Is Lupe Fuentes in Prison?

Using our trusty friend, Google Translate I was able to snag another Lupe Fuentes story for you today  (source in Spanish).

Since the arrest of Pablo Lapiedra hit the headlines of American media for his connections with Lupe Fuentes, the question that has created more morbidity in the United States has been the fate of the actress.

Some early rumors pointed to a possible flight to land in Mexico to escape justice, then, since other means are denied this, asserting that Lupe had not gone anywhere, and only remained silent for legal advice but was perfectly located.

But the silence regarding the fate that has been running Lupe Fuentes has come to an end because there a source that does seem to know where is the actress. That source is Leyla Black, Pablo Lapiedra girlfriend, and allegedly from his Twitter account, where currently resides Lupe is a prison.

@LeylaBlack – “Many news stories about Pablo Lapiedra, But nobody says también That Lupe Fuentes in jail”Leyla Black wrote in his Twitter just over 24 hours, which although still no media in the United States has echoed the news.

The Black-Leyla statement is probably the best informed of the current status of those involved in the scandal, has all the ballots to be considered truthful information as Torbe, through another tweet, seems to confirm “I already I knew for days.”

Thus, although no official communication about it, it seems quite plausible that Lupe Fuentes may have been arrested over the matter of the recording of a child in Colombia.

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