Lupe Fuentes Child Porn Update

News reports are stating that Lupe Fuentes’s ex husband (who you might remember claims it was Lupe Fuentes that tricked children into doing porn and not him) is removed from Hungary.

[source]   Hungary Gives Warm Send-off to Bail-Jumping, Passport-Forging Child Pornographer

While Hungary is still feeling the heat from the botched release of infamous Azeri axe-murderer Ramil Safarov in August, another case involving the extradition of a criminal sought by another country is making headlines far from Hungary. This time the evil-doer is one Pablo Lapiedra (above left), a Spanish pornographer who has been busy for the past year or so avoiding extradition to Colombia, where he is accused of trolling local high schools for porno movie meat.

The details of the case are as hazy as they are lurid, but the crux is that a few weeks back the Hungarian Justice Ministry revealed that Lapiedra had been released from custody in Budapest, where he was being held pending the approval of an extradition request from the Colombian authorities. (He was released in April, but only now did the authorities say he had been let go.)

Lapiedra was nabbed on the Hungarian-Serbian border last December. He sought asylum in Hungary in January, but his application was denied.

As for why he wasn’t returned to Colombia to face the music, there seems to be a difference of opinion between the Colombians and Hungarians on this. Apparently there was a 40-day period in which he could be held, and the proper paperwork wasn’t sent over in time. But it has also been suggested from the Colombian side that the Ministry of Justice “backpedaled” on the extradition, a charge the ministry denies.

But here’s what’s really weird. Lapiedra was caught in Hungary after he skipped bail in Spain, while traveling on a forged Czech passport.

So let’s get this straight: If you are caught in the EU traveling on a forged EU passport while having jumped bail in another EU country, isn’t that, you know, enough of a crime that you might be kept in jail for more than a few months? Or just not if you are a porn king caught in Hungary?

Oh and to cap things off, the ministry here said that since Lapiedra is an EU citizen the Hungarian authorities are not supposed to know about his whereabouts, unless a new request comes in from foreign authorities to detain him, or he commits another crime. Which, given what he’s gotten away with so far, we have to assume he already has.

Little Lupe’s Ex-Husband Caught!

When you are wanted on charges of child pornography, you can run but you can’t hide.  Eventually they are going to find your ass and make you pay the piper.  Today is just that day for Lupe Fuentes’ ex-husband – yet apparently she remains free and enjoy life in the United States while running her website and doing live shows every day on streammate.  Lupe Fuentes also recently redesigned her official website and relaunched her affiliate program after parting ways with Web quest owned Cold Hard Cash.  You know what annoys me the most about that?  Webquest never once bothered to email us about Lupe leaving them.  Instead they are just keeping all of our traffic still being sent to them.  I hate unethical companies like that.

Anyway back to Little Lupe and her child porn pushing ex-husband ……… If you aren’t up to date on the original you can read it here.

[source] Authorities in Hungary have captured Pablo Lapiedra, the Spanish man wanted by Colombia on child pornography charges.

Lapiedra, who has been on the run since skipping an extradition hearing in Spain in December, is accused of using teenage girls in porn movies shot in Medellin.

He was arrested in Budapest on Monday, according to the National Court in Spain, reports La Semana magazine.

One victim, who was 16, said she was paid $900 for appearing in one film and promised the movies would not be distributed in Colombia — but they were posted on several websites.

Lapiedra, who’s 37, claims not to have known that the girls were underage, saying they showed him fake ID.

The director was tracked from Colombia to Spain and arrested in Barcelona in March last year. He was later released on probation after posting bail of $135,000.

Lapiedra’s then-wife, Colombian porn star Lupe Fuentes, is alleged to have recruited the girls and is also wanted on charges of child pornography as well for immigration violations in the U.S.


Lupe Fuentes Child Porn Top 10 Scandal of 2011 in Colombia

Despite being mostly ignored by most adult industry media, due to rumored threats and strong arms by powerful industry people, the Lupe Fuentes child porn story turns out to be one of the hottest stories of the year for Colombia … see full list here, ranking #6 and #10 on the list.  It’s impressive to rank in the top 10 for the entire year but to rank TWICE in the top 10 is even more impressive, don’t you think?


One of the more serious stories on the list is the arrest of Spanish porn director Pablo Lapiedra for running an underage prostitution ring and exploiting a 16-year old Colombian girl in a pornographic film. The film was uploaded to a website where it could be viewed for up to $100. The Spaniard shamelessly falsified documents to make the girls appear older and made them work long hours, but Lapiedra is spending even longer hours in his new place of lodging.


Lupe Fuentes, Colombian porn star and wife of director Pablo Lapiedra, faced deportation from her adopted home in the states to Colombia over the same charges as her husband — recruiting minors into porn flicks. The odd couple now have a list of felonies to add to their credentials.




Another Lupe Fuentes Child Porn Alert

Believe it or not, Lupe Fuentes and her child porn scandal is in the news yet again!  It seems this is the story that just won’t go away.  Today the BBC is reporting that Lupe Fuentes and her now ex-husband are still on the run on child porn related charges [source].  Another newspaper said Lupe Fuentes is wanted as well for US immigration violations [source].  They said specifically “Lapiedra’s then-wife, Colombian porn star Lupe Fuentes, is alleged to have recruited the girls and is also wanted on charges of child pornography as well for immigration violations in the U.S.”

Lupe Fuentes is currently married to Tera Patrick’s ex-husband Evan Seinfeld.

But apparently they aren’t looking real hard for Lupe because she performs live from her home almost every single day on Streammate.

So I don’t really get this whole wanted by the government thing because anyone with half a brain knows exactly where she is every single day.  So why not just pick her up then?  I really don’t understand.  People are reporting that she is one of the most wanted women in Europe.  Okay then …. why not pick her up then?  It’s not like you don’t know exactly where she lives!



Spanish director Pablo Lapiedra on child porn charge

A Spanish court has called for the arrest of film director Pablo Lapiedra after ruling he should be extradited to Colombia on child porn charges.

Police in Colombia began an inquiry after a schoolgirl aged 16 took part in a pornographic video.

The director was detained in March on suspicion of making a pornographic film with minors and falsifying their ages.

He was bailed but failed to turn up for a hearing in Madrid on Tuesday, when he was due to be told of his extradition.

Pablo Lapiedra denies falsifying the girl’s age and says he was unaware she was 16.

The case was brought to the attention of the Colombian authorities when the girl’s schoolteachers in Medellin found out about the film.

Interpol was called in to look into the allegations, which dated back to between December 2007 and January 2008. It issued arrest warrants for Pablo Lapiedra and his wife, who appeared in some of the videos.

They have since divorced.

Little Lupe’s Ex Headed to Columbia to face Child Porn Charges

Pablo Lapiedra is the ex-husband of Lupe Fuentes and he’s been held up in Spain, fighting extradition to Colombia to fight charges on child porn.  Spain how now approved the extradition and he is on his way back to Colombia. [source]

Little Lupe Fuentes however is enjoying life in Los Angeles with her new husband Evan Seinfeld and has yet to be forced to go back, despite having a warrant for her arrest and being called one of the most wanted woman in Europe.   She apparently does weekly live sex shows via streammate as well, with reports of showing no sign of care or concern of her pending legal troubles.

Spain approves extradition of ‘child porn’ director to Colombia

Spanish judges on Wednesday approved the extradition of a porn director wanted in Colombia for making films with children.

The judges said Pablo Lapiedra’s attempt to flee Spain constituted a “de facto removal of breach of Colombian jurisdiction” as they ruled that his case met the requirements of the extradition treaty between the two countries.

However, the final decision on Lapiedra’s extradition will be made by the Spanish government.

The Spanish native is wanted in Colombia for allegedly using underage teenage girls in porn films he made in Medellin.

Police arrested the director in March and he remained in prison until he posted a bail of $135,000 in September.

At an extradition hearing earlier this month, Lapiedra claimed the girls showed him fake ID to prove their age. He also claimed exemption from the terms of the extradition treaty because he is a Spanish citizen.

In August, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Lapiedra’s Colombian wife Lupe Fuentes on charges of child pornography and forgery in connection with the case.

Pablo Lapiedra fighting extradition to Colombia

CN reports today that the ex-husband who blamed her for faking IDs for the under-aged girls, now says the girls were the ones who used faked IDs and he didn’t know they were fake.  A news source from Spain, something like informativo stelecinoco nacional …. goes on to say that he worked them in slave like conditions for very long hours and almost no pay.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the story here is a quickie summary for you.  Lupe Fuentes was married to this guy Pablo Lapiedra.

She met and married him when she was like 19 in Spain.  She worked for and then later with him on producing porn.  It would be while she was with Pablo that she would develop and play the girl of the underage porn star Little Lupe.  Despite that fact that she was in fact over 18 at the time, she had a youthful look and with pig tails, tween clothing, very light use of makeup and creative camera angles, they made her look 10 to 12 years of age.

This is Lupe Fuentes at about 19 to 20 years of age

After playing Little Lupe for awhile they had some success and decided to recruit more girls to work the web cams for them in Spain.  This is where the problems started.  The charges are that together Lupe Fuentes and her husband at the time Pablo would troll schools in very poor areas of a 3rd world country and trick little girls to do porn for them.  They would make them work long hours and pay them almost nothing for it.

This did this in Colombia.  Pablo would eventually get arrested in Spain and is now fighting extradition back to Colombia.  If he wins then they have to let him go in Spain and that means as long as he never goes back to Colombia or a place that has a better extradition treaty with Colombia he can never have to even face the charges.  Or perhaps he is fighting it to buy enough time of being jail in the preferred Spain so that when he does finally get forced back to Colombia much of his time will already have been served.  Who knows … but anyway … back in the Lupe timeline.  Eventually Lupe Fuentes would tire of playing the little girl role and in defiance get a boob job, put on makeup and run off to the US, divorcing Pablo somewhere in there in the mean time.

Almost immediately she signed on with Teravision and started doing Evan Seinfeld, who at the time was married to Tera Patrick.  They divorced and Tera took back her company.   She would later go on to say Lupe was never ever ever under contract with HER company, despite the fact that they made a movie, sent out months and months of press releases, etc.  Let’s just say it was an ugly divorce between Tera and Evan and move on.

In the mean time Lupe Fuentes moved on and well up in the world and she started shacking up with the rocker who at this point I’m pretty sure has no actual skin left – it’s all inked up.  Even the back of his neck has a major tattoo.

Anywho, Little Lupe would go on to marry Evan Seinfeld but before the joyous news could be shared with the world news broke that Lupe Fuentes was wanted on charges of child pornography and forgery and Tera Patrick became one the happiest ex-wives ever.  Tera Patrick would then spend her time tweeting about child pornography and how wrong it was.

In the mean time two things happened … first Lupe Fuentes signed as a contract star for Wicked Pictures and released a movie called Lolita, about an under-aged porn star.  Next Evan Seinfeld did an interview where he said that basically Tera was just a bitter, jealous hag that he had a hot young wife now and (not exact words this was really just a paraphrase) and that what he loves most about being with Lupe is how she looks 16.  16 being underage so ya, all of the sudden Evan looked like a child porn pimping perv himself, despite the fact that he had no involvement in any of that mess back in South America.

They would stop tweeting and lay low for months.  During this time all kinds of crazy rumors came about.  Turns out most of them were untrue.  Any stories that did leak out, Evan would call in favors to get them pulled.  Then one day the news broke than Lupe Fuentes is the most wanted woman in Europe and as then we found out she wasn’t really hiding at all.  She’s been in contact with the FBI all this time, they’ve been to her house many times – many many many people have seen her and she is at the residence that is the ID on her driver’s license so it’s not that they don’t know where she is.  So she started doing live cam shows again.  Working almost every day doing live shows.

And that’s where we are in the story pretty much.

[source] Porn director wanted for extradition to Colombia on charges of using children in his films has claimed the girls showed fake documents to prove they were of legal age.

In an extradition hearing, defense lawyers for Pablo Lapiedra told a Spanish court the director never thought he was committing a crime and had always acted in an “open and transparent manner.”

Investigators in the case have claimed it was Lapiedra himself who provided the girls with false identification documents.

Lapiedra is fighting extradition to Colombia, where he could face 8-12 years in prison, on the grounds that he is a Spanish citizen and therefore exempt under the terms of the two countries extradition treaty.

Prosecutors argued that the case meets the terms of the treaty and Lapiedra should be judged in the country where the alleged crimes took place.  Spanish police arrested the director on in Spain in March this year following an Interpol investigation.  He is accused of using minors in a porn movie filmed in Medellin. Lapiedra’s estranged wife, Lupe Fuentes, is also wanted on charges of child pornography and forgery.

[source] The defense of the porn film director Pablo Lapiedra, claimed by Colombia for allegedly filming pornographic movies and hang lower then the Internet, said today in the National Court, who thought the actress was more than 18 years and showed him to complete his contract an identity document which established the age of majority.

The defense of the porn film director Pablo Lapiedra, claimed by Colombia for allegedly filming pornographic movies and hang lower then the Internet, said today in the National Court, who thought the actress was more than 18 years and showed him to complete his contract an identity document which established the age of majority.

The director, who has refused to be extradited to South American country, is free on bail pending the High Court decision on his extradition. Colombia accused of committing a minor crime of pornography punishable by 8 to 12 years in prison.

The offense is the equivalent in Spain child pornography, punishable by 5 years in prison that can reach 9 if the court contemplates degrading or abusive character in the events judged.

The defendant’s lawyer, Jose Luis Fuertes, defended in an oral hearing Tuesday before the Third Section of the Criminal Division, who never thought they could Lapiedra be committing a crime and stressed that, in fact, “acted an open and transparent “to the point of replacing the pornographic video on his website, where he was identified with all kinds of data.

He stressed further that his client was not involved in the process of falsification of ID presented by the minor, so I never questioned the validity of the decree that was shown.

Strong has shown that the delivery to the Colombian authorities of his client breach the extradition treaty between the two countries since the agreement does not include the extradition of nationals.

He also highlighted that the Court of Instruction No. 5, Barcelona has also launched an investigation into these same facts, has been dismissed on a provisional basis pending the delivery by Colombia, data on the alleged commission of crime.

“My client prefers to be tried in Spain, especially in a case as sensitive as this,” the lawyer stressed.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor of the Audiencia Nacional, Carlos Bautista, has asked the judges of the Third that guarantee the delivery and has defended the validity of the Treaty. In his view the prosecution, there is evidence pointing to the involvement of the principal in the crime of which he is charged.


Lapiedra was arrested on 17 March in the Catalan capital by officers from the Technological Research of the National Police pursuant to a warrant issued by Interpol.

The arrestee is suspected of pedophile videos recorded using children, which changed the age to simulate with false documents that were older, according to the National Police. The agents tracked the recordings in collaboration with the authorities of Colombia, which made the videos, which were sold worldwide through the network.

Colombian authorities are investigating the director since 2008, after the rector of an institute of Medellín filed a complaint because a student appeared in a pornographic video. After following the track of this recording reached Lapiedra and his wife, who works as a porn actress. Then found that both live in Madrid and she appeared in some films.

One of the alleged victims said in his statement recorded movies for hours, from eight o’clock to seven o’clock in the afternoon, we paid 700 euros and assured him that the videos would not be distributed in Colombia.

Is Lupe Fuentes in Prison?

Using our trusty friend, Google Translate I was able to snag another Lupe Fuentes story for you today  (source in Spanish).

Since the arrest of Pablo Lapiedra hit the headlines of American media for his connections with Lupe Fuentes, the question that has created more morbidity in the United States has been the fate of the actress.

Some early rumors pointed to a possible flight to land in Mexico to escape justice, then, since other means are denied this, asserting that Lupe had not gone anywhere, and only remained silent for legal advice but was perfectly located.

But the silence regarding the fate that has been running Lupe Fuentes has come to an end because there a source that does seem to know where is the actress. That source is Leyla Black, Pablo Lapiedra girlfriend, and allegedly from his Twitter account, where currently resides Lupe is a prison.

@LeylaBlack – “Many news stories about Pablo Lapiedra, But nobody says también That Lupe Fuentes in jail”Leyla Black wrote in his Twitter just over 24 hours, which although still no media in the United States has echoed the news.

The Black-Leyla statement is probably the best informed of the current status of those involved in the scandal, has all the ballots to be considered truthful information as Torbe, through another tweet, seems to confirm “I already I knew for days.”

Thus, although no official communication about it, it seems quite plausible that Lupe Fuentes may have been arrested over the matter of the recording of a child in Colombia.

Lupe Fuentes’ ex Sister in Law Speaks

So it turns out that Lupe Fuentes has a sister in-law in porn as well.  Her name is Maria Lapiedra and on April 6th she was at a festival in Europe promoting the success of a movie she was in called Torrente 4 (view trailer on youtube).  A lot of what she said is apparently lost in translation but what she basically seems to be saying is that she is quickly distancing herself from her brother and ex-sister in law Lupe Fuentes aka Zulediy.  She goes on to say that “making child pornography is not cool at all” and that “child pornography is disgusting.”  She does not call out her former sister in-law by name but she does hint that things are going to get complicated fast and addresses it as a “super murky issue”.

Full story in Spanish —- María Lapiedra porn actress attended the festival in tribute to the success of Torrente 4, which also involved, and has not hesitated to review the sentence to which Pablo Lapiedra may face charges of child pornography a crime.

“The issue is extremely dodgy, is in jail and you are pidiendo30 provisional imprisonment. It seems a super murky issue, is that making child pornography is not cool at all.”

So it has been shown to blunt the porn star in relation to the sentence which may face the brother of adult film director Ramiro Lapiedra, Pablo, accused of a crime related to child pornography.

Mary did not hesitate to condemn the attitude of Paul and according to her brother, Ramiro is guilty. “There never will support him, Ramiro is saying he is innocent but I can not put your hand in the fire”.

Police caught him, Ramiro says no, you cheated, and adds, “is defending the indefensible. Child pornography is disgusting. The pity is that we all call Lapiedra.

She does not hesitate reviewing Paul: “It seemed nice, but going for the pasta.”



Lupe Fuentes and how it fucks us here in the US

I’ve been reading about this Lupe Fuentes story from other sources.  The one thing I keep seeing is how they don’t think it affects our industry.  Really?  Are you so fucking stupid that you really think that?  Well think again.

Pablo Lapiedra and Lupe Fuentes while she was with him and being accused of trolling schools for young, fresh and under-age meat was producing movies being released here in the US and selling photo-sets to companies like Met-Art.  Met-Art has how many affiliates promoting their site?  A few 100, maybe a few 1000?  Those are all affiliates that could possibly be affected.

Now let’s talk about the movies he produced.  How many of them were sold in the US?  I’ve been able to find 4 DVDs he released under his name.  All 4 of which were distributed in the US from 2004 to 2007 – Depravada, Hotel Lolita 7 (aka Caza y Captura), Hotel Lolita 8 and La Venganza de las Ninfas.  Who knows how many of the girls in these movies are really of legal age.  Chances are there are a few underage girls in them.

How many retailers IN THE US sold these movies not knowing the truth?  How many unsuspecting webmasters have bought a web license for these titles for their membership sites?

So before you start talking out your ass saying it doesn’t matter what happens over there – think again.

It sure as fuck does matter.




A Lupe Fuentes Update

Since the shit hit the fan last week no real news about anything has been given. Sure there have been rumors flying. People are saying Lupe Fuentes has fled while others say they found child porn in her house where she was living with Evan Seinfeld. There are so many fucking stories out there, who knows which ones are fucking true and which ones people have pulled out of their ass.

There is however one real update. One of the foreign press sources that originally broke the story has posted an update from 03/28/2011. Here is the Google translated version below.   To sum it up, Lupe’s husband is saying he didn’t do it and the judge is saying fuck that he’s a flight risk and we want him extradited back to Colombia.  They are saying it may take up to 30 days to finalize all the required paperwork.  Lupe’s husband is facing 8 to 12 years in prison.

The judge sent to prison for porn director accused of prostituting children

Colombia reclama la extradición de Pablo Lapiedra por grabar películas con una chica de 16 años a la que reclutó en Medellín Colombia is demanding the extradition of Pablo Lapiedra to record movies with a girl of 16 years who enrolled in Medellin

The National Court Judge Pablo Ruz has ratified today the arrest warrant which agreed last week to the director and producer Pablo Lapiedra porn, arrested on March 17 in Barcelona accused prostitute and burn to lower selling Colombian films through their websites .

The judge has taken this decision pending the Colombian authorities, demanding the surrender of Lapiedra because that country’s lower-submit the necessary documents to formalize the request for extradition, for which they have 30 days in term Legal sources have reported.

In a ruling made public Monday, the judge stressed the “seriousness” of the crime charged to Lapiedra, since pornography is punishable under the Penal Code Colombian sentences of between 8 and 12 years in prison. The offense is the equivalent in Spain child pornography, punishable by 5 years imprisonment which may reach nine if the court provides degrading or humiliating character of the facts brought to justice.

Flight risk

Ruz justify the continued detention of the accused argued that despite having Spanish nationality and work and family roots, there is also “a risk of removal from the action of justice.”

The court in Instruction No. 22, Barcelona on Monday ordered the imprisonment of Lapiedra after he was arrested on 17 March in the Catalan capital by members of the Brigade of Technological Research of the National Police to comply with an order issued by Interpol.

In his appearance before Ruz, Lapiedra, 36, has denied involvement in the crimes alleged against him, but the judge considers that these allegations “shall be subject to appropriate debate and deliberation” when it begins to process the extradition procedure at which time the defendant will be taken back to him to ask whether or not to be delivered to Colombia.

To refuse to surrender, the judge will refer the case to the Criminal Division of the High Court in a hearing to examine whether or not to be extradited. No obstante, la última palabra, independientemente de lo que la Audiencia Nacional decida, corresponde siempre al Consejo de Ministros. However, the last word, regardless of what the High Court decides, it is always the Council of Ministers.

700 euros and false promises

The arrestee is suspected of pedophile videos recorded using children, which they distort their age with false papers to pretend they were older, according to the National Police. Los agentes rastrearon las grabaciones en colaboración con las autoridades de Colombia, país en el que se realizaron los vídeos, que fueron vendidos en todo el mundo a través de la red. The agents tracked the recordings in collaboration with the authorities of Colombia, which made the videos, which were sold throughout the world through the network.

The Colombian authorities investigating the director since 2008, after the rector of an institute of Medellín filed a complaint because a student appeared in a pornographic video. Tras seguir la pista de esta grabación llegaron hasta Lapiedra y su mujer, que trabaja como ‘pornstar’. After keeping track of this recording came to Lapiedra and his wife, who works as a ‘pornstar’. Después constataron que ambos residen en Madrid y que ella aparecía en algunas de las filmaciones. Later found that both reside in Madrid and she appeared in some of the filming.

One of the alleged victims said in his statement recorded movies for hours, from eight o’clock to seven o’clock in the afternoon, we paid 700 euros and was assured that the videos would not be distributed in Colombia.