Another FAKE twitter account

It seems anymore there are more fakers out there and a good number of the fake porn star profiles come from Vivid Cash affiliates “Your Vixens” formerly “Vivid Vixens”.  Today we are highlighting the fake profile they created for fromer Vivid contract star Hanna Hilton.  The fake profile in question is …… @TheHannaHilton

TheHannaHilton on Twitter is Fake

TheHannaHilton on twitter is not the real Hanna Hilton

Notice they don’t say “fan profile” or “dedicated to”.  Instead they try and play it off like the profile actually belongs to Hanna Hilton.

These douche bags have created fake profiles for many other porn stars including Lacei Heart, Meggan Mallone, Gianna Michaels and Lanny Barby where they at one time pretended she killed herself.  So what they do isn’t just to make money, they also fuck with the fans.  What kind of sick fuck does shit like that?

And even worse, why does Vivid allow it?

On this Hanna Hilton fake account they tweet things pretending to be her and say things like “Starting to get sleepy finally. Good to talk you all. #Kisses” and “Going to a shoot later on. Nothing big but glad to be getting out there again.”