Are some people really that uninformed?

It’s amazing to me how many people will quote Alexa as the word of God or as if it has any relevancy in terms of actual factual data or any form of accuracy.

When dealing with any two websites it never fails someone mentions Alexa ratings.  They mention how this site is better than that site because it has a better Alexa rating.  I can quickly come back and that with actual server stats that show you a site with an Alexa rate of 2 million has significantly more traffic than one with an Alexa rating of 500,000.  How is that possible you ask?  BECAUSE ALEXA ISN’T ACCURATE!!!

Why is this even still being discussed?  How do people not know this already?  Seriously.  After so many years of people proving time and again this very thing, how is it that there are still some people out there who don’t get this?

Visiting Alexa is much like going to see a psychic and requesting a palm reading so you will know your future.  Sure it’s fun and maybe puts your mind at ease just a little but it doesn’t really mean anything said is true.

You really think there is some line on the palm of your hands that will tell someone some magical secret information about you?  LOL

Well there isn’t any information you will find at Alexa that is accurate either.

I own a lot of websites and I keep track of how much traffic each site gets each and every day.  I know my traffic stats going back for years and years.  I also know the Alexa ratings of my websites.  I can look at see that Alexa will report one site at 800k while another at 3.3 million, yet in reality the 3.3 million site might be getting as much traffic as my friend’s site who has an Alexa rating of 35k and the site with an 800k Alexa rating gets 3 visitors a day.

I remember reading a post one day about a guy bitching how his wife didn’t get more award nominations and how the whole system must be corrupt because his wife site has a great alexa ranking.  So totally that means she’s the #1 porn star of all time, right?  Or at least top 10, right?

Truthfully, his wife isn’t even in the top 100.  That’s not being mean.  That’s just being honest.  It’s not saying she isn’t pretty or that she isn’t a wonderfully nice person.  Who knows, I don’t know her but what I do know is, despite what he claims about his site’s Alexa ranking, it doesn’t make his wife popular or even remotely well known.  She’s not in the top 100, or even probably the top 200.   That is the reality.  Popularity of a porn star has nothing to do with Alexa and it never well.  Alexa is just some random number.  It’s like saying here, pick a card any card and whatever random number on that card appears is supposed to magically mean something.  It just doesn’t.

So please next time you want to make some argument about something, don’t bother even mentioning your sites Alexa ranking because it makes you look like not so bright when you try and convince people how great you are because your sites Alexa ranking.


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