Lacie Heart comes to Twitter? No it’s another fraud!

Twitter me this … if you have some dumb ass guy pretending to be various porn stars on Twitter, what do you have?  A douche bag who really really needs to get a life.  So who is he pretending to be this week?  Well he is still pretending to be Gianna Michaels (@giannamichaels) but this week he is also pretending to be former Vivid girl Lacie Heart (@TheLacieHeart).

@TheLacieHeart is a fake – not the real Lacie Heart


Now on the other end of the spectrum it seems that we have Amy Reid (aka Amy Ried) as confirmed by Cindi from Luke is Back as real.  So yes my friends, @realAmyRied on Twitter is in fact the REAL Amy Ried, just a whole heck of a lot skinnier than before.  I think she might have also gotten a nose job.  I don’t know but she looks AMAZING.   She also apparently signed a contract with New Sensations in October, and is currently making a movies for them as we speak, so congrats to her for that.  I look forward to seeing some new product from her.


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More Fake Twitter Porn Stars

I recently reported about the problems porn star Flower Tucci was having with a person impersonating her on Twitter.  Well apparently she is not the only one.  Then there was the story about a person pretending to be Tiffany Mynx supporting the concept of children as porn stars.  That person would later change their name to @RealJohnHolmes and someone else would grab claim to @TiffanyMynx.  Who knows if that is the real TiffanyMynx or a fraud.

While using these fake Twitter accounts this person always links to posts on blogspot, several times using the same account which is and he often Tweets back and forth with himself using several of his fake accounts.  Thousands and thousands of followers have fallen victim to this person who at times can be quite harsh and verbally abusive.  Here are the names we know he has used or is currently used.

  • @ToryLaneXXX
  • @TiffanyMynx (no longer using this name)
  • @MyaLuanna
  • @RealFlowerTucci
  • @REALJohnHolmes
  • @AmyRied

Just faking you are a porn star is confusing to me, why do it?  But to all out go around pretending to be them and harass their real fans is just so out there.  What the heck is wrong with this guy?  Why is he doing this?

But this person isn’t alone in pretending to be famous porn stars.  There is @AudreyBitoni.  Her accoun appears legit but Cindi from over at Luke is Back just did an interview with Audry Bitoni, the real one and turns out she doesn’t Twitter at all so @AudreyBitoni is a fake too.

Audrey Bitoni

photo of the real Audrey Bitoni from

Amy Reid

photo of the real Amy Ried from

You can feel the love — 2009 is going to rock!

When you take on the job as a porn gossip blogger, the first thoughts that cross your mind is how hated almost every one of them are.  Let’s be real, we all read the industry “rags” but not a one us would claim friendship with any of the folks who run the sites.  In fact, given the opportunity any of us would probably take the opportunity to slander them.  Such is the nature of our business.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten what seemed to be genuinely nice emails from other bloggers, only to read a month later them slamming the fuck out of me for a typo or whatnot.

That being said, porn bloggers actually play a vital role to our industry. We are the first people that publicists turn to when they need something “leaked“.  It’s also a great source of gossip for fans that isn’t really “news” but still relevant to the die hard fans that want to know everything they can get their hands on about their favorite porn girl.  Don’t let the phrase gossip blogger fool you.   A good gossip story can play a vital role in driving sales for an upcoming movie and studios know it.  Which is why they publicly claim to hate us, yet send us gifts all the time.

For the most part I don’t take what I do all to serious.  Sure I get a few laughs out of some of the stories that come my way, but for the most part it’s really less of a thrill than you might think.  That is until now.  Mr. Fed Ex showed up at my door early this morning and dropped off a care package that covers my attendance at the upcoming Pornstarville party.  This is the big party that is scheduled to take place after the AVN award show where an untold number of porn stars are expected to be in attendance.

Included in my little care package was four tickets, yes yes I’m bringing a few friends, 7 DVDs that feature some of the stars invited to the party and one really fucking great one from Zero Tolerance.  Goo 4 Two 5 with Amy Reid and Maya Hills was fucking great.    The first scene was great with Amy Reid in the threesome.  I don’t know the name of the guy she was fucking but who cares.  What matters is holy fuck Amy Reid has a rockin’ body.

Amy Reid

I called up Zero Tolerance to see what they had to say about the upcoming party of all parties and Dominick from Zero Tolerance said “This party’s gonna be so hott im taking off my shirt and listening to the ladies scream my name“.   🙂  So there you have it.  Go download this Amy Reid movie then come party with porn stars next week in Vegas.  It’s the only way to start your New Year off right.

The Danni Girl of the Year

Long ago a stripper from Texas started her own website called  It was huge back in the day and well years have passed and other similar sites have popped up and Danni Ashe has long since been bought out and retired but her website does remain and the girls featured are still hot as ever.  In fact, they are so hot they have to have a face off to see who is the hottest and will win the tittle Danni Girl of the Year.

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The girls in the running include Adrienne Manning, Alektra Blue, Sunny Leone, Marlie Moore, Amy Ried, Alexandra Ivy, Lana Lopez, Heather Vandeven, Laura Lee, Lindsay Marie, Sophia Santi and Georgia Jones.

Truth in advertising – who gives a fuck anymore

Some things are more obvious than others when it comes to lying. I mean by now we all heard that smiling Bob isn’t going to make your dick any harder or any bigger and he faces 20 years in the big house for lying about it. I mean he had a nice run with his male enhancement product but in the end it didn’t enhance shit and well, I think most of us knew it. But sometimes those lies we all read about or see on TV aren’t so obvious or so harmless.

I was watching TV a few months ago when I came across an ad for a product about cutting your dog’s nails. The commercial made the product sound like the answer to my every pet related need and as such I bought the item in question only to find when it finally arrived some 6 weeks later that it was total and complete shit.  It wasn’t that they lied, they just led me to believe something that wasn’t exactly true.  It was deceptive, perhaps – but it wasn’t a flat out lie.

Sort of like saying a man is a disabled vet.   When one says a man is a “disabled veteran” it leads one to believe that he was injured at war.  You know like defending our country or some shit like that.  I mean there is honor in that and that is why that phrase holds special meaning.  However when one finds out that this person was at one time a Marine or may or may not have ever so much as seen any real shit, or ever even left the country for that matter, let alone gotten a single injury while in the service, but in fact was TEMPORARILY disabled by a slip and fall type injury while at work and hasn’t exactly been in the military in years would be yet another example of deceptive practices.

Sure the guy technically is a vet, I mean at one time he was in the Marines but for all we know he could have been dishonorably discharged. And sure the guy was temporarily disabled by obtaining an injury while on the job but he’s not a DISABLED VETERAN in the sense that we have come to attach special and honorable meaning to that phrase.  So implying otherwise would again be unethical.  In fact, some might even say fraudulent.  It’s ironic that while accusing someone of fraud, one would commit fraud themselves.

I’m not pointing any fingers here or even talking about anyone specific, just giving examples of lies, deceptions and well … I’m really getting off topic here. I think you get the point with this one. So let us move on.

So now let’s say you are a porn star. You are in fact a pretty popular porn star. You pay some guy or some company to create you a new website. The first thing I noticed was how much her new website looked like another website, that of porn star Nikki Benz. You can visit the two sites and compare the two for yourselves. Both use identical color schemes, both use the same blue and white swirls. It’s amazing how similar the two sites are.  I don’t know about you but I would be pissed off if I paid some guy to create me a website and launch it only to find it looks almost exactly like another porn star’s website.  Since Nikki Benz has had her website around awhile now we know that hers was the original.

Shyla Stylez’s Website or

Nikki Benz’s Website

Now here is where the shit just gets down right funny, well maybe not as funny as fraudulent but still you get the point.  Shyla Stylez apparently signed a deal with a company called Adult Star Products to manager her website and get traffic through their affiliate program.  It’s not uncommon for a porn star to do something like this.  In theory it makes it easier to handle your website because they are already setup to manager multiple websites like your own so in theory that just makes things easier.   So this is what caught my eye.

Wait? WHAT?  Shyla Stylez is the #1 searched porn star online?  Oh really?  Where did they get this tid bit of information?  I mean who the fuck would have the balls to actually say that out loud let alone post it as official or true?  Without even looking I can tell you a few names that are searched for more than Shyla Stylez and that includes Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze.  So then I actually put in a little effort and found that quite a few others also come up in search engines more than Shyla Stylez, such as Eva Angelina, Jesse Jane, Gianna Michaels and Amy Reid.

Even more insane is that the person who created her site put this little “fact” across every single page of her website. Let’s just forget the fact that it’s not even remotely true and put it up there anyway because it sounds good?  Is this the logic they were going with because it’s the best I can fucking figure out!

As I was laughing about this bullshit with a friend of mine, who has this horrible tendency to try and see the good in people, despite the obvious, pointed out that maybe these searches the Shyla Stylez people referred to was at a site like FreeOnes.  And you know come to think of it, I did seem to recall Shyla Stylez being pretty popular at FreeOnes so ya maybe that’s it.  But turns out that couldn’t be the case since well 5 isn’t 1 and that’s her spot when I checked.  So who the fuck knows what they were thinking.  Guess it’s just yet another example of stretching the truth.  It seems there is a lot of that going on lately.

Amy Reid is our sexy little Army Brat

I was talking to a friend the other day who was upset that her finance is being shipped off yet again to some undisclosed location, possibly Iraq for at least 6 months and maybe up to a year. She was upset and I reminded her that this is what you can expect being married to a military man. She didn’t want to hear it, but she knew I was right. I was then thinking, we should do something in honor of our men in service and that’s when I decided to make Amy Reid our porn star of the week because growing up she was an Army Brat.

Amy Reid

Amy Reid

Amy Reid

Amy Reid