Hey girls! Stock up on black liquorice and cucumber

I was watching the TV show “The Doctors” today and learned that the smell of black liquorice and cucumbers can make you have a better orgasm!  Turns out those smells, for females, increases the blood flow “down there” and that plays toward improving your orgasm.

And did you know that the cucumber is also a natural aphrodisiac? It’s true!  When looking for more information on this I found this ….

It is commonly assumed that cucumber’s status as an object of desire lies purely in its shape. Yes, cucumber is certainly phallic in appearance, but its aphrodisiac attributes are not based on looks alone.

Nutritionally, cucumbers provide several nutrients essential to maintaining sexual health, including Vitamin C and manganese. The silica in cucumbers supports connective tissue heath which will not only keep us limber and primed for action but can also help maintain young, vibrant skin. Cucumbers also prevent water retention which means they not only work as a cure of morning after eyes but can diminish bloat to keep you feeling your sexiest.

Most interestingly to those looking to use food in seduction, a study by Dr. Alan Hirsch found that the scent of cucumbers, in combination with black licorice, is extremely arousing to women.

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