Where in the world is Cassidey?

I’ve always loved Cassidey, back even before she was “Cassidey” and we knew her as Paisley Adams.  It’s just something about her look that I have always found stood out from the sea of other porn stars.  I remember reading recently that she had cleaned up her act and was going to start her own official website including creating a ton of new, original content for it.  I think it was going to be something like ClubCassidey.com.  But then today I was reading an article from Darrah Ford about her website going poof.

I got this press release announcing the launch of Cassidey’s official website last month. But for a while now, the link to her site won’t go through. I checked her site on Google cache and it says the site is to launch officially at the end of July. And the picture on her site and on my email has now been deleted. I’m trying to look into it now. But does anyone here know what happened?


The first thing I did was check out the website and sure enough, there was no dns entry for it.  Next I went to her official myspace page and notice she has logged into it recently.  It shows that she was last on her page on August 18, 2008.  Next I clicked on her most recently posted blog entry and here is what Cassidey had to say about her life.

Cassidey blogs on her Myspace page on August 7, 2008 : Well it has been like 3 months since I last got on here to even let anyone know that I am still alive.  Well suprise here I am giving the latest update to my life.  I changed phones a few months ago and in doing so I lost all my contacts. I picked up and moved my life from LA to TX and in the last year I can honestly say that I thought it would be hard but weith the type of love I get at home what can I say I barly miss La I miss my friends dont get me wrong but there was just such a huge hole in me that drugs nor alchol could fill.  After my last long term relationship I never thought I would find love again so I just hit and quit everyone in my path male or female. Not gonna lie I had fun doing it and all the parties and late night and people I meet along the way was amazing. However I belive there was one thing missing and that was someone to love. Not just someone who was in love with me but someone I loved back. Belive me there were many who loved and got hurt I dont feel bad they were just not the one.

I have distanced myself from the adult industry since the ninn works contract went south and may I say fuck speirment rhino!!!!! Micheal ninn I love u though.  Anyways Iwas just talking to my boy last night and we had one of those deep ones where we both figure out what we want to do with our lives he is already on his was to being a firefighter and when he gets out of school I think I will go back to school and become Ither a RN or maybe go into PR and marketing I dont know but I have a year to decide.  Till then I guess I shall sit tight.

I had someone that said that they were gonna put a website together for me but promises promises I am so fucking tired of fake ass people that tell u one thing and then never follow through with shit so maybe I will take matters into my own hand and learn how to do my own website and fucking bank on my own.  Well I think that is enough for today but I will write when I think I am gonna get married or have a baby which ever one comes firest.  I love and miss all u la peeps and that also goes for those I have met in other states along the way peace and love to u all and I hope you all find happiness like me. KISSES If shit is misspelled sorry not gonna spell ck!!!!

So it seems the answer to the question is, Cassidey is living in Texas and the flake she hired to create her website, well flaked. Big shock there. Saddly it happens more often than you think.

THE FOUR – ways to get sued

Dear Press and Valued Distributors,

I write on behalf of Ninn Worx SR, Inc., as a 49% shareholder and wherever applicable, N Worx Media, Inc. I wish to uniformly set forth as a default assumption; all communications from me to you are on behalf of Ninn Worx SR, Inc as a 49% shareholder, and/or N Worx Media, Inc unless specifically detailed to the contrary.   Accordingly, when I utilize the term “we” or “company” or similar, please assume I am referencing as the text then implies to the entities as a 49% shareholder Ninn Worx SR, Inc and/or N Worx Media, Inc.

I, Michael Ninn, as 49% shareholder of Ninn Worx _SR, feel it is not only my fiduciary duty but my personal responsibility to the people who have supported me throughout my career, to inform you, our valued distributors, of the potential copyright infringements that you may be liable for in and encumbered within a federal court of law under federal law concerning copyright infringements associated with the movie, The Four, produced by Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino Company located at the following address: 1875 Tandem Way Norco, CA 92860.

Please be aware that Mr. John L Gray, owner of Spearmint Rhino, along with Kathy Vercher, COO of Spearmint Rhino, have repeatedly been given notice that there maybe impending copyright infringements in the original edit performed by Michael Ninn and said edit was not intended for public viewing but should be viewed as a “work in progress only” and in light of the given circumstances that said original edit of the movie, The Four, should not be used in part or full, without full review from Mr. Ninn.

As of this date, Mr. Ninn has not been given the chance to review the movie, The Four, for any outstanding copyright infringements, nor do we except this to happen. Please refer to: Copyright Law of the United States and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code 17 U.S.C

Therefore, have I caused to give fair warning to all involved, that there is or could be potential copyright infringements in said above mentioned movie, The Four, being sold by Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino Company and would highly suggest that all valued distributors cease and desist in the distribution of above mentioned movie, The Four, until these issue have been addressed and resolved.

Press and Valued Distributors, thank you for your time in this matter.

He said, she said and the fucking truth

I seen somewhere that Teagan Presley is celebrating her birthday today and it got me thinking about her.  I’ve been a fan of Teagan Presley’s for awhile now.  I mean how can you not love a girl who stars in a movie like Cum in My Ass, Not in My Mouth or Cum Swapping Sluts. It was as my mind was wondering that I started to think about her name and how now for some reason she only goes by Teagan.  That got me wondering as to why that is.

As the story goes, Teagan Presley needed a last name and decided she would use Presley in part as homage to Lisa Marie Presley.  She said in an interview once with Bizarre Magainze that it was she who came up with the name Teagan Presley.

Teagan Presley said : I was on set once with Joey Silvera of (porn company) Evil Angel. He’s one of my favourite directors. I love him to death. We were talking and he’s like, “Have you ever thought about using a last name?” I told him no, and he was like, “Well, you really remind me of Lisa Marie Presley. I think you should use that last name.” So from then on I just took it on as my own.

Notice that she came up with the user of the name while on set of an Evil Angel movie … not a Digital Playground one.  This is important later on in the story.  She was 19 at the time she did this interview, so this was about 2004.  Prior to giving herself this last name, she has been going only be the name Teagan.  You see this in her early work (2003, early 2004) such as her movie she did for Ninn Worx in 2003 called Halle Vanderhyden’s Innocence : Little Secrets.

One of the first movies she uses the full name Teagan Presley is on the movie Truly Nice Ass 7 : Scrumptious by a company called DVSX.  Soon after she would sign a conract to work with Digital Playground.  Now this is where it gets confusing.  Somehow during the signing of her contract with them apparently she gave away the rights to the use of her name “Teagan Presley” and when she wanted to leave them they reminded her of this little clause and wouldn’t let her use her name anymore.

HOWEVER do keep in mind that when Teagan Presley left Digital Playground they were the first to say through press releases at places like AVN and XBIZ that the split wason good terms and in an article on AVN Digital Playground is quoted as haven said …

“Neither Digital Playground nor its representatives have ever said Teagan could not use her name after she ceases to be an exclusive performer for DP,” Piccionelli said.

In an article I found on XBIZ it says that

“We’re not seeking any legal action against her in any form or anything else,” O’Neal said. “When we split with Teagan, it was amicable and still is. We really don’t know where this is coming from.”

So then why the fuck isn’t Teagan Presley allowed to use her full name?

I remember awhile ago there was a similar issue with Kira Kener and Vivid but that seems to have been resolved in favor of Kira Kener getting rights to her name so again why isn’t Teagan Presley able to use her full name anymore?

Did you know that Teagan Presley almost became a Club Jenna girl?  Yep!  It’s true.  Just before signing with Digital Playground she had something going on with Jenna Jameson.  Here is what Jenna Jameson thinks about Digital Playground.  It’s very insightful.  ^^

Jenna Jameson blogs : Aug-06-2004:This started out being a really bad day. The girl that was scheduled for todays sex scene called and canceled 1 hour after her call time and it set us back 6 hours!!!!! Basically made us push the other scene for the day and cost the production 20K+! I am soooooo mad. We hired Teagan to do a scene. We also were considering signing her as a new clubjenna girl. She decided to sign with Digital Playground, coool I hope it goes well. Well DP decided that they didnt want her on our set and came up with multiple reasons , all lies, why she couildn’t be on set. They are known for being unscrupulous and unethical, so it really didnt surprise me at all. Too bad for them she would have been in the biggest selling movie of all time, would have really helped her career and made them more money in the long run! I will be sending them a bill for production costs. I think Justin will lbe handling this one…they better watch out! Ah, the movie on set drama…LOL.

Also why doesn’t she have control of either of her listed official websites (ClubTeagan.com and TeaganRaw.com)?  She lost control of not one but both of them?!!  I noticed a “fan” site has control of TeaganPresley.com.  Why not just go to ICANN and dispute it to get control back?  I serously hope this new boyfriend of hers is a lawyer.

It’s all so confusing but here is what we do know.  Today is her birthday. So happy birthday Teagan Presley.

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley

And The Mud Begins To Fly ….

Over at Adult FYI I read a great story about John Gray (which apparently he got from Blogspot) and well, to put it bluntly, his bull shit stories that he has been putting out over the years as well as some implications of fraud and even some building inspection violations.  Reading this does further prove that something isn’t right with this whole Michael Ninn ordeal but it makes you wonder if this bitter outrage is just going to lead to more trouble for Michael Ninn than it’s worth?  For those who aren’t keeping up this is in regards to Ninn Worx_SR, and owners or former owners Micahel Ninn and John L. Gray, which you can read up on by clicking here.

Ten Questions the Media Needs to Ask Mr. Gray

1.) In your interview with AVN, (By: Wade Garrett Posted: 07/30/2007) you stated: Among the company’s resources are: in-house a legal team; a large IT staff which maintains in-house web services and programming; a graphic arts department; and a full film studio with state-of-the-art equipment headed by Carl Wachter, the longtime Penthouse staff photographer. Mr. Ninn states he never saw an in house legal team that you claim exists. You also claimed in that same interview you had a large IT department but again Mr. Ninn says he never saw more than two people in it. So in your opinion is two people a large IT department?

2) In your interview with AVN, (By: Peter Warren Posted: 02/07/2008) you stated: “The new division is set up as a full-scale movie factory. you were quoted as saying “We have built our own film studio, a 30,000 square-foot building, that is everything that Playboy had at their studio.”

From what we could gather from people that have worked in your SR studio said the studio is closer to 1600 sq.ft and that it had little or no equipment in it. You also stated in the same interview “we have our own editors and replication and sound people, and all the rest of it.” But everyone who has been to your Norco Headquarters say there are no editors, no replication or sound people? Any comments?

3.) In your interview with AVN, By: David Sullivan Posted: 10/09/2007 you stated: “One of the things I’ve always found in porn in general was that perception is very powerful in this industry,” Gray continued. “There’s an incalculable, intangible benefit of sweeping AVN awards and not being just another film company, but being a premiere film company in this industry, and we can afford to do a $250 or $300 thousand budget movie and not make a penny on it, kind of like Bob Guccione did with Caligula, and it has a certain inalienable benefit to us in a long shelf life… but you later stated in a more recent interview you blamed Ninn for making expensive, impractical choices that led to disagreements on everything from color correction to contract girls, public relations, trailers and investing in an Internet presence. What is your real opinion?

4.)In your interview with AVN, By: David Sullivan Posted: 10/09/2007 you stated: )”The Vegas [Spearmint Rhino] club alone does a million dollars a week in gross sales, so it’s easy for us to get a return on the initial investment,” This statement would lead me to believe and others that you own Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas but in fact you do not. Why would you make such an untrue statement?

5.) In a statement given to Xbiz by your COO Kathy Vercher she stated “We invested in Michael and we invested in Michael’s vision” I could not find any statement of Michael’s vision but I could find yours and I quote “We want to throw enough money at it to be able to do something very, very special. I will spend $25,000 on three minutes, because if it doesn’t look and feel exactly like the 300 movie, I guarantee you it will never hit the street and I will scrap it. What I’m out for is mainstream quality production in the porn arena, and I haven’t seen anybody in history ever do that. We’re gonna do the exact same thing that a DreamWorks studio would do, and we’ve got the money to be able to throw at it.” Who are we to believe here and why is there no money to finish The Four properly now?

6.) Mr. Ninn’s statement to AVN Posted: 06/16/2008 said “He had a problem with your business ethics.” but did not really elaborate. What do you think he meant by this statement?

7.) Mr.Gray, given the fact that you were sued and settled cases out of court in lawsuits brought against Spearmint Rhino by 4 US women for using their pictures on billboards and in literature about striptease without their permission. It is also common knowledge that a world famous Penthouse photographer also sued you for copyright infringement and that you settled out of court. Why would you decorate your Norco office with over 30 Michael Parkes paintings you do not have permission to use?

8.) Is it true the office and the stage you built for Ninn Worx_SR in your corporate office in Norco, never received the proper building inspections and permits and that when the Norco city building inspector arrived at the office all NWSR employees had to run from their offices and hide in the back, because the offices were being occupied illegally?

9.) You have stated in a few of your interviews that “Michael is more of an artist than a businessman and you are more businessman than artist.” including some of the very first interviews you gave to AVN and Luke Ford. So, as the businessman in this relationship how could both you and the COO of SR, Kathy Vercher, blame Michael for any of the failed business decisions when he neither signed the checks or handled the business decisions of NWSR?

10.) Do you think your convictions in the US for offences ranging, from carrying a concealed weapon to writing bad checks and the multiple other lawsuits filed against you will have any effect on your case with Michael Ninn?

Porn Star vs Porn Starlet, yes there is a difference

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day how we often don’t appreciate the fine art of being a star, a porn star. We sort of lump everyone that performs in adult movies as a porn STAR but in reality there are vast differences between a porn star and all the rest. We got into this conversation while talking about the whole Michael Ninn situation and how little respect the owner of Ninn Worx_SR, John L. Gray has for porn stars and basically treats them like dime a dozen strippers.

So really what does define a porn star over a common stripper or aspiring porn starlet?  The first thing I would say would be industry recognition so that would be judged best by award nominations.  But that alone is not enough.  A true porn STAR would be someone who’s name can carry an entire movie and by that I mean sell well.

Say what you will but in the end this business, like others is about MONEY and without it there is no porn industry so we would need no porn stars.  So a true porn star would need to be someone who can make that movie they were just in sell.  Let’s look at some examples ….

First we have the look of a common stripper.  Sure she’s cute and has the potential to be a porn star but in this picture we see her as a stripper. This really is a picture of a Devon before she was famous. It was when she was a stripper, hoping to one day be a porn star and boy what a difference the two photos show.


Now here is the photo of that same girl once she has become a porn star!  She became a porn STAR not just based on the fact that she starred in adult films or got some award nominations but because she got name recognition and a decently large fan base.  If you made a movie with Devon in it (back when this photo was taken) this shit would sell.


Next we have Sasha Hollander.  She in fact has been in several pornos including Afro Invasion 6 from Candy Shop.   But she isn’t a porn star.  We will classify her as an aspiring porn star or porn starlet.  Although she has about a year of experience in the industry her name has yet to really draw in the fans.


Next we have someone who has been in the industry quite a few years.  She has a large number of titles under her belt, and some award nominations including a few Urban Spice Award nominations.  She is a feature performer on the dance circuit but in reality she’s never really passed the fame threshold.  In fact, she didn’t even get a nod on the hot 100 who featured porn stars that I personally considered so non existent it wasn’t even funny but that sort of brings me back to my point.  Not everyone can be a STAR and in this case we have an industry veteran, who although hot still is not a porn star.


So next I give you every definition of what a star is.  Some of you may be annoyed by her and others may not find her all that attractive but say what you will, this bitch sells fucking movies that she appears in.  Her name alone makes many fans look twice at the movie simply because she is in the movie.  She is famous both in the industry and in the real world.

Oh wait, you thought I was talking about Tera Patrick didn’t you?  Well no.  Although all that I said may be true about Tera Patrick, I am actually referring to Sunny Leone.  Who besides her large fan base in the porn world also has done quite a bit of mainstream work as well including appearing in the upcoming My Bare Lady 2, a Fox reality show.


Now that I’ve said all of this I want to point out that it’s not a direct insult saying you aren’t a porn star.  It’s just that well the term means more than just some chick who appears in an adult film.  The term porn star means someone who has reached success in the adult film industry and the judge of that includes award nominations and large sales of their DVDs.  You can be the sweetest, most attractive person in the world but it doesn’t make you a STAR … a porn star.  Only the big bucks associated with the sale of your DVDs can do that.

John L. Gray of Ninn Worx_SR is a Pimp?

Gotta love fucking Google, you enter someone’s name and bam there is a nice little story about something all fucked up in their past. According to an article I dug up in the Review Journal (and in THIS article as well) John Gray, CEO of the adult film company Ninn Worx_SR, Spearmint Rhino Company has quite an interesting past and seems to be no stranger to fraud.

This criminal has a couple convictions in California for making false statement to win a military contract and bouncing checks — before fessing up to reporters. He also has been known to use several aliases, including Johnny Win, John Luciano, and John Luciano Gianni, for reasons why he could not explain to reporters.

But if that wasn’t enough it turns out he can probably add pimping to his resume because in regards to his Spearmint Rhino club ….

police reported that, in their opinion, “activity within the club, intentionally or otherwise, borders on offenses of prostitution and permitting the keeping of a brothel.”

It seems that John L. Gray is some sort of Smooth Criminal (or the alternative Smooth Criminal which I think is even better).

The director formely known as Michael Ninn … WTF?

The artist director formerly known as Prince Michael Ninn has left the building renounced his association with Ninn Worx_SR, which is owned by Spearmint Rhino. Yes, yes that company who owns those tittie bars. They also do distribution for a few other movie companies including Woodman Entertainment, Supercore, Jazmin Media and Moire Candy.

Here’s how the story goes, well as far as we know … there was once an artist by the name of Michael Ninn who had a vision for artistic porno movies. He had sort of a dark, creepy side but still his shit was good, really good.

AVN had this to say about the artist formerly known as Prince Michael Ninn. Michael Ninn is renowned for his unique artistic style, as per example with the adult film, Neo Pornographia, which depicts an extreme gonzo approach within a dark atmosphere and setting.

On July 26, 2007 it was announced that Spearmint Rhino “merged” the fledgling Ninn Worx, to form Ninn Worx_SR. And we do use the word merge very loosely. They use the word merge but it seems now it was more of a buyout. It seemed from the start the Spearmint Rhino people sort of took over and it wouldn’t be long before Ninn Worx_SR became Nin Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino company … so ya, merge my ass.

A few months wouldn’t go by before the problems started to show. Most importantly a man from the “outside” of the adult film industry started running a studio with world class “contract” girls and he didn’t show them the respect they deserved. Rumors were he treated them like dime store hookers and expected them to fall in line like the low class strippers he hired at his nightclubs.

However he would soon find out that Porn Stars are not hookers or strippers and if you treat them like that they leave. He would go on to say (as discussed in my article from April of 2008) that that stars of the movie were not as much a priority as the music and lighting. WTF IS HE SMOKING? Who the fuck cares if the lighting is right if the porn stars are not in there. What a stupid fucker this guy is. Anyway, eventually all but one of his contract stars would leave. Most of them saying that he required them to work every week in one of his strip clubs and they were porn stars, they didn’t sign a contract to be a contract STRIPPER.

Then we have the name change. It seems that the name Ninn Worx_SR wasn’t enough for him. He felt his newly acquired adult film company wasn’t doing enough to promote the Spearmint Rhino name and decided that Ninn Worx_SR must from now on be called Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino company.

Then we come to the departure of Michael Ninn from what is left of Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino company. In closing he the artist director formerly known as Prince Michael Ninn, now using the name IMNINN has this to say to Adult FYI about it all ….

There comes a time in most people’s life when you must make this choice; to put the better good above ones self, that wealth is not as important as well being and doing the right thing makes you a better person in spite of the out come.

I say to you today, I stand on the outside of Ninn Worx_SR along with my contract stars and my crew, knowing that I no longer have to live with the lie that the check is in the mail or that the corporate committee will get back to you, as soon as they have reviewed your invoice and have reached a decision on paying you.

I feel this is not an end at all, but just the beginning. I enter the next phase of the Ninn Worx_SR relationship with a positive attitude and a firm belief in our legal system and welcome the challenges ahead.

Ninn Worx_SR seems to feel lighting and porno music more of a priority than porn whores

Cassidey and Briana BanksApparently porn stars are a dime a dozen these days … or so says Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray, as he recently told AVN in a chat about Cassidey’s recent and unexpected departure. As we reported easlier Cassidey left NinnWorx_SR just months after signing with them and is the third Ninn Worx_SR contract girl to part ways with the company. Jana Jordan and Nikki Kane announced their departures just a few weeks ago.

Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray told AVN that the changes in the studio lineup represent a shift away from the contract girl as an economically sound convention in adult.

What the fuck is he smoking? I found the article quite interesting … how on one hand he said Cassidey’s departure was amicable, but then in another breath goes on about how he never liked the idea of paying girls more than they were worth … (or that HE felt they were worth) that they weren’t Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick.

I don’t know. I just think it’s funny how such a well respected company can be so pissy about the stars sell their movies. Fans who buy these movies don’t give as much a fuck about lighting or the shit music in these things but they damn sure care about the girls who are sucking cock or taking it in the ass. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Show your bitches some damn respect and remember that without a big fat cock in their mouth nobody gives a fuck about the movies you want to make or about the music you think is important. A porno is about the women and anything else is trivial. The more famous a woman is, the more money the bitch is worth. That’s just common sense. That’s why Vivid girls make more money on the dance circuit than some bitch that just came off the street. Cause she’s more famous dumb ass!

And to say that a name doesn’t sell a movie, is really confusing considering this is the CEO of a movie studio. Have nobody ever shown him sales figures of movies of famous girls versus say a movie starring some whore nobody has ever really heard of? What the fuck is this man smoking? Seriously, I’m not even going to finish this rant. Clearly he has no clue what the fuck he’s talking about. He’s just pissed because his bitches are leaving their contracts with his company for lack of respect and he’s trying to save face by calling them dime a dozen whores who can be easily replaced but in the end he’s only making himself look more like an ass.


CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Director Michael Ninn’s production company, Ninn Worx, has recently signed its first female director in Lorraine Sisco (aka Tall Goddess). The statuesque German was signed to a deal directing four titles a year for the company.

Ninn Worx will release Sisco’s first feature, Clique, on March 8. As Sisco told AVN.com, Clique is “about a ‘haunted’ house with a lot of sexual energy from all the things that have happened in it. Visitors come into the house and they can’t help but be overcome by the energy.”

Sisco, herself, has acted in some solo scenes and done box covers for Ninn and Andrew Blake. Not surprisingly, she also has a history in runway modeling, in Europe. Apparently, Sisco brings her fashionista tendencies to her work, as she told AVN.com that Clique has very elaborate fashion in it, and that she’s going to strive to combine adult with high fashion in her future titles. 

Sisco explained that her first feature was shot in a very non-linear, stylistic way, characteristic of other Ninn Worx titles. She also mentions the aggressive female performances in the feature.

“I’m not very interested in performances that have no energy. I’m always encouraging the female performers to put out more energy, and reverse the usual male/female roles.”

Clique has five scenes, and includes performances by Jamie Huxley, Charlotte Stokely, Havannah Ginger, Tyra Banxxx, Katie Morgan, Teanna Kai, Jenaveve Jolie, James Deen and Randy Spears.

“It’s a real sexual adventure,” enthused Sisco.

Ninn Worx is distributed by Red Light District. For more information on Clique and Ninn Worx, go to www.ninnworx.com.