We Learn How Audrey Hollander Does America

Last week porn legend Audrey Hollander announced her latest project called Audrey Does America. Basically she’s crowd funding the money she needs to travel across the US and have sex.


In exchange for her fans helping her fund her next movie Audrey is offering a variety of perks from an advance copy of the movie to the ability to help write the script. Some fans will get to pick the locations and who she will perfect with as well as what she’ll wear, down to what kind of toys she’ll be playing with. You can see more about her project AUDREY DOES AMERICA at her indiegogo project page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/audrey-hollander-does-america/x/11048316#/story

We decided to sit down with Audrey Hollander and talk to her about the project.

Where did you get the idea for this project?

My friend Kelli was working on a book with Gemma Massey, where she comes to America and falls in love with this fictional politically powerful family.

She did a mock up book cover and I was like OMG I LOVE IT and the idea was just sparked. Audrey Does America where I travel across the US having sex in various cities.

Have you picked which cities you’ll be traveling to you?

No. That’s part of what I want those who help me fund the movie to do. I want them to get a direct say in which cities I’ll visit and who and what I’ll be doing while I’m there. Some cities I have in mind right now are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston. The rest though is really up to the fans.

When will the movie be available?

If all goes as planned we’ll start filming at the end of the summer and through the fall. That means the finish project should be available around Valentine’s day 2016.

Will you be doing anal?

As if I could do a movie and not do anal! Are you crazy? What fun would an all Audrey Hollander movie be with no anal? Right now I have a few ideas for scenes in mind. I was thinking we would start the movie with an all girl orgy and end with a bang, as in a 5 guy gang bang! Everything in between is still being decided on.

Have you ever thought about letting any of your fans appear in the movie with you?

Of course. In fact if you check out the perks of my crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo you’ll see there are two ways fans can do that. First is as an extra (non sex role) and then of course for the really devoted fan, there is the chance to actually star in a scene with me as my co-star (actual sex role). Just remember they must be over 18, be fully tested and have two forms of valid ID. It’s the law after all!

Who will be directing the movie?

I don’t know yet. I’ve talked with a few different people so far but to be honest I haven’t made my final selection as of yet.

Any porn stars you have in mind that you would like to star with you?

i am thinking Bonnie Rotten, Riley Reid, Alexis Texas, Nick Manning, James Deen. I don’t know those are just some of the names I’ve been throwing around in my mind. I guess in the end it’s really up to who the fans want to see me having sex with.

If you want to decide where and who Audrey bangs when she tours America be sure and head over to her fundraising page and see what you can do to help make her project a reality!





Audrey Hollander Launches Her Official Site

Audrey Hollander launches her official site www.TheAudreyHollander.com. The new website features her videos, photos and free live shows for members.

“This new website is a project I’ve been working on for awhile now. I’m so happy to finally have it finished and live so that I can share it with all my friends and fans,” says Audrey. “I am so excited to finally have my own platform to be able to connect with fans, share my personal videos, and even giveaway fun stuff like my panties or other outfits that I’ve worn while making other movies.”

As a bonus Audrey Hollander will be offering free autographed 8×10 for anyone who joins her site during the first month.

Audrey Hollander, who likes to stay close to her fans allowed her fans on Facebook and Twitter to select which photo they liked best for the creation of the headshot.


Audrey Hollander's Official Site



Webmasters interested in promoting her new site can sign up through her affiliate program EvaCash.com.

ABOUT AUDREY HOLLANDER: Audrey Hollander is known as one of porn’s extreme queens, and is a multi-award winning porn star. She began her career in 2005 with her debut film, More Dirty Debutantes #268 from Ed Powers. Within a year she won the AVN Award for the Female Performer of the Year. Audrey Hollander is a natural redhead famous for her ultra-hardcore anal performances, but is equally adept in the lead roles of features, including Michael Ninn’s Catherine and Hustler Video’s Everybody Loves Lucy. Audrey Hollander has earned more than 30 AVN award nominations alone during her porn career not including those from XBIZ and XRCO. In October of 2013, Penthouse Magazine named her as one of the top 5 kinkiest porn stars. You can find out more about porn star Audrey Hollander by visiting her on the web at www.TheAudreyHollander.com, or by visiting her Facebook page at Facebook.com/TheAudreyHollander, or you can follow her on twitter @RealAudreyXXX.

Adult Virtual Convention

If you aren’t able to get to Vegas each year to see your favorite porn stars at the annual AEE convention, now there is a virtual one that you might be interested in.  The Adult Virtual Convention is now in its second year and promises to be an event you won’t want to miss – February 20 – 23, 2013.

Log into the virtual world and you may run into porn legend Seka or Audrey Hollander.  There is also James Deen, Jules Jordan, Kelly Shibari, Saphyre Rose, Jules Dordan, Jayden Cole, Nicole Aniston, Vicky Vette, Sinnamon Love, Sabrina Deep, Helly Mae Hellfire, Vivica Delicious, and Kelsey Obsession.

You can view a full schedule of events breakdown here.

So how can you attend?


  • Step 1:  First you need to download the virtual world software.  You can get a free copy here.
  • Step 2:  Once you download and install the virtual world software you need to register for a free account.
  • Step 3:  Once you register and verify your new account in this virtual world, log in and you’ll land in Audrey’s virtual world.   From here you can do a few things … you can find the exit door (in front of you just past the dance stage) and you’ll be taken to the main generic portal called the Uthervese Transport.  Look for the big door that says adult virtual convention, enter it.  Or at the very top (once you log in) click EXPORE and then look at the events for that day.  Scroll down until you see AEVC 2013, click that box and be taken right to the convention floor.





Hey Porn Stars … Don’t Make the “JILLIAN” Mistake

As a porn star, your name is everything.  It is your brand.  It is you.  It is your means to make money.  Fans know you by your name.  Agents book you by your name.  I mean it’s a pretty simple concept … without a name, how would people know who you are, right?

Your name needs to be unique to you and that is why it’s better to have a first and last name.  Sure they are a lot of Jenna’s out there, but there is only one Jenna Jameson.
But don’t just take my word for it.

Let’s look at the case of the former Good Day LA host, Jillian Barberie Reynolds has been working hard these last 10 years to build up her career on a national level.  On the local scene, she had more than made it.  Everyone knew who Jillian Barberie Reynolds was.  But on a national level she wasn’t quite as famous.  But she got lucky and she did start to expand her brand nationally.  She even got not one but two different gigs as a weight watchers spokesperson and on a few reality TV shows.

The problem is, when she started accepting these international jobs she often times would only identify herself as just Jillian.

Well it turns out if people are looking for a famous Jillian they would find Jillian Michaels and not her.  Why?  Well because the other Jillian is far more famous.  It was a huge branding mistake and has no doubt cost her a lot of promotion for her brand.

So, what does all of this mean to you?

It means get a unique, easy to remember name and use it.  Don’t go around just using your friend name.  Remember your full name is your brand so use it every chance you get.
If you search IAFD you will find there are 30 different porn stars who have used or are currenly using the name “Audrey”.   But you know what?  There is only one Audrey Hollander.  That is how her fans know her.  That is how they identify with her brand.

Just something to keep that in mind next time you are working on building your brand.

Audrey Hollander Parties Tonight in Houston

It’s that time of year … the time of year where the porn stars dress up and hit the town for all the fun costume parties and tonight our very own Audrey Hollander is attending one such party in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

I gave the club a call to find out more about them as I haven’t heard of it before.  Turns out The Sunset Strip in Houston is rather new and well … that’s probably why I haven’t heard of them before.  The manager tells me they have been open for about 14 months.  The club is located on 290, not to far off from 610, at 2425 Mangum Road.

The manager tells me they have about 70 girls who are licensed to be “fully topless” which means no pasties!

Now for tonight’s party.  Audrey Hollander tweeted (@RealAudreyXXX) that she was going to this Halloween party at the club.  She said she wasn’t going in an official capacity, just to have fun.  But she has invited her fans and friends to come hang out with her at the club and vote for her to win the costume contest.

The club tells me the winners get a sexy cash prize.  So be sure and vote for Audrey to win, which the club manager tells me he expects to the costume contest to begin around 11 pm.

It’s the 2nd Annual Halloween Bash & Costume Contest at the Sunset Strip Houston.

Sunset Strip’s 2nd Annual Halloween Bash & Costume Contest will be held on Friday, October 26 – And the theme is Horror, Flicks & Hot Chicks!

  • We’ll be showing the Classic Horror Flicks with sounds on our 10′ tall HDTV all night long!
  • Complimentary admission in costumes.
  • $2 Cocktails & Domestics till 10pm.
  • $3 Heineken’s all night long
  • $$$ Prizes 1st, 2nd & 3rd Best Costumes.

You can visit the Sunset Strip Houston on the web at www.sunsethouston.com or follow them on twitter @SunsetHouston.

Is Audrey Hollander returning to porn?

While there is no confirmation about this rumor, recently I’ve been hearing things about Audrey Hollander making a comeback in porn.  Could the rumors be true?  Could she be making a return to the industry?  I would have just written off the rumors, including one who swears they seen her partying with porn stud Evan Stone and some other porn chicks in LA last month, but look what she just tweeted!


Her twitter account @RealAudreyXXX has been inactive for awhile now  Then suddenly, without warning … BAM!  She tweets this.  Lending credence to the earlier rumors of her secret return to porn.

What do you think?

Update:  Apparently she is making a return and recently launched BookAudrey.com.

New Senations to make The Hunger Games : A XXX Parody

Porn legend Audrey Hollander did an interview not to long ago where she spoke about the making of a Hunger Games XXX parody (see full interview here).  Now it seems someone really is making the movie.

NEW SENSATIONS RETURNS TO THE PARODY GENRE WITH THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF ‘THE HUNGER GAMES: A XXX PARODY’  – An Award Winning Studio in Both the Parody and Romance Genres, New Sensations is Up For the Challenge!

New Sensations has begun per-production on a parody version of the popular mainstream trilogy, “The Hunger Games.”

The company whose parodies have earned them numerous awards, including the 2011 XBIZ ‘Porn Parody Studio of the Year,’ have decided to tackle a parody version of the film, ‘The Hunger Games,’ which will likely prove to be one of their most challenging ventures to date. The original series, created by Suzanne Collins has become an international sensation, with its first film taking home a record $155 million opening weekend (the third largest in Hollywood history).

“The huge fan following and overwhelming amount of media attention ‘The Hunger Games’ is getting, sets the bar incredibly high for us. We want to do the story justice and bring to life a world and experience that has yet to be seen in an adult production. With our company’s success in both the parody and the romance genres, I’m confident we’re well-suited for the task. We couldn’t be more excited,” says New Sensations’ founder, Scott Taylor.

The studio has chosen to keep much of the details of the film’s production under-wraps, but will be announcing their official cast and further details in the coming weeks.

To view the latest information about all New Sensations titles, visit http://www.newsensations.com, www.Twitter.com/NSDSxxx, or http://www.youtube.com/user/nsdsparodies.



Audrey Hollander … Red, White and Naughty Me

Audrey Hollander has long been a popular performer with a legion of fans.  Yet despite her popularity, you don’t really hear a lot of about her inside of industry circles.  She seems to do her job, go home and that’s that.  She doesn’t have a facebook page, she doesn’t really do many interviews and until recently she didn’t tweet either.  While she isn’t really all that active on Twitter she does have a twitter page and for the 4th of July holiday she decided to do a series of photo tweets leading up to the 4th of July holiday in which as she put it, would kick off the 4th of July with a *bang*.

These are the photos she tweeted over the last few days.

You can follow Audrey Hollander on Twitter @RealAudreyXXX.

[nggallery id=62]


Follow AUDREY HOLLANDER on Twitter

Porn star Audrey Hollander has finally found her way to the Twitterverse.  Oh yes, THE Audrey Hollander …. you know the former AVN performer of the year, the extreme queen, the anal princess.  So I thought that is who I would pick as my Twitter Follow Friday pick of the week.  @RealAudreyXXX

Audrey Hollander


Every Friday I pick a new porn star to follow and will only make Twitter accounts of stars I know for a fact are legit. The pictures shown in this post are from the stated stars profile page at the time the post was made however you should note these change all the time. If you want to see their most current Twitter profile background you should check out their twitter page.

Review for Hocus Pocus XXX

The powers that be sent me 6 more movies to review for this site, one of them really had my attention because for years I’ve watched the Bette Midler Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.  I love the campy feeling of the movie.  It’s almost like they went out of their way to make obvious mistakes in making the film.  But as any of their millions of devoted fans of the movie will tell you, that is really part of the charm of the movie.

So when I heard that there was a pornographic parody being made of the movie, of course I had to take a moment to check it out.

In all honesty, I was on another review website and seen their comments about it.   The reviewer talked about how great the sex was, but was really harsh on it for the very thing that made the original movie great.   He hated the low budget, campy feeling of the movie.  Clearly the reviewer never sat down on the 13th nights of Halloween before and seen  Sarah Jessica Parker jump up and down saying Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!

The acting in the original Hocus Pocus was so atrocious that it because a big part of how great the movie is.  The movie was never meant to be an oscar winning
Now back to the parody.  Casting wise they did a great job.  Bette Midler’s role was played by Audrey Hollander.   There aren’t really that many red headed porn stars but out of the few there are, I think they made the best casting choice.

When it comes to the Sarah Jessica Parker character, there could have been no other choice than to cast Nikki Benz.    They look so much alike and have very similar mannerisms.  A few months ago I seen a side by side photo comparison that the producer had posted on Adult DVD Talk but when I started working on this review I couldn’t seem to find the image anymore so instead I thought I would create my own comparing the stars of the parody to the original.

The movie opens up with a 6 girl orgy.  Later on in the movie you learn that the witch sisters draw their magical powers from sexual energy and would eventually be found guilty and put to death for corrupting the local townswoman.  That apparently is what we are seeing in this first scene.

I read once from something the producer said about the movie some time ago that this scene originally lasted over an hour but in editing is was brought down to just over 24 minutes.  That seems like a lot of cut footage.  I think it would have been nice to had at least a few more minutes of Madelyn Marie with Audrey Hollander.

Like in the original movie, they make a few obvious mistakes but it wouldn’t be true to the original if they didn’t.

In the next scene it brings us into modern day times.  The witches house is now a haunted museum and every year they throw a Halloween party.  Employees of the museum are preparing for the party when they get sidetracked by sex.  The threesome involves McKenzee Miles, her boyfriend and Amia Miley.

I first seen Amia Miley on some teen website with her body all greased up.  I watched her scene and immediately fell in love with her.  She has this very cutesy look about her but has a mouth like a sailer.  In this scene with McKenzee Miles she doesn’t disappoint.  Half way through the scene there is some smoke in the corner and through some great looking special effects, especially for a porno, a woman starts to appear.  I wasn’t quite sure who the person was at first but later on I found out her name is Sea J. Raw.  The other three don’t seem to notice the person is there.  I took me awhile to realize it, but it turns out that Sea J. Raw was actually not there, she was a ghost.  I think she was meant to be the ghost that was causing the other three to get into the threesome in the first place.  Sea J. Raw plays with herself and eventually a vibe magically appears.  She then uses that vibe to fuck herself in the ass.  She was so hot, I actually had forgotten about the threesome going on in the scene.  But not to be outdone in terms of what was hot the male in the scene stacked his two females one on top of the other, to have sex with them.  That was so hot.

In the next few scenes you get to see the now dead witch sisters be brought back to life and go off on their adventure to find a virgin to draw enough power from the virgin’s sexual energy to let them live beyond just Halloween night.  The next three sex scenes involve each of the three witches having sex with different men that they’ve picked up at the party going on at their house.  Turns out they weren’t able to find a virgin but were about to keep trying when they meet up with a very large breasted blonde who wanted to help.  She knew of a virgin who has wanted to fuck her for awhile.

What they did right — I guess the best way to put it is that the sex was magical.  Between the heated threeway scene with Amia Miley to Audrey Hollander’s anal sex scene.  I like that the didn’t try and match the original movie word for word but that they stuck with what was great about it, the campy feeling.  It worked for the original and for this version as well.

I think they did a great job with all the extras including several cast interviews and behind the scenes chatter.  A lot of the lower budget movies tend to pass on this extra footage and I think that’s a mistake.  How hard is it to take a few minutes to ask the cast some questions.  I’m glad they did this.  It was great listening to Eva Angelina talk about wearing her glasses to catch a cum shot.

The costumes were hot.  I know that most men don’t watch porn to see what the girls are wearing but as a female, I can’t help it.  That kind of thing matters to me.

What they did wrong — I would have liked to see a longer version of the first scene in the movie, the 6 girl orgy.   I think if they had over an hour footage actually shot, I would have liked to see more Madelyn Marie.  Surely somewhere in that 1 hour of extra lost footage, she was in some of it.

I liked the bonus dance scene they did with the fog. I  thought it was very sexy and erotic.  I really liked the song attached to it.  I don’t know who sings it but is great.  I had it stuck in my head for days and it was the perfect match for the dance number the three main stars of the movie did.  But what I don’t understand is why they didn’t include more bonus footage or bonus scenes from the many other movies that Cezar Capone had previously done.  I’m a big fan of the extras and bonuses on the dvd.  But since they provided some other great bonuses, it’s not that big of a deal.

In conclusion — In the end the movie parody or not it is still a porno and people watching it want to see one great thing and that is the sex so really the only thing that really matters is how hot the sex was.  In all the movie had 6 sex scenes, all of which where great.  Some where better than others, but isn’t that always the case?