Who cares about the truth when we can just make it up?

Liar liar pants on fire. This is usually accustomed to people who are pathological liars. Pathological lying is not a health problem, but it can be a symptom for personality disorder. Sometimes lying can get us out of tough situations, but pathological liars end up lying with no clear intention.

In today’s world, it is hard to distinguish between what is true. Dishonesty is born from traumas either big or small. Some of this trauma includes losing a job, relationship or having financial issues. Liars start by lying to themselves. Sometimes even for us, it is better to live with long-term consequences of lies than telling the truth.

Even if you are playing online casino games, lying has no place, and we will help you know what you should take care of.

The Top Signs of a Liar

Compulsive liars are really good at what they say. Sometimes when you look into their eyes you will end up falling for their words. The following are six reasons why people lie when they don’t need to.

  1. The number one reason why people lie is that it matters to them. A typical liar always puts undeserved pressure on the issue at hand. Other people think it is unimportant while the liar will think it really does matter to them
  2. A compulsive liar obviously avoids telling the truth, because honesty does not conform to their narrative. The need to feel in control is essential to them, and telling the truth for them is a way of relinquishing that control.
  3. They do not want to lose the person they are lying to. A pathological liar will keep on telling you lies of what you want to hear. They fear to lose the people they love, the respect and value that they have been shown. Adding one lie after the other is a way for them to be accepted and feel loved.
  4. If you have ever come across a liar then it is hard to for you to trust them, right? A single lie always builds up to another lie to cover up the first lie, and that is why lies never end. When the truth is finally revealed it will be like a house of cards tumbling down.
  5. Memories about what we have said or experienced change with time. Compulsive liars cannot rely on their memories because they believe their lies at that particular moment. Factors such as stress and current situations can overwhelm the liar in creating a reality that does not exist.
  6. Liars have an instinct, to tell the truth, to satisfy a need. They want their lie to be the truth by saying it over and over again. Words have power right, for them telling lies constantly makes them believe that they are true.

The best way to avoid lies is to face the traumas that come our way. For us to be healed we need to clear our emotional closet. Believe in the truth and it will set you free.


Getting into shape so you can start dating again

Before we even get started we would like to say this: in no way are we in favor of physical elitism. We get that love comes in all shapes and sizes. What you look like should be what love is all about, and even sex knows no physical limits.

This article is mainly there to make suggestions about getting yourself on track for your next date, and we are taking the physical approach because we believe that it can also help with psychology and increasing confidence. What we are saying it: you don’t need to be that ‘Hollywood fit’ nonsense that is getting pushed onto people and making a lot of us feel insecure. No, we are saying to embrace your body and who you are; we just want to make a few suggestion for activities that might help to clear your head before that next date.


This is possibly the simplest thing that a lot of people can do. We spend a lot of time stuck indoors staring at computers and sometimes we just get stuck in that reality. Sometimes you just need to switch all of it off, and what better way than walking out and leaving it all behind. Don’t get us wrong we all need those computers, especially when we’re dating online, might is be for love or even sex. But sometimes, you just need to go out and take some fresh air.


If you enjoy water and you want to switch off, why not go for a swim early morning at your local pool. This is not a play on words, swimming is very immersive. When you out your head under water, you’re in another dimension altogether. This helps to forget your problems by bGettringing you into a drastically different universe altogether. You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer, just spend some time enjoying the water is all… Also, it’s good for your heart too!


For people who are a bit more obsessed about cardio, then running is a good choice. Not only that but the endorphins released when you running can give that very enjoyable ‘runner’s high’. Basically, your body is in pain so your endorphins are kicking in, bringing your mind and body into a very Zen place. If you’ve got problems and you’re anxious about dating, thinking about it during a run will bring some different perspectives to your attention. Again no need to run miles, just find somewhere you can run around for a bit.

Redirecting focus

Basically, you can choose any other sport you want, might it be cycling or table tennis. The idea is to redirect your negative focus into a more positive light so that you can feel more confident about dating. This will work both for traditional dating or adult dating, using sites like the sex chat site .The beneficial side-effects of sports will give you a healthier glow, it’s not necessarily about getting fit. Beyond this, you might actually find an activity which you really enjoy doing, bringing something else into your life that will contribute to your happiness and confidence. A happier and more confident person is always more dateable!

Women can give you HIV

And to finally put this fucking HIV argument to rest ……………………………..

“HIV transmission between women sex partners is possible, as reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this week. While rates of transmission between women are lower than heterosexuals and gay men, there are opportunities for infection.”

HIV Transmission Between Women Confirmed by CDC [source]

HIV transmission between women sex partners is possible, as reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this week. While rates of transmission between women are lower than heterosexuals and gay men, there are opportunities for infection.

While this is not the first case of a positive diagnoses acquired as a result of sexual contact between two women, it is the first time the CDC has confirmed transmission where one partner has not reported risky behavior. In this case, the CDC viewed high risk behavior as recent sex with a man, intravenous drug use, piercings and tattoos.

The woman who started the relationship with a negative HIV status had not had sex with a man in 10 years, nor had she used intravenous drugs, or had a blood transfusion. She and her partner had been in a monogamous relationship for six months, and she had donated plasma in March of 2012, after testing negative for the virus.

Ten days after donating plasma, she began feeling ill and went to the emergency room complaining of sore throat, dry coughs, diarrhea, and vomiting. She was tested in the emergency room for HIV and the results came back negative. Two weeks later she tried to sell plasma again and was denied due to a positive HIV test result.

The couple reports using sex toys, having frequent and unprotected sex, and engaging in sexual activity during menstruation. They report at times sexual activity caused bleeding. Blood and body portals can be a risk factor for contracting the virus.

CDC encourages sexually active people to get safer sex counseling and testing even if both parties are female and one is HIV negative.

HIV transmission between women has been confirmed by CDC, and may help women become more pro-active about sexual health. Many women who engage in sexual activity with women, believe they are safe from infection because they are not having sex with men. It is now confirmed that naïve bliss is likely ineffective in combating risky behavior.

Changing times require people interested in staying healthy to take control. CDC encourages sexually active people to get safer sex counseling and testing even if both parties are female and one is HIV negative.

Taking time to know someone, and not engaging in sexual activity before being tested with the appropriate windows is important in remaining free of sexually transmitted diseases. Many people, heterosexual and gay, fail to do this placing themselves in direct risk of contracting diseases.

Other precautions include, taking care to change out sex toys when with a new partner, and making sure to sanitize toys between use. Foreplay, can quickly turn into hot sessions where body fluids are exchanged. Finger cots and dental dams are can easily be incorporated into sex play. Engaging in risky behavior that includes, sex while menstruating can put one at risk as well.

In this case, one HIV positive confirmation should serve as a warning that woman-to-woman transmission exists. The CDC report that HIV transmission between women is now confirmed should perhaps be viewed as a public service announcement by women. All sexually active people can benefit by becoming pro-active about maintaining safer sex habits to promote good sexual health.