A real Lupe Fuentes update

When you have what is turning out to be the biggest story of the year, it’s not easy getting information, REAL information about it.  People love to talk shit in our business.  They love to talk out their ass like they know what the fuck is going on.

At any given moment there is easily 10 different stories that people will swear up and the fuck down is true because their mother’s uncles friend, knows this guy who told them so.

Well turns out they are all full of fucking shit.

No Lupe Fuentes isn’t “on the run”.  No she didn’t “escape to Mexico” and there is every damn chance that she isn’t even guilty.

Turns out she was told by her legal team to be quiet and lay low while they do their thing.  It’s what it turns out any smart attorney would instruct their client to do.

So no she hasn’t gone anywhere.  She isn’t running anywhere.  She actually, at least according to some of my very good sources may not be guilty at all.

That her bitter ex-husband is trying to deflect some of the heat from himself in a move that many would do no doubt if they were in a similar situation.

So let’s do a faq for some of you hard headed fuckers

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  • Where is Lupe Fuentes?  I hear that she is at home, behaving like her lawyer told her to do.
  • Is Lupe running from the feds?  No.  They know where she lives.  She hasn’t moved.  Why the fuck do the feds think are stupid and can’t find someone as easily found as her?  She lives at the address on her driver’s license.
  • Is she under house arrest?  No.  Why the fuck do people keep saying that? She hasn’t been convicted of any crime you dumb asses.  Even if she had, her accusers aren’t from the US.  She committed no crime in the US nor is she even being accused of that.
  • Why isn’t she with Fleshlight anymore if she did nothing wrong? I don’t know, because they are dumb asses?  I think they just jumped the gun without even really looking into anything.  But they haven’t been known to be that smart as it is.  There are more than a few stories out there about their less than brilliant business practices and some shady shit with several girls.
  • Is she still under contract with Wicked Pictures?  I don’t know that answer but I don’t see why being accused of a crime – not being found guilty but only being accused would change that.  Wicked Pictures isn’t stupid, like Fleshlight.  They tend to have their lawyers look into things more carefully before making decisions and since she’s still all over their website, one can only assume they still have some sort of relationship with her.  I guess we’ll have to wait for Wicked to make a statement or someone from the Lupe camp to find out if she is still with them or if she will renew her contract or anything relating to that.
  • Did the fbi raid her house?  I have it on good authority this is yet another false rumor being spread around on the internet by people who have far to much free time on their hands.



7 thoughts on “A real Lupe Fuentes update

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  2. It seems that some people want her to be guilty just because it makes for some nice salacious gossip. I for one hope she is innocent because the last thing the adult industry needs is another scandal, esspecially one connected with child sex abuse.
    The Media would run wild with that kind of ammunition.
    On a purely personal basis however I hope that some of this negative attention will make Fuentes decide to leave the industry, I find her physicaly unappealing and her personality to be doubly so.

  3. You know what’s funny? You, in the same thought, repeatedly insult people for speculating, but then speculate yourself. LMAO. You don’t know any more than anyone else. Who cares about your “sources?” You have no first-hand direct knowledge yourself, but your “sources” are right and everybody’s else’s are wrong. That’s hypocrisy, and really diminishes the strength of your argument.

    You’re doing the same thing with Fleshlight, that you accuse others of doing with Fuentes. It’s hilarious, like reading the ramblings of child who got their favorite toy taken away. You’ve got a hard-on for Lupe, that’s great, but what company wouldn’t distance themselves from a sexual criminal, accused or otherwise. Better to be safe than sorry and avoid public backlash.

  4. What the fuck are you talking about st94? It’s not speculation, when you can see with your own eyes that she is no longer available on the fleshlight page and they have been talking shit to more than a few people.

    You assume what may or may not be true when you “speculate”. There is no need for assumption here. Some people from Fleshlight people don’t exactly have sealed lips on the matter.

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