Lupe Fuentes and how it fucks us here in the US

I’ve been reading about this Lupe Fuentes story from other sources.  The one thing I keep seeing is how they don’t think it affects our industry.  Really?  Are you so fucking stupid that you really think that?  Well think again.

Pablo Lapiedra and Lupe Fuentes while she was with him and being accused of trolling schools for young, fresh and under-age meat was producing movies being released here in the US and selling photo-sets to companies like Met-Art.  Met-Art has how many affiliates promoting their site?  A few 100, maybe a few 1000?  Those are all affiliates that could possibly be affected.

Now let’s talk about the movies he produced.  How many of them were sold in the US?  I’ve been able to find 4 DVDs he released under his name.  All 4 of which were distributed in the US from 2004 to 2007 – Depravada, Hotel Lolita 7 (aka Caza y Captura), Hotel Lolita 8 and La Venganza de las Ninfas.  Who knows how many of the girls in these movies are really of legal age.  Chances are there are a few underage girls in them.

How many retailers IN THE US sold these movies not knowing the truth?  How many unsuspecting webmasters have bought a web license for these titles for their membership sites?

So before you start talking out your ass saying it doesn’t matter what happens over there – think again.

It sure as fuck does matter.




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