Was Lupe Fuentes Deported?

If you keep up with the latest twitter wars you would have noticed over the weekend that Tera Patrick and her former husband  Evan Seinfeld were having a go at it, yet again.

The interesting part of their little dispute what that Tera Patrick said Lupe Fuentes has been deported and that it was part of public record.

When Tera Patrick tweeted it, I noticed that Lupe Fuentes hasn’t been on streammate for over a week, which for her was rather unusual so I started to wonder if maybe Tera Patrick was right.  Maybe Lupe Fuentes really was deported.

However before I was able to post the story yesterday, something came up so today I checked again and I found out that Lupe Fuentes did do a live show yesterday (July 16th).

So it looks like maybe that story was just that, a story.

Since I can’t find any other sort of information or proof of any kind that Lupe Fuentes was deported, for now we’ll just have to file this one under unconfirmed rumor that at this time doesn’t seem to be all that true.


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