Audrey Hollander … Red, White and Naughty Me

Audrey Hollander has long been a popular performer with a legion of fans.  Yet despite her popularity, you don’t really hear a lot of about her inside of industry circles.  She seems to do her job, go home and that’s that.  She doesn’t have a facebook page, she doesn’t really do many interviews and until recently she didn’t tweet either.  While she isn’t really all that active on Twitter she does have a twitter page and for the 4th of July holiday she decided to do a series of photo tweets leading up to the 4th of July holiday in which as she put it, would kick off the 4th of July with a *bang*.

These are the photos she tweeted over the last few days.

You can follow Audrey Hollander on Twitter @RealAudreyXXX.

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