scenes, this 16×9 widescreen DVD also features a Bonus Sex Scene with Alektra Blue as well as trailers, sensual still photos, and a striking O-card that showcases Alektra and Jana’s athletic allure.

So sit back, grab your Spirit Stick, and enjoy Bring it, now available exclusively from Wicked Pictures. May the girl with the best moves win…


2011 XBIZ Feature Studio Of The Year Wicked Pictures is pleased to unveil Bring It, the latest collaboration between 2011 AVN Fans Choice (Best Body) winner Alektra Blue and acclaimed actor/director Barrett Blade. A fun-filled look at the lives and lusts of competitive cheerleaders, this energetic new release arrives at better retail locations across the country this week. For more, please visit www.wicked.com.


Jana Jordan is one busy little bee

Luke is Back recently reported that Jana Jordan has signed on to be one of the sites celebrity bloggers.  Just after she posted about her own experience with hurricane Ike.

janajordan Says: I evacuated to Austin from Houston for the hurricane. I just came back, and Houston is a fucking mess still in my area. My power is back on, and most of the street lights are working again and stores are opening up but there is still a curfew and trash/trees are still all over the place.

Now Mike South is reporting that Jana Jordan may very well be in talks and closing a deal this very second with Vivid Entertainment to become the next Vivid Girl.  He says … “This one is sketchy but the source is generally right.   Word is Jana Jordan is about to be announced as a contract girl for Vivid.

It seems that Jana Jordan has been one busy little bee.  We don’t know if there is any truth to this rumor about her signing with Vivid and our contact at Vivid had only this to say …..

It is not our normal policy to confirm nor deny that we may or may not be in talks with any given starlet.   If such a rumor turns out to be true we will make a statement at that time. She wouldn’t say much else, not even confirming if she even knew who the hell Jana Jordan even was.

Jana Jordan

Ninn Worx_SR seems to feel lighting and porno music more of a priority than porn whores

Cassidey and Briana BanksApparently porn stars are a dime a dozen these days … or so says Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray, as he recently told AVN in a chat about Cassidey’s recent and unexpected departure. As we reported easlier Cassidey left NinnWorx_SR just months after signing with them and is the third Ninn Worx_SR contract girl to part ways with the company. Jana Jordan and Nikki Kane announced their departures just a few weeks ago.

Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray told AVN that the changes in the studio lineup represent a shift away from the contract girl as an economically sound convention in adult.

What the fuck is he smoking? I found the article quite interesting … how on one hand he said Cassidey’s departure was amicable, but then in another breath goes on about how he never liked the idea of paying girls more than they were worth … (or that HE felt they were worth) that they weren’t Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick.

I don’t know. I just think it’s funny how such a well respected company can be so pissy about the stars sell their movies. Fans who buy these movies don’t give as much a fuck about lighting or the shit music in these things but they damn sure care about the girls who are sucking cock or taking it in the ass. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Show your bitches some damn respect and remember that without a big fat cock in their mouth nobody gives a fuck about the movies you want to make or about the music you think is important. A porno is about the women and anything else is trivial. The more famous a woman is, the more money the bitch is worth. That’s just common sense. That’s why Vivid girls make more money on the dance circuit than some bitch that just came off the street. Cause she’s more famous dumb ass!

And to say that a name doesn’t sell a movie, is really confusing considering this is the CEO of a movie studio. Have nobody ever shown him sales figures of movies of famous girls versus say a movie starring some whore nobody has ever really heard of? What the fuck is this man smoking? Seriously, I’m not even going to finish this rant. Clearly he has no clue what the fuck he’s talking about. He’s just pissed because his bitches are leaving their contracts with his company for lack of respect and he’s trying to save face by calling them dime a dozen whores who can be easily replaced but in the end he’s only making himself look more like an ass.