Morgan Dayne wants to fuck you … no seriously she does

Morgan Dayne, don’t tell me you forgot who she was?  Click here to check out the photos from a movie she did a while back, before she got signed on as the first ever contract star for award winning director Cezar Capone.   If you are looking at the pictures she’s the chick in scene 2.   I asked her what she thought about the upcoming Pornstarville party this year and she said ….


When Cezar Capone called and told me I was going to be hosting the Pornstarville party my panties got fucking wet!   We are making it the official release party for my new movie JOHNNY LOVES MORGAN so Frank from IVD promised me I could fuck whatever fan I wanted and Cezar will film it and put it in my next DVD bonus section so this goes out to all my fans, LOOK YOUR BEST!”

Holy fuck now that’s some crazy ass shit.  Morgan Dayne is going to pick some guy at random from the Pornstarville 2009 party and fuck them?  I think in the infamous words of Paris Hilton …

That’s Hot!

Meet Briana Banks Live and In Person

Alright all you Briana Banks fans out there, here is your chance to meet Briana Banks live and in person. Get your ass to Las Vegas as she will be signing autographs for fans at her own booth from January 8 – 11. She also has some other porn stars that will be signing with her and they are Madelyn Marie, Angie Savage and the lovely Angelina Valentine. I am also told that each of the girls from Briana Banks Entertainment has also been invited to the Pornstarville party, which is the AVN Awards after party.

Briana Banks

Briana Banks says : “I am thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to advance my work in the adult world as well as introduce some great up and coming talent,” says Briana. “Look for some incredible work I am very proud of to add to your collection in the next few months.

The signings will take place at the Briana Banks Entertainment Booth, located at Booth # 4037 in the main hall. Schedule is as follows :

Brianna Banks

  • Thursday, January 8th – 12:30pm-6:30pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 12:30pm-8pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 2pm-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 2pm-5pm

Madelyn Marie

  • Thursday, January 8th – 9am-6pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 9am-6pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 9am-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 9am-5pm

Angie Savage

  • Thursday, January 8th – 11am-6pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 2pm-6pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 11am-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 11:30am-5pm

Angelina Valentine

  • Thursday, January 8th – 2pm-6pm
  • Friday, January 9th – 11am-6pm
  • Saturday, January 10th – 12:30pm-5pm
  • Sunday, January 11th – 12:30pm-5pm

Speaking of Briana Banks, I just heard that Vivid will not be distributing her new line of movies as most expected. In fact, she is opted to go with Antigua Pictures, which is headed up by a former Vivid employee, David Peskin. How interesting is that?

Antigua Pictures has signed Briana Banks Entertainment to an exclusive domestic and foreign distribution deal that encompasses DVD, video-on-demand, broadcast and licensing rights. Banks’ as-yet-untitled first release for Antigua will ship in late January. For more information, visit or For distribution, contact David Peskin at (818) 709-7400,, or Todd Blatt at

You can feel the love — 2009 is going to rock!

When you take on the job as a porn gossip blogger, the first thoughts that cross your mind is how hated almost every one of them are.  Let’s be real, we all read the industry “rags” but not a one us would claim friendship with any of the folks who run the sites.  In fact, given the opportunity any of us would probably take the opportunity to slander them.  Such is the nature of our business.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten what seemed to be genuinely nice emails from other bloggers, only to read a month later them slamming the fuck out of me for a typo or whatnot.

That being said, porn bloggers actually play a vital role to our industry. We are the first people that publicists turn to when they need something “leaked“.  It’s also a great source of gossip for fans that isn’t really “news” but still relevant to the die hard fans that want to know everything they can get their hands on about their favorite porn girl.  Don’t let the phrase gossip blogger fool you.   A good gossip story can play a vital role in driving sales for an upcoming movie and studios know it.  Which is why they publicly claim to hate us, yet send us gifts all the time.

For the most part I don’t take what I do all to serious.  Sure I get a few laughs out of some of the stories that come my way, but for the most part it’s really less of a thrill than you might think.  That is until now.  Mr. Fed Ex showed up at my door early this morning and dropped off a care package that covers my attendance at the upcoming Pornstarville party.  This is the big party that is scheduled to take place after the AVN award show where an untold number of porn stars are expected to be in attendance.

Included in my little care package was four tickets, yes yes I’m bringing a few friends, 7 DVDs that feature some of the stars invited to the party and one really fucking great one from Zero Tolerance.  Goo 4 Two 5 with Amy Reid and Maya Hills was fucking great.    The first scene was great with Amy Reid in the threesome.  I don’t know the name of the guy she was fucking but who cares.  What matters is holy fuck Amy Reid has a rockin’ body.

Amy Reid

I called up Zero Tolerance to see what they had to say about the upcoming party of all parties and Dominick from Zero Tolerance said “This party’s gonna be so hott im taking off my shirt and listening to the ladies scream my name“.   🙂  So there you have it.  Go download this Amy Reid movie then come party with porn stars next week in Vegas.  It’s the only way to start your New Year off right.