Fake Twitter Warning – Hanna Hilton

@TheHannaHilton is not the real Hanna Hilton

We’ve posted this before but apparently some people don’t listen.  The person who runs @theHannaHilton is not Hanna Hilton.   I understand running “fan” accounts or pages but this jack is is tweeting pretending to be the actual and real Hanna Hilton and that is what pisses me off.  Block this person and report them for spam to get rid of this faker!

The person who runs this account  is a jack ass formerly known as “Vivid Vixens” or “Your Vixens” who was behind a lot of fake porn star twitter drama (like the fake Lanny Barby suicide story) and a ton of fake porn star accounts.  This guy who is a Vivid Cash affiliate

His website yourvixens.com has been taken down but he also had a blogger site or two or 3.

@TheHannaHilton is not the real Hanna Hilton.  She has nothing to do with this twitter account.

DO NOT SUPPORT THIS GUY BECAUSE the person tweeting is pretending to be her, trying to defraud her fans.


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