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Juicy Miss FreeOnes 2012 * RUMOR *

Just got a juicy bit of Miss Free Ones 2012 gossip THAT IS NOT PROVEN TO BE TRUE SO IT’S TOTALLY JUST GOSSIP FOR NOW.  The person who wishes to remain anonymous said the winner of the Miss FreeOnes 2012 contest is former Bluebird Films contract girl, Dylan Ryder.  He won’t divulge how he knows but he says he is 100% for sure she was selected as the winner and he wants to go on record before the official announcement so that after she is announced he can say he told you so.

Dylan Ryder’s boobs (seen here thanks to our friends at  Amateur District) could not be reached for comment.
Trust me, I tried to speak to them.  They just wouldn’t talk back.   But it was fun trying!

Reps from FreeOnes says they will announce the winner on May 19th at the Exxxotica Miami Expo.

Miss FreeOnes started on April 9th with over 300 girls competing for part of the $30,000 in prize money. Through the 3 rounds of the contest, more than 500k votes were cast for over 300 contestants in 6 rounds. FreeOnes members also donated points that they are able to earn for using the site, which brought the Miss FreeOnes grand prize to $13,000 for the lucky winner of the contest!

FreeOnes and Exxxotica Miami have partnered up for the awards ceremony. The winners will be announced at 8:45pm, Saturday the 19th, at the main stage at the expo.

“I’m extremely pleased with how the 2012 contest went,” said Petra, contest organizer. “During the contest we saw a lot of activity from the contestants on our own site, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Since all of the girls who registered to compete this year wanted to be in the contest, they really got into it and let all their fans know that they should come vote.”

“Now that the contest is over, we can turn our focus to next week’s events! First we have partnered up with Exxxotica to announce the winners of Miss FreeOnes, live in front of all the fans who will be coming to the expo! We also have Met-Art contract girl, Malena Morgan, joining us to help us announce the winners!”

“After the awards, we’ll all be heading over to The Mansion to party! The red carpet starts at 11pm so don’t be late!”

For more information, please visit

I don’t know if the guy is trying to imply the fix is in or just that he found out the winner in advance. Either way, will be curious to see if he is correct.  This same person has given me valid information in the past so I guess we’ll see in a week or so if he is correct again.  If so congrats Dylan.

Oh the joy of the bullshit

Just because someone says it doesn’t make it true.

Think very carefully about that statement and the gossip or bullshit you pass on because someone told you it was true.  Do you really know for sure it’s true or did some dumb ass tell you?  How the fuck do they really know?  I mean seriously, you bitch if someone says something about you that isn’t true but then you turn right around and do the same to other people.  JUST BECAUSE SO AND SO SAID SOMETHING, DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TRUE.

I can tell you I seen Madonna give a blowjob in the bathroom but does that mean it’s true?

I can swear up and down to you that I know for a fact my friend’s cousin’s neighbor like purple polka dots.  But does that make it true?

Just remember, if someone gossips to you for any reason, one day they are going to gossip about you so before you go believing that dumb ass, consider the source.

Now grow the fuck up and stop being little douche bags.


Nikki Benz Website Troubles?

For years now Nikki Benz has run her own official website.  She hired her own webmaster and pays to shoot her own content.   Her webmaster keeps the new photo sets updated on her site and maintains her CCBILL affiliate program.  Her site was even nominated for a 2012 website xbiz awards but just after news of that nomination came out that her website while not to bad didn’t really have any updates for all of the year last year and it lacked the personal touch of the star herself and lacked updating.  The preview area of the site has basically been the same for as many years as I can remember.

And her affiliate program hasn’t had updates in a long time.

There was not a single listed update in the entire year of 2011, only 1 for 2010 and prior to that an update wasn’t given since August of 2009.

  • 02.01.10 – 4 New Hosted Galleries
  • 08.06.09  – 3 New embedded Flash Hosted Gallery, 1 new MGP, 3 New Hosted Galleries

Nikki Benz has been named the Penthouse Pet of the year last year. Her official website should be the hub of activity and news about Nikki Benz and her life.  Her sales team, also known as affiliates should be getting some sort of sales tools but nothing.  It’s all very strange.

Then today I noticed something on her twitter page.  She doesn’t even list her website anymore at all.  How strange is that?  She works so hard to build her name up and well that only leads to a crazy amount of money she should be making on her official website and then now she won’t even list it on her twitter page?

Of course there could be a very good reason completely unrelated to the recent bad press as to why she doesn’t list her website on her twitter page anymore, like some contract she’s in or some side deal in mainstream she is doing and they don’t want her promoting her official website.  But it is rather curious that such a big star who has invested so much in the creation and maintaining of her website doesn’t bother to even mention it anymore, don’t you think?


AdultFYI Review of Nikki Benz’s official website – Sean from AdultFYI and Adult Cyber Mart writes: is the official website for porn star and 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Nikki Benz.

The site offers everything a fan of Nikki Benz could hope for: tons of video clips, photos, various types of downloadable content, a really nice calendar of events and appearance dates and a daily journal.

I only found a few negatives about this site. First, it’s well designed but I’m not a big fan of the color scheme. A dark color on a website just doesn’t do it for me. I like bright and welcoming colors.

I also noticed that her daily journal was updated less than 20 times during the entire year of 2011. Again, websites need constant updating if you want to attract and keep members.  However, I must say that her calendar of events and appearances is updated on a more current basis.

This site is nominated for a 2012 XBiz award for Porn Star Website of the Year. That doesn’t carry much weight with me, but whatever.  Overall the site is pretty solid.

Membership to her site is $29.95 a month.  At my pay level that’s a little rich. But if money was no object I’d say it’s worth the price.

Sean’s Website Grade for B

Is Gemma Massey on Celebrity Big Brother?

Porn star Sunny Leone was recently featured on the India version of the show Big Brother, which they call Big Boss.  Apparently Sunny Leone was a huge ratings booster over there and then rumors started to surface that Gemma Massey was seen in in this season of the Celebrity Big Brother (UK edition).

So is it true that exclusive Bluebird Films contract star Gemma Massey is on this season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK?

While Gemma Massey may be a celebrity in her own it, it turns out the answer to that question is no.  The rumor isn’t true in that she is a cast member of this seasons cast of Celebrity Big Brother however there apparently has been quite a bit of Gemma Massey chatter in regards to he show as she has been dating cast member, UK reality TV star Kirk Norcross.  The two have been dating since last August and on last night’s episode apparently he got drunk and started hitting on a Greek model named Georgia Salpa.

Gemma Massey in Passenger 69Gemma Massey in Passenger 69Gemma Massey in Passenger 69

So it turns out the only association Gemma Massey has with Celebrity Big Brother is that her now EX-boyfriend is a cast member this year.  Gemma Massey was unaware of his cheating until it aired and found out about it at the same time as everyone else and was noticeably and of course understandably upset about it while posting on her twitter feed @LadyGemmaMassey about it.

Gemma Massey is a porn star under exclusive contract with Bluebird Films.  Gemma Massey is rumored to be the highest paid contract star in the entire industry (based on contract salary alone).  She was a former Playboy model and Playboy Cyber girl, who still attends Playboy parties from time to time.  She was also recently featured on the BBC show Newsbeat on the segment called “Life as a Porn Star”.  A former popular Page 3 girl for the Sun paper (with 3 times the daily circulation than the New York times), she has also graced the pages  of Maxim magazine, Penthouse as well as more men’s magazines than we could even begin to count.

Gemma Massey is currently up for the FAN’s CHOICE award at the 2012 AVN Awards Show for “BEST BODY”. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR HER.

On an interesting side note, short lived, former Hugh Hefner fake girlfriends and Playboy Playmates Kristina and Karissa Shannon are in the cast.  You may remember them as the Playboy twins that barely made it a single season before being removed from the mansion for being to big of whores. The rumor is, they couldn’t stop partying.  I don’t know how much of that is true, but one story has them getting in the Playboy pool doing it with another guy.  Well one of them one, but not sure which one.  I can’t never keep them straight.  I think it is the one who tried to release the sex tape.


The photos of Gemma Massey in this post come from the movie Passenger 69 which is now available on DVD or you can download the movie to your computer or watch it online at the Glambirds website.

Manwin Buys DP for rumored $50 Million

Everything you are reading here should be considered a rumor – as in an unproven fact.  These rumors may or may not be true, in part or in whole.  You should never consider a rumor as a fact.  What you read here may be in part true, or in whole completely false.  That’s the thing about rumors, you never really know.  I am only sharing with you water cooler stories I have been hearing.  They may or may not be true.  THEY ARE RUMORS.

Last June we reported that Manwin was in talks to buy Digital Playground.  Truth be told, by the time we had posted that story they had been in talks for awhile and had already started to take over the day to day operations of the DP family of websites.

It would take another two months however before the buyout would take place.  It took so long because according to rumors DP was over valuing their catalog.  Well, at least in the eyes of the buyers.

It was during this time Jesse Jane had decided not to renew her contract with Digital Playground and made a very public to do about it.   Jesse Jane’s people went into talks with several other companies including taking a meeting with Brazzers.  Just days later she announced she had resigned with Digital Playground.  Insiders are now saying it was actually a deal with Manwin that Jesse Jane did her new deal with because at that time they had already secretly bought out the company.  So the insinuation that the contract girls would be cast aside after AEE in Vegas, is ridiculous.

Mike South and Adult FYI are reporting buyout sum was $50 million but I have a source that says that number is very wrong.  It includes a large up front cash payment that is nearly double that and over the next five years additional payments will be made.  He doesn’t know an exact amount but estimates it to be around $150 million over a period of 5 years.

The rumor is now that Manwin is in talks with Vivid.  My sources are saying these talks have been going on for a few months now and are all but a done deal.  One Vivid insider says that Hirsch made his money off of some big Playboy deal a few years ago and since then he just doesn’t give a fuck. He’s been looking for an excuse to leave porn since then anyway.

Another insider is saying that the Vivid deal will not include a continuation of the Axel Braun contract.  According to a few different people he is to hard to work with.  “Not worth the bullshit that comes with working with him”.    “His ego an antics make him to much of a liability“.

So who does that leave us with?  If Manwin buys Vivid that means they control all the major studios except Bluebird Films.  Think about it …… there is Wicked Pictures, Vivid Entertainment, Digital Playground and Bluebird Films.  They are the big 4 in the jizz biz, making the big budget features.

Will Bluebird Films cave and join the other major studios?  My sources say “not in a million fucking years”.  Owner Paul Chaplin was once quoted as saying he was never in the porn business to make money, he makes the movies he wants to watch.  Perhaps that will be the one thing that keeps Manwin at bay.  We shall see.

In the mean time we have a few other Manwin rumors to address.  Not to long ago there were reports that Zero Tolerance were in “financial dire straights” that the only thing making them any sort of money was their toy line but with their venture with the now bankrupt Store Program ended, things took a turn for the worse, even in that division of the company.  This made them prime for takeover by Manwin.  While to date Manwin hasn’t really made any move on the lower tier “gonzo type studios” like Zero Tolerance, Red Light District, Elegant Angel, etc. because Zero Tolerance is considered to be the best in that category there was always the chance that Manwin would consider it but my sources are saying to date that is not the case.  They would rather just freeze out the smaller guys and let them go out of business than waste their money and resources on trying to acquire them.

One Brazzers insider said that Manwin might have considered Zero Tolerance a little more seriously if their collection of websites weren’t run so piss poorly.  I don’t know how much if any of that is true, but that is what I am hearing.

Next I heard a rumor about Manwin in talks to buy out a network company like Webquest.  I talked to my source who said “Webquest? LOL  Why would Manwin buy them?  They have no real value.  They are only worth the value of their biggest contract which they could lose at any time.  Then what would they be worth?”

So if they aren’t going to go after traffic networks, I wonder what they will focus on buying next?  AVN?  Maybe XBIZ?

Was the Sasha Grey scandal really just a publicity stunt?

I got an email today but I want to be clear, I don’t know if it is true.  So let’s consider this an unfounded rumor.

Hope you don’t believe all the bullshit you are reading about Sasha Grey. It was all a well crafted, very planned out stunt to get her in the news.

The email rambles on a bit and then goes on to say that since she quite making movies a few years ago to pursue more artistic endeavors, the mainstream world hasn’t been beating a path to her door as she had once thought they might.  This anonymous insider claims that life after porn for Sasha wasn’t quite as wonderful as she thought it was going to be.

But he also says this recent publicity stunt wasn’t her idea however she did go along with it. Someone in her camp came up with a seemingly innocent way to get her name in the news again and that was by reading to children. They knew it would be a controversy and this source even goes on to claim it was one of her inner circle that first placed a call to the school to complain and then right after to the LA Times to say parents were calling the school in outrage. When the LA Times didn’t act fast enough they turned to other media outlets like TMZ.

I don’t know if anything is anonymous source says is true but if it is, it worked. Sasha Grey reading to children is all everyone was talking about yesterday. And can you really blame her for wanting to be more famous?  It’s not like other people haven’t done similar things in the past like faked leaked sex tapes or calling in tips to the paparazzi that they’ll be at certain locations.

Really pulling a publicity stunt like this makes her more mainstream just by having done it in the first place.  So kudos to her.

Go get your famous on Sasha!  We support ya girl!

Is Shelley Lubben a drug pushing pimp?

Well, well.  Look what is coming out now.  It seems Shelley Lubben has been lying, doing drugs and even worse, giving out drugs to girls to keep them quiet.  Or so says the rumors.  I originally heard about the story at Lukeisback and later read more about it on YouTube and it’s one heck of a story.  But I’ll let you watch the interview and read the story and judge for yourself … is Shelley Lubben a lying whore?  Is she pushing illegal drugs on girls to trick them into submission and doing her bidding for “donations”?  You decide.

“She drank with me and took pills with me. That is not a recovery program. Shelley has a ex hooker (JENNI) and an ex porn addict (ROGER) running her program. One Jenni’s occupation title is a porn recovery specialist! Miss Jenni has … no high school diploma. I am glad that Shelley got proper treatment in a luxury rehab that she boasted to me that cost two grand a day and had leisure activities such as hiking, horse back riding, swimming, etc.

She must have got some nice donations exploiting my daughter and I. Shelley is a liar, manipulator, drug addict and user. She makes us girls pose with her, helps write our so called testimonies! She has did more damage to me than ANY agent or producer. She exploited my daughter and my real name!  I contacted Michael Whiteacre. I did not receive any money for the shoot and he did not promise to heal me from my addictions and porn like Lubben does!”




Meet Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane is arguably one of the most famous porn stars in the world.  She started her career at Digital Playground, the only company she has ever worked for.  For years they enjoyed a great relationship that is until this year.   Jesse Jane tweeted about her intentions of signing another 5 year contract with DP this year.  But within a few months that had all changed.  It seems DP forgot they built the entire success of their company off of a single performer and now they were risking losing that performer to another company because they weren’t treating her with the respect she felt she deserved.

Many would say that on the back of Jesse Jane alone, Digital Playground was transformed into another wanna be start-up to a true empire.  It would be rather easy to see why so many people think that, as Jesse Jane was their main contract star and every major movie and marketing campaign for Digital Playground all revolved around Jesse Jane.  So if they’ve staked their entire company image on a single performer, like KFC has with Colonel Sanders …. why the hell would you go out of your way to piss her off?

What we know for sure is that Jesse Jane made her last movie for Digital Playground the other day.  We also know that Jesse Jane’s name is owned as a legal trademark by Digital Playground.  The rumor was, until recently, that Jesse Jane would continue on as Cindy Taylor, her birth given name when she leaves Digital Playground, however Lukeisback is reporting that won’t be an issue anymore because Jesse Jane legally changed her name to Jesse Jane [source].

Kira Kener did this years ago when she left her contract with Vivid and it played a big part in her ability to get control over the Kira Kener trademark.

Many are speculating that Jesse Jane will have similar success with the courts as well.  But it will also probably cost her a lot of money to fight.  Digital Playground has been known to purposely try and drag out legal battles to try and make it to costly for the other party to afford.  Rumor is however that Jesse Jane is ready for the long haul and won’t just give up and walk away.

We know that Jesse Jane is in talks with many companies about what she is going to do after leaving Digital Playground.  One rumor was that she was going to start her own line of movies, like Jenna Jameson did with Club Jenna.  The most recent rumor is that she is going under contract with Manwin, who has recently been in talks to buy Digital Playground, although the rumor is that those talks have failed, that the owners of Digital Playground want more money than what the market considered to be “fair value” for their products.

So is the Jesse Jane going to Manwin rumor true?  We don’t know yet.  The only source so far to go on record saying it is true is Mike South.  But so far he’s only right about 25% of the time.  But still he has hit it more than a few times so it is worth considering the rumor as possibly true.



Little Lupe Fuentes is currently one of the most wanted women in Europe

About an hour ago Colombia News posted an update about former Wicked Contract girl and current wife of Evan Seinfeld [source] in which they reveal Lupe Fuentes is still in the US and is now considered one of the most wanted women in Europe.  Yet interestingly enough pretty much everyone knows where she lives, and is still been going about town from time to time doing business with her husband.  She’s been seen by several people more than once at the offices of Pulse Distribution in the last few months.  There have been more “sightings” of Little Lupe in the last few months in the LA area than of Elvis in Vegas.  So clearly she isn’t wanted enough for them to go pick her up because she actually lives at the address that matches her California state issued ID.

A site that was put up keeping everyone updated as to what is going down was mysteriously pulled down a few weeks ago.  So what really is going on here with Lupe Fuentes, aka Zuleidy?  Is she hiding from the authorities as the story suggests or are they really just not interested in picking her up?  If she is really one of the most wanted women in Europe than I can’t help but think the story she and friends are putting out is bullshit and that in fact she is hiding from them.  Their story of course being that they are working with the FBI in full cooperation.  What do you think?

If you haven’t been keeping up with the story here in a list to the original post.

Interpol has issued a international arrest warrant for Colombian porn star Lupe Fuentes on charges of child pornography and forgery, Bogota radio station Santa Fe reported Tuesday.

According to Interpol, the notice is “a provisional request of a wanted person, with the objective of extradition.”

The 24-year-old actress, who is commonly known as “Little Lupe,” is accused of falsifying documents to allow minors to work as prostitutes or actors in pornographic films.

Cali-born Little Lupe is currently one of the most wanted women in Europe. Authorities have already arrested her husband and adult film magnate, Pablo Lapiedra.

According to the authorities, both the actress and her spouse hired two minors in the Colombian city of Medellin to participate in an adult film in 2008.

One of the minors later told the dean of her college that the couple had contacted her for pornographic scenes that were available on the internet.

After complaints from the student, the Spanish authorities managed to capture Lapiedra,

while Little Lupe remains a fugitive of the law.

Pablo Lapiedra has stated that it was Little Lupe who recruited young people for their productions in cities like Medellin and Cali.

Authorities believe Little Lupe to be currently residing in the United States.

More on the Bibi Jones Bullshit

Adult Cybermart ran a story today about Bibi Jones quoting this person who still claims he isn’t BiBi Jones using a fake name.  Now you may recall that previous he claimed to be a business professional, marketing guru and legal expert.  Well now apparently he is a webmaster as well and claims that a few thousands members would line up to pay money for her website and that she would be making $60,000 to $70,000 a month.

No seriously.  He really said that.

“If she attracted a few thousand members who’d pay $19.95 a month, that sounds like $60K or $70K a month? Basically that’s the deal. I don’t see how she loses either way. “I’m not some retard falling off the bus,” MFOB assures me.  

“But I’m here to protect her interests. You can be sure any bullies, any swine, any hustlers, anything that tries to get in her way will be met with attack.”

Every time this guy opens his mouth he shows how little he really knows about the business.  If she could really make $60k to $70k a month then by all means she needs to get on it.  However as I have 15 years experience in that specific thing and I can tell you, she won’t make more than $2,000.  I’ve seen her numbers she just doesn’t have that many fans.

As far as Jesse Jane goes, the story on Mike South today pretty much says it best …

Jesse Jane: One of the few proven commodities in Porn. Name anyone who’s been as consistent both on camera and off as Jesse. On camera, she’s pretty much followed the dream scenario of a successful porn career. Always leave them wanting more. Off,  She’s one of the most liked performers by the media, always positive, no attitude,  A total pro.  The Perfect face for Digital Playground.

Of course the best part of that story on Mike South was about Bibi Jones.  “Is this the new age Digital Playground contract star? Pick up random untested strangers, have un protected Sex anywhere, anytime, go back to work, spread the love?