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What do Angelina Jolie, Justin Timberlake, and Lupe Fuentes have in Common?They are all going to be featured on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT news segments Today, Monday, May 20th on CBS! Lupe Fuentes talks about her complete transformation from Porn Star to Pop Star exclusively with “E.T. on CBS tonight 7pm PST. See Exclusive footage of Lupe Fuentes and The Ex GIrlfriends as she shares with Entertainment Tonight her passion for music and over 45 MILLION views on Youtube in under 6 months!

Lupe Fuentes on Entertainment Tonight



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Little Lupe Goes Mainstream

Lupe Fuentes’ Completes Mainstream Reinvention with Music Group, New Single, and New Lifestyle Channel

Lupe Fuentes 2013

Petite powerhouse and former adult film starlet Lupe Fuentes has been working on a huge mainstream transition. After leaving the adult industry two years ago , Lupe Fuentes has been working on a huge career move and is completely recharged and ready to surprise the world with her new pop group The Ex Girlfriends and as a lifestyle adviser for her new YouTube channel

Fuentes formed The Ex Girlfriends last year after a year of writing and recording her own songs with top pop music producers. The all-girl group recorded the single, “We Are the Party” and posted the song’s provocative video – guest-starring cult film star Danny Trejo – online in December, clocking over 25 million views in its first three weeks. The second song and video, WHATCHYALOOKINAT, is set for release later in March, with a full-length album set for release later in 2013.

The Spanish beauty launched her YouTube beauty channel in February, featuring her five-minute makeup / hairstyle tutorials, cooking & fitness tips, and health/beauty product reviews in both English and Spanish.

“I love to share my passions, ideas and insight through my music and my video segments,” says Fuentes. “I get to let everyone get to know the real ‘me’.”

Regarding the total reinvention of Lupe Fuentes, “I feel reborn,” says Fuentes. “I feel like my true life has just begun and I’m ready to face life’s challenges along this journey.”

(During the video shoot for WHATCHYALOOKINAT, The Ex Girlfriends filmed their very own Harlem Shake Video:

For more information, contact: and

ABOUT LUPE FUENTES:The 4’9” Spanish-Colombian beauty has led a remarkable life so far: an accomplished mainstream actress, dancer and model in Spain while still in her teens, became a wildly famous adult starlet, Lupe made the decision to come to America to pursue her crossing over into mainstream. Lupe established herself in the USA and took time off to explore her passion in music, dance and the beauty/fitness industry, launching all-girl pop group The Ex Girlfriends and YouTube lifestyle channel

From Porn Star to Pop Star

By now we all know all about the drama around Lupe Fuentes, but how about some good news?  It turns out Lupe Fuentes is back and has reinvented herself.  She’s going from porn star to pop star and now fronts a new pop band called The Ex Girlfriends.  Their first song is called WE ARE THE PARTY is is sort of a techno pop sound.  It’s kinda cute.  You can watch it on YouTube and is apparently available also on iTunes. Check it out.

Lupe Fuentes Child Porn Update

News reports are stating that Lupe Fuentes’s ex husband (who you might remember claims it was Lupe Fuentes that tricked children into doing porn and not him) is removed from Hungary.

[source]   Hungary Gives Warm Send-off to Bail-Jumping, Passport-Forging Child Pornographer

While Hungary is still feeling the heat from the botched release of infamous Azeri axe-murderer Ramil Safarov in August, another case involving the extradition of a criminal sought by another country is making headlines far from Hungary. This time the evil-doer is one Pablo Lapiedra (above left), a Spanish pornographer who has been busy for the past year or so avoiding extradition to Colombia, where he is accused of trolling local high schools for porno movie meat.

The details of the case are as hazy as they are lurid, but the crux is that a few weeks back the Hungarian Justice Ministry revealed that Lapiedra had been released from custody in Budapest, where he was being held pending the approval of an extradition request from the Colombian authorities. (He was released in April, but only now did the authorities say he had been let go.)

Lapiedra was nabbed on the Hungarian-Serbian border last December. He sought asylum in Hungary in January, but his application was denied.

As for why he wasn’t returned to Colombia to face the music, there seems to be a difference of opinion between the Colombians and Hungarians on this. Apparently there was a 40-day period in which he could be held, and the proper paperwork wasn’t sent over in time. But it has also been suggested from the Colombian side that the Ministry of Justice “backpedaled” on the extradition, a charge the ministry denies.

But here’s what’s really weird. Lapiedra was caught in Hungary after he skipped bail in Spain, while traveling on a forged Czech passport.

So let’s get this straight: If you are caught in the EU traveling on a forged EU passport while having jumped bail in another EU country, isn’t that, you know, enough of a crime that you might be kept in jail for more than a few months? Or just not if you are a porn king caught in Hungary?

Oh and to cap things off, the ministry here said that since Lapiedra is an EU citizen the Hungarian authorities are not supposed to know about his whereabouts, unless a new request comes in from foreign authorities to detain him, or he commits another crime. Which, given what he’s gotten away with so far, we have to assume he already has.

Was Lupe Fuentes Deported?

If you keep up with the latest twitter wars you would have noticed over the weekend that Tera Patrick and her former husband  Evan Seinfeld were having a go at it, yet again.

The interesting part of their little dispute what that Tera Patrick said Lupe Fuentes has been deported and that it was part of public record.

When Tera Patrick tweeted it, I noticed that Lupe Fuentes hasn’t been on streammate for over a week, which for her was rather unusual so I started to wonder if maybe Tera Patrick was right.  Maybe Lupe Fuentes really was deported.

However before I was able to post the story yesterday, something came up so today I checked again and I found out that Lupe Fuentes did do a live show yesterday (July 16th).

So it looks like maybe that story was just that, a story.

Since I can’t find any other sort of information or proof of any kind that Lupe Fuentes was deported, for now we’ll just have to file this one under unconfirmed rumor that at this time doesn’t seem to be all that true.


Little Lupe takes her site back

When the media calls you one of the most wanted female fugitives in Europe, what’s a girl to do?  Why get naked of course. Lupe Fuentes recently account the re-release of her official website.  While previously her website was with Web Quest, after what is reported as “bad management”, Lupe Fuentes has decided to take control of her own website and run it herself with her husband Evan Seinfeld.

Her site offers free web shows and exclusive scenes featuring this Latin sensation.  There is no word as to what is going on with her legal case but for now fans can enjoy Lupe through her official site which I am told she personally is involved in and makes herself available to her fans almost every single day.


Latina Superstar Lupe Fuentes is proud to unveil her brand new website and . Please check out her ONLY OFFICIAL website,  as it is all new, with brand new smoking hot content, updated regularly, an all new iphone app video blog, and all the sexy allure that makes “little” Lupe Fuentes the most searched adult star on the web today!  See why Lupe is Howard Stern’s Favorite PORNSTAR !I LOVE LUPE.

Please also check out her brand new Facebook page, LUPE FUENTES FACEBOOK and “like it ” today!


Little Lupe’s Ex-Husband Caught!

When you are wanted on charges of child pornography, you can run but you can’t hide.  Eventually they are going to find your ass and make you pay the piper.  Today is just that day for Lupe Fuentes’ ex-husband – yet apparently she remains free and enjoy life in the United States while running her website and doing live shows every day on streammate.  Lupe Fuentes also recently redesigned her official website and relaunched her affiliate program after parting ways with Web quest owned Cold Hard Cash.  You know what annoys me the most about that?  Webquest never once bothered to email us about Lupe leaving them.  Instead they are just keeping all of our traffic still being sent to them.  I hate unethical companies like that.

Anyway back to Little Lupe and her child porn pushing ex-husband ……… If you aren’t up to date on the original you can read it here.

[source] Authorities in Hungary have captured Pablo Lapiedra, the Spanish man wanted by Colombia on child pornography charges.

Lapiedra, who has been on the run since skipping an extradition hearing in Spain in December, is accused of using teenage girls in porn movies shot in Medellin.

He was arrested in Budapest on Monday, according to the National Court in Spain, reports La Semana magazine.

One victim, who was 16, said she was paid $900 for appearing in one film and promised the movies would not be distributed in Colombia — but they were posted on several websites.

Lapiedra, who’s 37, claims not to have known that the girls were underage, saying they showed him fake ID.

The director was tracked from Colombia to Spain and arrested in Barcelona in March last year. He was later released on probation after posting bail of $135,000.

Lapiedra’s then-wife, Colombian porn star Lupe Fuentes, is alleged to have recruited the girls and is also wanted on charges of child pornography as well for immigration violations in the U.S.


Lupe Fuentes Child Porn Top 10 Scandal of 2011 in Colombia

Despite being mostly ignored by most adult industry media, due to rumored threats and strong arms by powerful industry people, the Lupe Fuentes child porn story turns out to be one of the hottest stories of the year for Colombia … see full list here, ranking #6 and #10 on the list.  It’s impressive to rank in the top 10 for the entire year but to rank TWICE in the top 10 is even more impressive, don’t you think?


One of the more serious stories on the list is the arrest of Spanish porn director Pablo Lapiedra for running an underage prostitution ring and exploiting a 16-year old Colombian girl in a pornographic film. The film was uploaded to a website where it could be viewed for up to $100. The Spaniard shamelessly falsified documents to make the girls appear older and made them work long hours, but Lapiedra is spending even longer hours in his new place of lodging.


Lupe Fuentes, Colombian porn star and wife of director Pablo Lapiedra, faced deportation from her adopted home in the states to Colombia over the same charges as her husband — recruiting minors into porn flicks. The odd couple now have a list of felonies to add to their credentials.




Another Lupe Fuentes Child Porn Alert

Believe it or not, Lupe Fuentes and her child porn scandal is in the news yet again!  It seems this is the story that just won’t go away.  Today the BBC is reporting that Lupe Fuentes and her now ex-husband are still on the run on child porn related charges [source].  Another newspaper said Lupe Fuentes is wanted as well for US immigration violations [source].  They said specifically “Lapiedra’s then-wife, Colombian porn star Lupe Fuentes, is alleged to have recruited the girls and is also wanted on charges of child pornography as well for immigration violations in the U.S.”

Lupe Fuentes is currently married to Tera Patrick’s ex-husband Evan Seinfeld.

But apparently they aren’t looking real hard for Lupe because she performs live from her home almost every single day on Streammate.

So I don’t really get this whole wanted by the government thing because anyone with half a brain knows exactly where she is every single day.  So why not just pick her up then?  I really don’t understand.  People are reporting that she is one of the most wanted women in Europe.  Okay then …. why not pick her up then?  It’s not like you don’t know exactly where she lives!



Spanish director Pablo Lapiedra on child porn charge

A Spanish court has called for the arrest of film director Pablo Lapiedra after ruling he should be extradited to Colombia on child porn charges.

Police in Colombia began an inquiry after a schoolgirl aged 16 took part in a pornographic video.

The director was detained in March on suspicion of making a pornographic film with minors and falsifying their ages.

He was bailed but failed to turn up for a hearing in Madrid on Tuesday, when he was due to be told of his extradition.

Pablo Lapiedra denies falsifying the girl’s age and says he was unaware she was 16.

The case was brought to the attention of the Colombian authorities when the girl’s schoolteachers in Medellin found out about the film.

Interpol was called in to look into the allegations, which dated back to between December 2007 and January 2008. It issued arrest warrants for Pablo Lapiedra and his wife, who appeared in some of the videos.

They have since divorced.

Little Lupe’s Ex Headed to Columbia to face Child Porn Charges

Pablo Lapiedra is the ex-husband of Lupe Fuentes and he’s been held up in Spain, fighting extradition to Colombia to fight charges on child porn.  Spain how now approved the extradition and he is on his way back to Colombia. [source]

Little Lupe Fuentes however is enjoying life in Los Angeles with her new husband Evan Seinfeld and has yet to be forced to go back, despite having a warrant for her arrest and being called one of the most wanted woman in Europe.   She apparently does weekly live sex shows via streammate as well, with reports of showing no sign of care or concern of her pending legal troubles.

Spain approves extradition of ‘child porn’ director to Colombia

Spanish judges on Wednesday approved the extradition of a porn director wanted in Colombia for making films with children.

The judges said Pablo Lapiedra’s attempt to flee Spain constituted a “de facto removal of breach of Colombian jurisdiction” as they ruled that his case met the requirements of the extradition treaty between the two countries.

However, the final decision on Lapiedra’s extradition will be made by the Spanish government.

The Spanish native is wanted in Colombia for allegedly using underage teenage girls in porn films he made in Medellin.

Police arrested the director in March and he remained in prison until he posted a bail of $135,000 in September.

At an extradition hearing earlier this month, Lapiedra claimed the girls showed him fake ID to prove their age. He also claimed exemption from the terms of the extradition treaty because he is a Spanish citizen.

In August, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Lapiedra’s Colombian wife Lupe Fuentes on charges of child pornography and forgery in connection with the case.