Lupe Fuentes’ ex Sister in Law Speaks

So it turns out that Lupe Fuentes has a sister in-law in porn as well.  Her name is Maria Lapiedra and on April 6th she was at a festival in Europe promoting the success of a movie she was in called Torrente 4 (view trailer on youtube).  A lot of what she said is apparently lost in translation but what she basically seems to be saying is that she is quickly distancing herself from her brother and ex-sister in law Lupe Fuentes aka Zulediy.  She goes on to say that “making child pornography is not cool at all” and that “child pornography is disgusting.”  She does not call out her former sister in-law by name but she does hint that things are going to get complicated fast and addresses it as a “super murky issue”.

Full story in Spanish —- María Lapiedra porn actress attended the festival in tribute to the success of Torrente 4, which also involved, and has not hesitated to review the sentence to which Pablo Lapiedra may face charges of child pornography a crime.

“The issue is extremely dodgy, is in jail and you are pidiendo30 provisional imprisonment. It seems a super murky issue, is that making child pornography is not cool at all.”

So it has been shown to blunt the porn star in relation to the sentence which may face the brother of adult film director Ramiro Lapiedra, Pablo, accused of a crime related to child pornography.

Mary did not hesitate to condemn the attitude of Paul and according to her brother, Ramiro is guilty. “There never will support him, Ramiro is saying he is innocent but I can not put your hand in the fire”.

Police caught him, Ramiro says no, you cheated, and adds, “is defending the indefensible. Child pornography is disgusting. The pity is that we all call Lapiedra.

She does not hesitate reviewing Paul: “It seemed nice, but going for the pasta.”



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