Will The Real Flower Tucci Please Stand Up?

For over a week now there have been two Flower Tucci’s on Twitter, both claiming they are the REAL one and that we should all report the other. So who is the real deal?

It turns out the real deal is www.Twitter.com/FlowerTucci

The other one is a fraud. How did I find out? Well it was really rather simple, I called her booking agent and he called her on the phone. After what was no doubt a few choice words for calling her so early, sorry about that, I often forget about the time difference in California, she revealed that she does use Twitter and her real account is @FlowerTucci.


Now on a more personal note, what the heck is wrong with the other person not only faking to be her but insisting her fans turn the real Flower Tucci into Twitter for being a fraud? What kind of mental nut case does something like that?

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