Tera Patrick Slams Evan Seinfeld and Lupe Fuentes

Tera Patrick has decided to go for the juggler in her recent twitter attacks on her ex-husband, Evan Seinfeld and his new wife Lupe Fuentes aka Zuleidy, who faces potential legal troubles in her home country of Colombia.

Tera Patrick let out some tweets today that say things like “I wonder if the Orange County jail has a beach view…… #giggling” and “Now that your only meal ticket is deported can you please STOP suing me for alimony!!! Maybe get a life , job , skills? LMAO“.

Prior to her anti Evan and Lupe Fuentes tweets today, she had been making a lot of subtle little knocks by tweeting a lot of anti-child pornography messages. Although on the surface they didn’t seem to be an attack on her ex, anyone familiar with their situation knew it was a message she was trying to send loud and clear.  The only other time besides today she really spoke directly and open about Lupe Fuentes was just after the original story broke back in March.


Just so you can keep up to date here are links to various parts of the story that we have covered here so far in regards to the Lupe Fuentes story.


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  2. Turns out Tera Patrick is talking out her ass. I talked to someone whose friend seen her this weekend in LA at her house. I know, friend of a friend of a friend but still at this point it’s all we really have.

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