Madelyn Marie No Longer With Blue Bird Films

In February Madelyn Marie revealed that despite being under contract with Bluebird Films she hasn’t shot a scene in 7 months.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that around the first of March Madelyn Marie revealed she is not renewing her contract with Bluebird Films and even more interesting is no long associated with LA Direct Models either.

Those producers interested in working with Madelyn Marie can book directly through her and can reach her via twitter @MadelynMarie.


Review for Hocus Pocus XXX

The powers that be sent me 6 more movies to review for this site, one of them really had my attention because for years I’ve watched the Bette Midler Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.  I love the campy feeling of the movie.  It’s almost like they went out of their way to make obvious mistakes in making the film.  But as any of their millions of devoted fans of the movie will tell you, that is really part of the charm of the movie.

So when I heard that there was a pornographic parody being made of the movie, of course I had to take a moment to check it out.

In all honesty, I was on another review website and seen their comments about it.   The reviewer talked about how great the sex was, but was really harsh on it for the very thing that made the original movie great.   He hated the low budget, campy feeling of the movie.  Clearly the reviewer never sat down on the 13th nights of Halloween before and seen  Sarah Jessica Parker jump up and down saying Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!

The acting in the original Hocus Pocus was so atrocious that it because a big part of how great the movie is.  The movie was never meant to be an oscar winning
Now back to the parody.  Casting wise they did a great job.  Bette Midler’s role was played by Audrey Hollander.   There aren’t really that many red headed porn stars but out of the few there are, I think they made the best casting choice.

When it comes to the Sarah Jessica Parker character, there could have been no other choice than to cast Nikki Benz.    They look so much alike and have very similar mannerisms.  A few months ago I seen a side by side photo comparison that the producer had posted on Adult DVD Talk but when I started working on this review I couldn’t seem to find the image anymore so instead I thought I would create my own comparing the stars of the parody to the original.

The movie opens up with a 6 girl orgy.  Later on in the movie you learn that the witch sisters draw their magical powers from sexual energy and would eventually be found guilty and put to death for corrupting the local townswoman.  That apparently is what we are seeing in this first scene.

I read once from something the producer said about the movie some time ago that this scene originally lasted over an hour but in editing is was brought down to just over 24 minutes.  That seems like a lot of cut footage.  I think it would have been nice to had at least a few more minutes of Madelyn Marie with Audrey Hollander.

Like in the original movie, they make a few obvious mistakes but it wouldn’t be true to the original if they didn’t.

In the next scene it brings us into modern day times.  The witches house is now a haunted museum and every year they throw a Halloween party.  Employees of the museum are preparing for the party when they get sidetracked by sex.  The threesome involves McKenzee Miles, her boyfriend and Amia Miley.

I first seen Amia Miley on some teen website with her body all greased up.  I watched her scene and immediately fell in love with her.  She has this very cutesy look about her but has a mouth like a sailer.  In this scene with McKenzee Miles she doesn’t disappoint.  Half way through the scene there is some smoke in the corner and through some great looking special effects, especially for a porno, a woman starts to appear.  I wasn’t quite sure who the person was at first but later on I found out her name is Sea J. Raw.  The other three don’t seem to notice the person is there.  I took me awhile to realize it, but it turns out that Sea J. Raw was actually not there, she was a ghost.  I think she was meant to be the ghost that was causing the other three to get into the threesome in the first place.  Sea J. Raw plays with herself and eventually a vibe magically appears.  She then uses that vibe to fuck herself in the ass.  She was so hot, I actually had forgotten about the threesome going on in the scene.  But not to be outdone in terms of what was hot the male in the scene stacked his two females one on top of the other, to have sex with them.  That was so hot.

In the next few scenes you get to see the now dead witch sisters be brought back to life and go off on their adventure to find a virgin to draw enough power from the virgin’s sexual energy to let them live beyond just Halloween night.  The next three sex scenes involve each of the three witches having sex with different men that they’ve picked up at the party going on at their house.  Turns out they weren’t able to find a virgin but were about to keep trying when they meet up with a very large breasted blonde who wanted to help.  She knew of a virgin who has wanted to fuck her for awhile.

What they did right — I guess the best way to put it is that the sex was magical.  Between the heated threeway scene with Amia Miley to Audrey Hollander’s anal sex scene.  I like that the didn’t try and match the original movie word for word but that they stuck with what was great about it, the campy feeling.  It worked for the original and for this version as well.

I think they did a great job with all the extras including several cast interviews and behind the scenes chatter.  A lot of the lower budget movies tend to pass on this extra footage and I think that’s a mistake.  How hard is it to take a few minutes to ask the cast some questions.  I’m glad they did this.  It was great listening to Eva Angelina talk about wearing her glasses to catch a cum shot.

The costumes were hot.  I know that most men don’t watch porn to see what the girls are wearing but as a female, I can’t help it.  That kind of thing matters to me.

What they did wrong — I would have liked to see a longer version of the first scene in the movie, the 6 girl orgy.   I think if they had over an hour footage actually shot, I would have liked to see more Madelyn Marie.  Surely somewhere in that 1 hour of extra lost footage, she was in some of it.

I liked the bonus dance scene they did with the fog. I  thought it was very sexy and erotic.  I really liked the song attached to it.  I don’t know who sings it but is great.  I had it stuck in my head for days and it was the perfect match for the dance number the three main stars of the movie did.  But what I don’t understand is why they didn’t include more bonus footage or bonus scenes from the many other movies that Cezar Capone had previously done.  I’m a big fan of the extras and bonuses on the dvd.  But since they provided some other great bonuses, it’s not that big of a deal.

In conclusion — In the end the movie parody or not it is still a porno and people watching it want to see one great thing and that is the sex so really the only thing that really matters is how hot the sex was.  In all the movie had 6 sex scenes, all of which where great.  Some where better than others, but isn’t that always the case?

Bluebird Films movie has 60 stars in latest movie but didn’t pay them

You hear all kinds of fucked up stories about porn companies.  Sometimes they are true, sometimes like in the case of Shawna Lenee they turn out not to be so much as true as a fabrication in some crazy bitches head.  You can read about the Shawna Lenee story here and here.

However just because one crazy ass psycho lied, doesn’t mean there  aren’t real problems in our industry.  You’ve probably heard about the problems on the set of Reality Kings, specifically those with director Greg Lansky from Lukeisback.

But did you know that they aren’t the only ones reporting series problems lately.  Today Kiara Diane tweeted about the problems over at Blubird Films.  There are so many crazy rumors about the owner of that place but one of them is he is an eccentric billionaire.  I heard he even established a Playboy style “Bluebird Mansion” with a grotto and all.

Here is a shot of Madelyn Marie in the Bluebird mansion pool.

Well turns out, there may just be some truth to some of the rumors about him being a rich and crazy man.

He recently made a movie called Bonnie and Clide.  Apparently it was a mammoth sized cast that included some 60 odd performers.  Here is a link to the trailer. It looks fucking great.   But if you don’t actually pay the talent they get sort of mad.  But wouldn’t you?

The promo for the movie says 10 scenes, 60 stars.  Their count doesn’t exactly add up to 60 but it seems some aren’t listed in the official “starring” section from the website for some reason.

Directed By Nicholas Steele.  Starring: Phoenix Marie, Madison Fox, Natasha Marley, Krissy Lynn, Jamey Jane, Sadie West, Julia Ann, Jenny Hendrix, McKenzie Lee, Dani Jensen, Kerry Louise, India Summer, Rachel Roxxx, Jazy Berlin, Dylan Ryder, Bobbi Starr, Celeste Star, Amber Rayne, Hannah West, Kaci Starr, Madelyn Marie, Riley Evans, Andy San Dimas, Paul Chaplin, Mr. Pete, Rocco Reed, Johnny Castle, Seth Gamble, Tommy Gunn, Anthony Rosano, Will Powers.

Today Kiara Diane tweeted about not being paid for the movie.  She said

So Bluebirds “Bonnie & Clide” has already been reviewed, and thanks to the owner our checks have been placed on hold simply because he was not mentioned in it. Well let me be the one 2 mention you, I have not recieved my check. Therefor u cannot release anything w/o compensation.  The movie is not about the OWNER of the company. It’s about the stars. You had around 60 stars in it, you better pay the f up. Bad business.

Tory Lane is Pure Poison

Tory Lane has been rather quite for awhile.  Sure she recently relaunched her official website with the help of Premium Cash (the same folks who run the official Tori Black website) but other than that, Tory Lane has been pretty quiet on the porno scene.  That is until now.  Turns out she was cast in the mega budget, Blue Bird Films production of Batman (their own version of a parody) called Bat Fucks as Poison Ivy and holy shit does she look amazing.  For those of you who haven’t seen the promotional trailer for But Fucks starring Madelyn Marie and Tory Lane, you should head on over to and check it out.  It’s hard to believe it is even a porno.  Rumor has it, this movie will make the mega budget Pirates and Pirates II look like kindergarten finger painting when they are done production.  I don’t know if that is true, but by looks of the trailer, could very well be true.

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Madelyn Marie Goes Exclusive

According to a story that appeared today on AVN, Madelyn Marie has signed an exclusive contract with Bluebird films.

Madelyn Marie from Hocus Pocus XXX

Madelyn Marie from the set of Hocus Pocus XXX

LOS ANGELES—Bluebird Films has signed Madelyn Marie to an exclusive contract.

Marie earned a 2010 AVN award nomination for Unsung Starlet of the Year.

“There was a lot of competition to get me under contract, but I went with Bluebird because they have the best platform for talent development. With them, I get the opportunity to work around the world at their USA, UK and Prague studios,” Marie said. “What finally swung me was playing Catwoman in their Premiere label movie Batfucks. When you see the budget, style, acting and directing talent in that movie, you know you’re in a different league. Even in between takes, people were Twittering about the costumes and the set.”

Marie continued, “I also wanted more opportunities to play alongside Paul Chaplin. Apart from being the studio owner and producer for Bluebird, he’s the most amazing actor I have ever seen. When you see how he plays the Joker in Batfucks, you’ll know what I mean.”

Nicholas Steele, CEO of Bluebird USA said, “We’re privileged to have a star of Madelyn Marie’s beauty, grace and talent join us. She’s am amazing performer on-set and she has a great rapport with the fans off set. We’ll be building a lot of movies around her this year and we’re sure she’ll stay at number 1 for a long time.”

Follow MADELYN MARIE on Twitter

Every Friday on Twitter people do this thing called Follow Me Friday where you pick one or more names from your list of friends / followers and suggest them to your other friends / followers so they can follow them too. So I thought, what a great idea! Every Friday I’ll pick some hot and sexy porn star and this week the pick is @madelynmarie

Madelyn Marie

Every Friday I pick a new porn star to follow and will only make Twitter accounts of stars I know for a fact are legit. The pictures shown in this post are from the stated stars profile page at the time the post was made however you should note these change all the time. If you want to see their most current Twitter profile background you should check out their twitter page.

Madelyn Marie

Merry Christmas from Madelyn Marie

Today on Twitter Madelyn Marie (@MadelynMarie) posted a cute little pic of her and her husband and puppies by the Christmas tree.  It was reviewing this picture I came to realize

Madelyn Marie is hot as fuck

Actually that’s not true …. I’ve known that for awhile now but I just wanted some excuse to post another picture of her.  Even fully dressed she’s fucking 100 times hotter than most woman in porn.


Madelyn Marie

A Porn Star Thanksgiving with some Twitter on the side

We seem to forget that those porn stars that love to worship and watch are people too and that means that like us, this year they will be sitting down for a nice Thanksgiving dinner with their families.  Thanks to Twitter we get a small insight into what some of them will be doing this Thanksgiving.  Ava Rose (@AvaRoseXXX) is apparently looking forward to spending the day with her porn star sister Mia Rose (@MiaRoseXXX).   How sweet is that?  Courtney Cummz (@CourtneyCummz) is off making some rice crispy treats while  Tera Patrick (@MrsTeraPatrick)  is planning her big Black Friday shopping trip and reveals she plans on picking up some new Vera Wang boots at Nordstrom.

But the best porn star story has to be from the very adorable Madelyn Marie (@madelynmarie).  Here is a cute video she recently posted on Twitter of her cooking pies for thanksgiving dinner with her husband.  By the way, a quick congrats to Madelyn Marie on her AVN nomination (@AvnAwards) as the best unsung starlet.

Happy Thanksgiving

Madelyn Marie’s New Bigger Tits

Looks like someone got themselves a nice set of new boobies.  I don’t know what it is about Madelyn Marie but fuck she is hot and now with her new set of tits she is even fucking hotter, if that is possible.


Madelyn Marie’s Old Boobs


And the After

For those of you who are interested, Madelyn Marie is currently booking through LA Direct Models.  How the fuck has someone not signed her to an exclusive contract yet? And last but not least, you stalker mother fuckers can follow Madelyn Marie on Twitter by going here.

Meet Briana Banks Live and In Person

Alright all you Briana Banks fans out there, here is your chance to meet Briana Banks live and in person. Get your ass to Las Vegas as she will be signing autographs for fans at her own booth from January 8 – 11. She also has some other porn stars that will be signing with her and they are Madelyn Marie, Angie Savage and the lovely Angelina Valentine. I am also told that each of the girls from Briana Banks Entertainment has also been invited to the Pornstarville party, which is the AVN Awards after party.

Briana Banks

Briana Banks says : “I am thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to advance my work in the adult world as well as introduce some great up and coming talent,” says Briana. “Look for some incredible work I am very proud of to add to your collection in the next few months.

The signings will take place at the Briana Banks Entertainment Booth, located at Booth # 4037 in the main hall. Schedule is as follows :

Brianna Banks

  • Thursday, January 8th – 12:30pm-6:30pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 12:30pm-8pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 2pm-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 2pm-5pm

Madelyn Marie

  • Thursday, January 8th – 9am-6pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 9am-6pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 9am-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 9am-5pm

Angie Savage

  • Thursday, January 8th – 11am-6pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 2pm-6pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 11am-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 11:30am-5pm

Angelina Valentine

  • Thursday, January 8th – 2pm-6pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 11am-6pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 12:30pm-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 12:30pm-5pm

Speaking of Briana Banks, I just heard that Vivid will not be distributing her new line of movies as most expected. In fact, she is opted to go with Antigua Pictures, which is headed up by a former Vivid employee, David Peskin. How interesting is that?

Antigua Pictures has signed Briana Banks Entertainment to an exclusive domestic and foreign distribution deal that encompasses DVD, video-on-demand, broadcast and licensing rights. Banks’ as-yet-untitled first release for Antigua will ship in late January. For more information, visit or For distribution, contact David Peskin at (818) 709-7400,, or Todd Blatt at