The Truth Behind a Cam Girl’s Lifestyle

There are so many misconceptions and myths about cam girls and the lifestyle we lead.

The first misconception is that people think we make easy money. That is far from the case. Basically, there are two different types of cam girls: those who do it as a full-time job and those who do it to supplement their income. Though, one thing we do all have in a common is that most of us are highly sexual. I, for example, genuinely enjoy sex and most kinks and games.

Certainly, having an audience watch me masturbate is something I find extremely arousing. The difference is how we cam girls implement this love of exhibitionism and eroticism into our every daily lives.

Professional cam girls make their living from camming. They tend to work 8-9 hours a day (or night) or even more. Most have set times so their fans know when they will be available, and a percentage of the performers work under the auspices of a studio.  Part-time cammers, like yours truly, do it when the mood strikes (which is usually daily) and use camming more as social interaction and as a way to supplement my income.  We part-time cammers also normally performing from home and not from studios. Another difference is that many studios urge models into accepting all offers and to perform almost any kink someone will pay them for. As far as I am concerned, I only do what I want to do and will not even go into a private show unless I feel comfortable with the request of the viewer. So, if a viewer and I are together alone in my cam room, you know it is because I want to, probably just as much as they want to.

As for my daily routine. I try to keep to the same hours. I have fans who wait for me and not just for some X-rated fun and games, but guys who are truly invested in what I am up to (and vice-versa). Before I get ready to open the webcam, I send out a message letting my followers know I will be online in the coming 30 minutes. During that time, I get ready, hair, make-up and setting the scene. Normally, by the time I open my webcam, there will already be a few fans waiting in my room. I love that feeling. Knowing there are fans out there waiting for me.

While I try to stick to set hours, as a part-timer, I can also be more flexible. And if a regular viewer sends me a message asking if there is a chance I can broadcast at a certain time so they can catch-up with me and have a quick session, if I can accommodate them, I will, with pleasure. It gives me a thrill knowing I am part of someone’s forbidden fantasy, and they are picturing me naked and turned-on during their day.

Recently I have been cutting back on my non-camming shifts and devoting more time to my cam shows. To be honest, I am wondering why I did not do that earlier. I took the plunge a few months ago and seriously upgraded my equipment to the point I can now stream in 4K. This has really increased traffic to my room. Knowing people can get a great close-up of my open legs and my juices gives me a great kick.

While on-cam, I am sexually liberated and pretty much open to every kink, including some extreme BDSM acts. But if you passed me on the street, you would have no idea that I am an online adult performer.  I barely wear make-up and live in jeans and t-shirts. You are more likely to find me browsing the local farmer’s market than browsing the bondage shelves at the local adult store.

I have a very separate on and offline life. While I have a huge closet of adult toys that are regularly used in my shows, they are hidden away if a guy comes over. In fact, to be honest, I rarely date off-cam. For some reason, which I am sure a therapist would like to delve into, most of my long-term relationships are with my fans. While we both know it is not real, it feels as real for me, as it does for them. We discuss everything. And like in my off-world life, not every online session ends with sex. The intimacy for both is usually far more satisfying and makes the sex far more gratifying and intense.

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