Are you social networking stupid?

Social networking sites have become an invaluable resource for adult website owners, not just because of the promotional opportunities but also because Google has decided to place a large amount of relevance on search engine results in the hands of those social networking sites.

Yet still hardly a day goes by that I don’t see some webmaster misusing the services of these social networking sites.  They seem to have no basic idea how the importance of the sites and instead just randomly spam them as if that will do them any good.  Then you see those same webmasters on industry boards bitching about how stupid sites like Twitter are.

I look at their spam accounts on these social networking sites and I can’t help but wonder if they really don’t know better or if they are just lazy.  I’m the kind of person who likes to see the best in people so I’m going to just assume they just don’t know better so I’m going to take a few moments and help them out.   I’m going to share with them invaluable information that will help some of these people take better advantage of social networking sites like Twitter.

I hate to call people out because so many people do it but look at this twitter account of a well known, award winning director.  (See Image Below)  You will notice that in 24 hours he tweeted 4 times and each of those 4 tweets are pretty much exactly the same tweet.  Can anyone say spamalicous?  He actually tweets the same message several times a day, every day and nothing else.  Does he think that somehow his previous 27 messages got deleted and his followers couldn’t see them anymore?  Or maybe he just doesn’t understand how Twitter works or that people are LOLing at him. I don’t know.  He’s actually a really nice guy so to see someone like him make this mistake makes me realize maybe helping you guys out is the right thing to do.


When you setup your twitter account the one thing you have to do is use it.

Now let me be clear, when I say “use it” I don’t mean spamming random things from time to time about your latest movies or some update on your site.

Instead what I mean is, actually get involved in the community.  Tell your followers what you did that day, what you ate for dinner, what you watched on TV.  Sure you may not have many followers today but the more you chat about random, seemingly stupid things, the more followers you will start to get.  Are you on the set today?  Take a few pics with your nifty iphone and post them.  Tell them about how you like blondes over brunettes and why that is.  Are you a website owner?  That’s great, put a link to your website in your profile but then really from that moment on your promotion of your site should stop.  From that moment on you need to focus on you the person, not you the website owner.  Talk about your favorite kind of socks and some movie you may go watch.  Go out of your way to do whatever you can to appear not to be promoting your website.  Sure you can make subtle references from time to time about how you are working on some updates for your site but for every one of those kind of tweets, you should have 20 more that are very clearly not self promotional.

Did you see some cool star in the sky?  Did some commercial you just watch annoy you?  These are all the kind of weird things you should be tweeting about.  Is your cousin’s ex boyfriend coming to visit you and you have to take them to tour NASA?  Great!  Tweet about it.

In time you’ll gain more followers, real followers, because you have become a real part of the twitter community and the more followers you get the more of an authority Google considers you.  Now every once in awhile you can tweet a picture about some hot new chick you’ve added to your website or some hot new girl you are going to shoot a scene with.  And by every once in awhile, I do mean no more than once per day.  That’s just enough to peak their interest in whatever it is your are trying to promote without rubbing people the wrong way and getting you labeled as a spammer.

So now you have this valuable social networking account.  Now every once in awhile you can tweet URLs that will help improve their search engine rankings.  You can also generate a buzz on anything new you have updated.  Congrats! 🙂


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