Tera Patrick Speaks

Nobody has really focused much attention on the ex-wife in all of this icky mess with Lupe Fuentes … and by ex-wife I mean Tera Patrick.   She was married to Evan Seinfeld and upon their breaking up ended up hooking up with Lupe Fuentes.

But if we read her tweets we learn that she seems to be happy with her new life as a “former” porn star.  She is doing a shoot for FHM and Maxim.  That’s pretty damn impressive.  But one can’t help but wonder what she thinks about her ex-husband’s hot little mess and the rumors that this one time associate could even be facing the death penalty in her home country?

I noticed in her tweets (@Tera1Patrick) she says how there is so much she wishes she could tell but won’t because she’s better than that.   She does make an important note that Teravision is HER company, always was and is quick to disassociate herself with Evan and Little Lupe.

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