What the hell is going on over at Vivid?

For years Vivid has employed a bevy of beauties under their contract system known as Vivid girls but this last year they’ve had but three and these three are all virtually unknowns.   They are all hot as fuck, don’t get me wrong but still they aren’t the big names you have come to expect from Vivid.

Lanny Barby leaves the industry without saying a word.  Without a doubt a huge loss for Vivid and the entire industry as a whole, no make that the entire world as a whole.  Lanny Barby was so fucking hot they may have to invent a new word for how fucking hot she is. Seriously how the fuck can one person be so fucking hot?

Lanny Barby

Briana Banks left to start her own line of movies this year and then we find out that Sunny Leone is no longer shooting for Vivid, as she started her own line of movies.

Then you have all the rumors and gossip.  You have the Adult FYI rumor that Vivid isn’t going to shoot well into 2010, citing financial strain.  However that that rumor seems to have been debunked with the news that they are going to start shooting a second installment of the movie Bounce.

Monique Alexander declines to renew her contract with Vivid.


This the year that Vivid celebrates their 25h anniversary, they have their contract stars past and present making appearances across the nation but Nikki Jayne is nowhere to be found. She is not scheduled to make any appearances for the Vivid anniversary celebration. That’s kind of odd don’t you think? Where the hell is Nikki Jayne at? Why is she not making the rounds with the rest of the Vivid girls? Hell even Christy Canyon one of the oldest Vivid girls made an appearance at one of their events.

Now you have one gossip website reporting that Vivid signed a new girl that is not exactly what they normally sign.  She’s a virtually unknown who is almost 30 years old.  That’s not old by any means for most of us but quite a bit older than the girls that Vivid is typically known for.  Let’s be real, most men like their pussy as sweet and young.   But hey maybe Vivid is looking to start a MILF division.   I hear it sales well so what the hell do I know?

Then we have the Internet branch of Vivid known as Vivid Cash with a load of problems on its own with dead links on hosted galleries, changing links without telling webmasters so they send their traffic to dead pages and losing money on all that traffic, checks being sent out weeks late, webmasters waiting weeks to hear back from anyone from Vivid Cash and on and on and on and on.

Then you have another gossip website reporting that their new all natural big boobed wonder, Hanna Hilton is fed up and leaving Vivid, although not confirmed they did cite a good source for the rumor of her departure departure.   The story doesn’t say if she is leaving the adult industry all together but they did say that she defiantly wants out of her Vivid contract.

We won’t even mention how many awards they aren’t winning right now. I don’t know what the fuck is going on there.

Vivid used to be the shit. The biggest name in the jizz biz, but lately one has to wonder what the fuck is going on over there.

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