Some Things Never Change

The other day I was reading a tweet by an affiliate having a laugh at the person put in charge of the Digital Playground affiliate program. Some of the tweets were things like … guess we know one thing Manwin isn’t spending their money on and that’s training their new employees.  But apparently another thing Manwin doesn’t spend their money on is paying the production crew for their movies.

So beware before you accept work from Digital Playground … GET CASH UP FRONT!


Some Things Never Change, Scott Justice Running Things At Digital Playground [source]

This is from a reader with some background tossed in by me.

It seems that Manwin’s first major DP feature, a “parody” on Act of Valor, has ended up with a lot of the crew (not sure about talent) not being paid what they were owed. They are in the third-fourth week of payments being delinquent for locations and crew and the production wasn’t on a “payroll company” system like Wicked usually is.

The feature was directed by Robbie D, in conjunction with Mark Kramer “putting the production together.” Word is also that Scott Justice (formerly Sin City) is “running things” at DP now.

Imagine that….Scott was the guy that bailed Jules Jordan for Manwin and took Half of the company with him. But Scott has a long history in porn.  When he left Sin City as General Manager he too to contacting girls on onemodelplace representing himself as the “Owner of High Society Magazine” and trying to set up “auditions” with them. See this post Scott is a long time scumbag in the adult industry, figures he would end up with Manwin…birds of a feather and all.

Another Reader wrote of Justice when he joined Jules Jordan, yet another scumbag:

Doesn’t anyone else find it amusing that Jules Jordan hired Scott Justice to run his company? Jules has a reputation of having his eye on every nickel that flows in and out of his office, and agonizing over every detail. Scott’s reputation is that of the person who plundered hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Sin City. Everyone knew he skimmed every budget before it made it to the director’s hand. How long til Jules catches Scott with his hand in the cookie jar?

And as a side note — rumor is that the feature ran $50k over the $300k allotted budget. What the fuck is it with budgets running over by tens of thousands of dollars recently, yet no one appears to be getting paid? I thought that shit had stopped when Bryn Prior left the industry.

As for APHSS….I wrote the entire APISS thing off as another FSC shakedown attempt (similar to the 2257 “protection money racket” of 2007/08)

So, anyone been able to link Fabian to collusion with Weinstein at AHF yet? Is it purely a coincidence that Derrick Burts became an AHF poster boy, after he allegedly contracted HIV during a shoot with a “condom only” Manwin owned gay production arm in Florida, and now Fabian is all up into the business of talent testing?

More on Fabian and Talent Testing coming later.

Sin City Say What??

Interestingly enough after we post our story on the Sin City Films domain name change, AVN does finally post news about the Sin City films domain name change however they note in their article that the domain name is “parked” when in fact the domain name was sold to a Casino in Las Vegas.

The AVN article also claims “The new site features titles from Sin City Ultra, Sin City, Sin City Teen and Mayhem, along with trailers, video on demand, streaming video and iPhone downloads.”

Yet the old site offered exactly the same thing. Why not just come out and say WE SOLD OUR DOMAIN NAME TO SOME RICH BASTARD IN NEVADA AND MADE SHIT TON OF CASH? Nothing wrong with that! In fact, I say GOOD FOR YOU SIN CITY! I think it’s damn impressive they were able to sell their domain for such a rumored large amount of cash. Although we can’t get a confirmation of exactly how much the domain name was sold for, our secret inside source tells us it was big numbers. I said “more than a million”, and his response was “you can say that”. Who knows if that is true but either way, I don’t give a damn. I still say good for making money in cyberspace on virtual real estate.

Sin City Changes Domain Name

I was looking for a movie trailer for a Sin City movie when I went to click a the link where it should have been and got a strange response … PAGE NOT FOUND. For those who don’t know, Sin City is home of such titles as Ass Fucked 3, Mother Fuckers, MexiCunts, and Barely 18 #39.

I searched AVN and found no news of their website being down. I searched three other adult news website and nothing. I couldn’t figure it out. How could the website of a well known adult film company be completely gone and nobody had noticed? Could Sin City had gone under? Well it turns out Sin City has not gone out of business, they have just changed their web address to Sin City films and sold off their domain name for what rumor has “some big bucks”. The domain name is one the company has had for years and used, just they also used the much more popular as well. That is until now. So for those of you looking for Sin City, you can find them at, no longer at

The new website address for Sin City is now

Sin City films

Tory Lane is the porn star of the week

Haven’t really done a porn star of the week in awhile and while I was contemplating on what bitch to pick, I came across a story about Tory Lane doing some shit or another with Puma Swede. It seems that every time I turn around I see some story about Tory Lane. She’s going to be on Loveline, she is on the cover of Private Dancer magazine, she’s dancing in San Diego, is the ceremonial ring card girl for a mixed martial arts event and fuck she even went to Alaska for a signing. FUCKING ALASKA?!! Who the hell goes to Alaska? I think there has been more in the porn news lately about Tory Lane than Jenna Jameson for christ sake. So for this reason I have picked her as the porn star of the week. We mind as well watch some videos of her sucking a cock to see what made the bitch so famous in the first place.

Tory LaneTory LaneTory Lane

Tory Lane

Edit: Since I originally made this post Tory Lane is back in the news. This time it seems that she will be making a special appearance at Adultcon in LA. Does this girl ever sleep? Between her directing for Sin City, appearing in movies for everyone from Vivid to god only knows who, modeling for websites, running her own website and myspace, doing interviews and dancing and making personal appearances from Alaska to LA, I just don’t see how the fuck she can find the time to relax and enjoy her fame.


A Pile of Pretty Pink PussyDCypher posts: In the future all desires will be eliminated automatically, as soon as they arise, without you having to do anything. In fact, four out of five leading physicists (n) ever polled (do not) believe that by 2012 humanity will have raised their vibrational level to the point where they will live in what Buddhist scholars refer to as “rainbow bodies” composed primarily of light. This will give new meaning to the term “breathatarian” and will undoubtedly usher in a new era of peaceful coexistence between all beings as consumption will no longer be a factor. Essentially your deepest fantasies will be communicated the moment they arise to all other beings telepathically and in this ethereal state they will be explored to their fullest potential and released leaving you fulfilled beyond your wildest imagination.

Until then most of the planet will have to continue to explore their fantasies through the wonders of modern pornography and find fulfillment manually using the time honored “hands on” approach. Luckily things just got a little easier with the release of the instant Sapphic classic PINK PARADISE 3 from the kind and noble people at SIN CITY and the venerable lesbian-cum-directrix DEVINN LANE.

PP3, as the kids refer to it on the streets, stars a bevy of bathing suit cuties unabashedly exploring their illicit same sex desires and stuffing each other full of hard, vibrating plastic while making high pitch whining noises not entirely dissimilar to those made by dolphin voyagers on their intergalactic journeys from planet Earth to the Pleiades.

The cast includes adult stars Tory Lane, Shyla Stylez, Aline, Ashley Fires, Gianna Lynn, Lexi Love, Mikayla, Riley Evans, Sammie Rhodes, Shawna Lenee, Tessa West, Veronica Vega and Victoria Sin.

“I couldn’t be more excited with the final product,” director Devinn Lane said in a press release. “When casting, I handpicked the girls that I knew would deliver … and boy did they. The chemistry was amazing — in fact, many of the girls kept going at it long after we stopped shooting. I have to admit that I got so turned on — it wasn’t easy to concentrate.”

Click Here For Full Gallery




Fayner Posts: I won’t sit here telling you how damn good this movie is ’cause you’d just get excited and I’m not one for giving a guy a boner.

But trust me, okay?








Mr. Long Island Writes:

Last month at AVN I sat down with some porn producers and talked about how much money can really be made in porn. The answers I got were somewhat shocking. Here are some randon quotes,

Can you still open up a studio and become a millionarie quick?

“The days of studio owners heading out and buying a fleet of Ferrari’s or Porsche’s is over, just like the internet bubble burst on Wall Street, the bubble burst in the industry too.”

What’s the biggest problem in the industry today?

“The problem is saturation. Anyone with a camera is now a producer. Anyone with a friend who has a few dollars in his pocket, gets an investor and opens up a porn shop. Distributors and large buyers such as GVA, IVD, Movie Gallery, Adam & Eve, they can only buy a certain amount of product. So, if there are 10 studios, they will buy 50 of each title. If there are 50 studios, they can only buy 10 each. 70% of the product on the market today is pure junk, shot for $5,000 to $9,000, BUT these producers are so desperate they’ll sell at $4.00 to get the sale. So for big companies like Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Red Light, Analbolic that put out good product and get a premium price, their ‘units sold’ are affected by this junk product”.

What about the way sales are reported? Such as the AVN top lists?

“Most of the numbers reported today are bogus. Sit with some of these guys and they’ll look you dead in the face and tell you they move 10,000 units out the door, BULLSHIT. The top gonzo companies will move 4500 pieces domestic out of the door. 80% of the companies today move betwteen 600 and 1500 pieces out the door.”

“The AVN ‘Top Lists’ numbers are skewed numbers. WHO reports these numbers? IVD (which owns Rosebud and Pleasure Production) GVA (which owns Sin City and Mayhem), Amazing Networks (parent company of Metro Interactive) and there are more. So look at it this way. IVD buys from Metro, and Amazing Networks buys from Rosebud and Pleasure Productions. So when the bills are due instead of PAYING for product they TRADE product and put it in their stores. So Metro may carry only 5 pieces of Sineplex product on the shelf because they have to pay for it, but they will carry 50 pieces of Rosebud because they pay no dollars, only trade. So the sales figures they send to AVN will reflect 5 sales of a Sineplex title but perhaps 30 sales of a Rosebud title which is a reflection of what they have on the shelves, oh ya and bet you me these reporting stores will TWEAK the numbers to show ‘their own’ titles will be ‘top sellers’ in their own stores.”

So the obvious question is this, where’s the profits?

The profits come from your cataloge! If you have a catalogue of 100 titles or more you can really start putting some great deals and packages together. Plus you can make comps. If you take a $10 new release title and drop it to cataloge at $4.00, all of a sudden you’ll move another 1,000 to 1,500 pieces. Put a package together or 6, 8, 10 titles and give the buyers a great price and you’ll see a great influx of orders. Or take a collection of blowjobs, a collection of cumshots, collection of anal scenes and now you have comps you can move at ‘new release pricing’. Turn out 2 or 3 comps or best of titles per month. 90% of the companies today can not live on selling new releases.”

What about foreign deals and cable deals?

Sure they’re put there, but the same matrix applies. Foreign buyers only have so many slots, so the more there is the less they buy from each company. Plus getting into these markets is not always easy. There are waiting lists for foreign pieces. Rights? Be really careful when thinking of rights, because that’s when you start seeing your product duped everywhere. You can sell rights to a country for $2000 and never see a dime again on that title because they BUYER is now the one selling pieces. he can sell 5,000 units at $4.00 all day, make $20,000 and you never see a dime more than the $2,000 you got for rights. Cable? Yes that’s lucrative, but it’s a waiting game. Playboy takes limited titles, but they pay in 180 days or more. Ten Network will take limited titles, pick and choose, but they pay 25% down and 75% on airing, again, you have to wait and wait and wait. It’s conceivable a company can make $60,000 to $80,000 on a title if you take domestic, foreign, rights and broadcast into account, but to see that money will in-fact take time. However, companies like Evil Angel and Red Light, because of their name and power, they make their own rules and they get paid a lot fatser than most.

So who really makes money in this business?

“Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of money to be made by studios in this business. It just doesn’t happen overnight. The real money makers are companies like IVD, because they are distributors, wholesalers, one stops, stores, studios. They have a piece of everything. The other big winners here are the performers and directors, commanding up to $1500 a day, working up to 4 and 5 days a week. I guess everyone makes money in this business, but the ‘immediate’ winners are the performers are directors”


Smokin’ Crack 2: Cock Is A Girl’s Best Friend
Rock & Porn Rebel Turns Debilitating Hobby Into Series

(Chatsworth, Ca)- Despite letters of warning stemming from the first release from such notable organizations as the Free Speech Coalition, PAW, AIM, Dirty Bob, and The Crackwhore United National Triumvirate Porn Star Anti-Defamation Squad of America, (American CUNT PAD for short) Mayhem contract director Barrett Blade has gone ahead and released the second installment of his controversially titled anal series; Smokin’ Crack. Given the affinity rocker turned porn stud turned smut peddling whoremaster Blade once had for sniffing on white lines, the aptly named series is a fitting tribute. These days he’s cooking up sweet, cum sticky ass crack, instead of railing the yayo, and stacking up money in the bank. The results of this crazed sexual pharmacology are nothing short of incendiary.

“We’ve got the sweetest, youngest anal whores in the business getting their juicy ass cracks plowed by so much meat it’s ridiculous,” offers the spiky coifed, tattoo smeared director. “These dirty fuck dolls take delightful rectum reaming deep into their blossoming bungholes until the sweet nectar explodes out of their ripe, chubby cunt lips and their assholes look like they had been hit by a scud fucking missile. We had a medic on the set for most of the shoot, seriously.”

Among the stunning young starlets to take to the anal chaffing and radically unhygienic ass-2-mouth acronym action were Penthouse Pet & Sin City contract star Hannah Harper and ‘sweet-as-felched-whip-cream-&-lollipops’ Georgia Peach. Also featured was the incomparable cocksucker Naudia Nyce, the buxom anal princess Brooke Haven, and ‘I-can-pick-up-a-quarter-with-my- sphincter’ Davia Ardell. A wide assortment of meat puppets were required to facilitate the filming process and a full list of these swarthy swordsmen can be found on the original packaging, which features a truly mesmerizing hardcore posterette for maximum viewing pleasure. Indeed, consumers will be blown away to discover the wealth of extra features included in the DVD as well as the minutiae of interesting bonus materials, making this movie feel like a million dollars worth of value.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that pirate movie everyone was talking about,” mumbles Sin City spin doctor Devan Cypher, “but it’s nothing at all like that. This movie is full of all those hot, cracked-out stripper bitches you piss your money away to at the club, getting their shitters straight jacked up and fucked open until they can’t sit down or shit right for two weeks. A couple of the girls do curse like dirty pirate hookers though. Tell Newsweek they can print that.”

Smokin’ Crack 2 hits stores 2/08/06.

For more information on Mayhem & Sin City Films, visit the main website where you can find news, press releases, photos, and video on demand, or contact

Distributors may contact Sin City toll free at (800) 315-9888 or through National Sales Manager Danny Gorman via email,


Sin City Entertainment is a leading manufacturer in the adult entertainment industry. Established in 1987, Sin City quickly received accolades for their high-end full-length features.

In the evolutionary, ever-changing nature of the adult business, Sin City has also been able to adapt and capture a large portion of the market-share as it relates to other genres of adult moviemaking (Compilations, Gonzo, etc.) The company remains at the forefront of industry advances and developments and the technology utilized in the production and post-production of their DVD products has far surpassed that of their competitors.

Sin City is also recognized as an innovator within the, highly competitive and ever-growing, Internet establishment. Having understood that the Internet has forever changed the face of “Adult”, Sin City Entertainment has committed to providing the consumer with the most sophisticated, finest adult fare to be accessed via the World Wide Web.

Not to be underplayed is Sin City’s penetration and impact of the World Wide Cable and Satellite market. Through a powerful network of cable and satellite purveyors, Sin City Entertainment has gone – literally – GLOBAL. At any given time, virtually anywhere in the world – a Sin City production may be viewed.

As for the future, Sin City remains steadfast in its self-imposed vow to remain “the standard” for which excellence within the adult industry is measured. The company is scheduled to increase production, expand its state-of-the art post-production facilities and allocate resources in the development of new groundbreaking Internet and High Definition technology.

For more information on Sin City Entertainment, please contact