A Lupe Fuentes Update

Since the shit hit the fan last week no real news about anything has been given. Sure there have been rumors flying. People are saying Lupe Fuentes has fled while others say they found child porn in her house where she was living with Evan Seinfeld. There are so many fucking stories out there, who knows which ones are fucking true and which ones people have pulled out of their ass.

There is however one real update. One of the foreign press sources that originally broke the story has posted an update from 03/28/2011. Here is the Google translated version below.   To sum it up, Lupe’s husband is saying he didn’t do it and the judge is saying fuck that he’s a flight risk and we want him extradited back to Colombia.  They are saying it may take up to 30 days to finalize all the required paperwork.  Lupe’s husband is facing 8 to 12 years in prison.

The judge sent to prison for porn director accused of prostituting children

Colombia reclama la extradición de Pablo Lapiedra por grabar películas con una chica de 16 años a la que reclutó en Medellín Colombia is demanding the extradition of Pablo Lapiedra to record movies with a girl of 16 years who enrolled in Medellin

The National Court Judge Pablo Ruz has ratified today the arrest warrant which agreed last week to the director and producer Pablo Lapiedra porn, arrested on March 17 in Barcelona accused prostitute and burn to lower selling Colombian films through their websites .

The judge has taken this decision pending the Colombian authorities, demanding the surrender of Lapiedra because that country’s lower-submit the necessary documents to formalize the request for extradition, for which they have 30 days in term Legal sources have reported.

In a ruling made public Monday, the judge stressed the “seriousness” of the crime charged to Lapiedra, since pornography is punishable under the Penal Code Colombian sentences of between 8 and 12 years in prison. The offense is the equivalent in Spain child pornography, punishable by 5 years imprisonment which may reach nine if the court provides degrading or humiliating character of the facts brought to justice.

Flight risk

Ruz justify the continued detention of the accused argued that despite having Spanish nationality and work and family roots, there is also “a risk of removal from the action of justice.”

The court in Instruction No. 22, Barcelona on Monday ordered the imprisonment of Lapiedra after he was arrested on 17 March in the Catalan capital by members of the Brigade of Technological Research of the National Police to comply with an order issued by Interpol.

In his appearance before Ruz, Lapiedra, 36, has denied involvement in the crimes alleged against him, but the judge considers that these allegations “shall be subject to appropriate debate and deliberation” when it begins to process the extradition procedure at which time the defendant will be taken back to him to ask whether or not to be delivered to Colombia.

To refuse to surrender, the judge will refer the case to the Criminal Division of the High Court in a hearing to examine whether or not to be extradited. No obstante, la última palabra, independientemente de lo que la Audiencia Nacional decida, corresponde siempre al Consejo de Ministros. However, the last word, regardless of what the High Court decides, it is always the Council of Ministers.

700 euros and false promises

The arrestee is suspected of pedophile videos recorded using children, which they distort their age with false papers to pretend they were older, according to the National Police. Los agentes rastrearon las grabaciones en colaboración con las autoridades de Colombia, país en el que se realizaron los vídeos, que fueron vendidos en todo el mundo a través de la red. The agents tracked the recordings in collaboration with the authorities of Colombia, which made the videos, which were sold throughout the world through the network.

The Colombian authorities investigating the director since 2008, after the rector of an institute of Medellín filed a complaint because a student appeared in a pornographic video. Tras seguir la pista de esta grabación llegaron hasta Lapiedra y su mujer, que trabaja como ‘pornstar’. After keeping track of this recording came to Lapiedra and his wife, who works as a ‘pornstar’. Después constataron que ambos residen en Madrid y que ella aparecía en algunas de las filmaciones. Later found that both reside in Madrid and she appeared in some of the filming.

One of the alleged victims said in his statement recorded movies for hours, from eight o’clock to seven o’clock in the afternoon, we paid 700 euros and was assured that the videos would not be distributed in Colombia.

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