Did Shyla Stylez have a drug induced breakdown?

Cindi has a great story today on porn star Shyla Stylez who apparently is having some major problems [source].

I’ve had fans asking for months “Where is Shyla Styles? Did she retire?”  I did find a story online saying that she got married and retired. But then I heard from male porn talent that he had shot a scene with her not too long ago. Shyla was on and off twitter sporadically, but never really talking to anyone. Just announcing things.

Like in February she got her boobs  and redone and she was out of commission until March 24th when she did a scene for Brazzers. ( I heard on Twitter so it’s just a rumor that Brazzers asked her to leave that day)

Shyla dissapeared from Twitter for all of April. In may she said she would be at Exxxotica in Miami. She also says that the rumors about her retiring and escorting are not true.

At the end of May she says she is taking a break from shooting because there was complications form her (boob?) surgery. In June she says she is working on a top secret mainstream project thanks to Shy Love (her agent). Shyla also asks every one to go sign up at her official website.

In August she says she will be featuring at the Rhode Island Cadillac Lounge. At the end of August she says she is at LA exotica with her friend Tia Cyrus. No more tweets since then.

Earlier this month, I wrote and tweeted Shyla. No answer. A couple days ago, I tweeted Tia. No answer. I emailed Shy Love just now, she’ll probably respond and I”ll let you know what she says.  A couple weeks ago i asked Shyla’s webmaster if she he had retired, he said he didn’t know and to let him know what I find out. Looks like her last new content on the site was from April. You can go to her join page here http://join.shyla.puba.com/

But today if you try to go to her site directly ShylaXXX.com I get a  “FORBIDDEN You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

I finally got lucky when the guy who runs GoGoPittsburgh.com  got in touch with me.  (“Bringing You the SeXXXiest News in da ‘Burgh…!”)  He said he had some gossip and since he doesn’t do gossip he thought of me.(Thanks GoGo!) Shyla had appeared at one of this local clubs (BLUSH) last weekend as a feature dancer and was “visibly impaired”. She did not finish out the weekend. GoGo put me in touch with a radio talk show host from WXDX, Mark Madden. Mark was to interview Shyla on Thursday before her first gig at the club.

According to Mark-
We have the porn girls on ALL THE TIME. Almost 20 in my career, dating back to Jameson and Weigel, and now with Haze, Teagan, Bree, Alexis Texas, Nikki Benz…and they’re all cooperative and lovely. Just great.

About 2 years ago, Shyla came on and was PARALYZED. Didn’t act up, didn’t swear, but was a useless interview. So we didn’t have her on next time thru town. I ran into her at Blush, the club she works, and she was totally straight and asked why I didn’t have her on. So I said, “OK, next time…”

Well, “next time” was last Thursday. She came to the studio looking heavy, ghastly and obviously impaired. She took offense to a question I asked about her affair with an Orange County sherriff and dropped an F-bomb. We dumped it, it DID NOT get on the air, we went to break, came back and did another 3 minutes or so with her, and she left.

That night, she could barely get on stage at Blush, then cancelled the next 2 nights.

She’s just a pig. No respect for herself, the people she works with, the people she works for, or the customers. I had her on my show to help her business. Albert Bortz, Blush’s owner, is a loyal sponsor and runs a great club. He didn’t deserve the trouble Shyla caused.

Like I said, I can’t say enough good about the girls I’ve had on. But Shyla Stylez is an ugly blight on their reputation. Bree Olson has a rep for being a train wreck, but not on my watch. She’s never been anything but sweet and professional. Can’t say enough good about her. Can’t say enough bad about Shyla.

One more thing: I was at Shyla’s first show Thursday, and it was a mess. She was stumbling around, etc. But I just talked to somebody who saw her second show, and she started CRYING in the middle of it. She’s clearly got issues.

Shyla has been screwing things up and missing things for the last six months, which would make it since March.  March is when she supposedly had a boob job. I’m wondering if she got on pain meds and still is….. We wish you the best Shyla. Your fans miss you. Let us know what is going on and if we can help…

Less than a day has passed and a person contacted Cindi from Lukeisback claiming to be Shyla’s lawyer [source].

I received this from Shyla’s  “lawyer” tonight. I find it hard to believe that someone that went to law school would spell this many words wrong… and you know what? I started off ***starring*** the name the “lawyer” called her thinking it’s her real name. But since i don’t know if this is a real lawyer, and the name he is using for her is not one that I know as her real name, I gave  up on  it.  I don’t know if her real name is H****. Do you? I also hate when someone tries to scare me off a story. If they really had a problem with what i said, they could tell me their side and convince me. When I get emails from fake lawyers who give me more information than i had in the first place, (i mean did i say anything about needle marks or heroin? ) they would have been better off just SHUTTING THE FUCK UP! …


Ms. Loftus:

I am an attorney representing *********, aka “Shyla Stylez”. It has come to Ms. ******s attention that you plan to publish an article (the “Article”) making false and misleading statements about Ms. Hardy, namely, that she abuses illegal narcotics such as heroin.

This claim is a malicious and vile attempt to subject Ms*****y to reputational harm in a manner that will undoubtedly damage her social standing and career prospects, and serves no redeemable or newsworthy purpose whatsoever. The claim of narcotics use by Ms. H****, along with supposed claims that she performed negligently during a recent professional appearance and was intoxicatd during a booking, are categorically and demonstrably false, and as such constitute defamation of character. Marks on Ms. ********s arm which you apparently intend to claim are due to heroin needles are in fact marks from a legitimate illness and its treatment. Let me emphasize the severity of your false claims and the ease with which Ms.******* can disprove them.

Please be aware that under California Civil Code sections 44 and 45, intentional publication of a false fact which has natural tendency to cause “special damages” is grounds for a defamation claim against you and whatever publication you intend to distribute the Article through. Statements which damage a person’s reputation in business and impact their ability to make a living are “per se” defamatory as are statements which suggest that someone has committed a crime (such as, in this case, abuse of illegal narcotics) and special damages are presumed. To clarify, you have made malicious and verifiably false statements about Ms. Hardy which directly impact her ability to secure employment and make a living, and are defamatory on their face. As such, there is a presumption of liability leveled against you in this matter.

Accordingly, we hereby demand that you refrain from posting the Article or publishing these false and misleading claims in any medium. If you ignore these warnings and this notice of the falsity of your claims, Ms. H****** will immediately take legal action against you and any faciliating publication(s) (including the “Luke Is Back” website), including filing suit against you for libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. These are claims that carry severe penalties.
This message is not, and is not intended to be, a complete or exhaustive statement of all of Ms.******’s rights or claims. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed a waiver of any of Ms. H******’s rights or remedies, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.

Matthew Bilinsky, Esq.
269 S. Beverly Dr., Suite 634
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Telephone: (310) 710-3869
Fax: (310) 388-0377

Shyla Stylez feature dances

135 9th St.
Pittsburgh, PA

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Porn Parody Party

(Hollywood, CA)  If you’re looking for a fun, laid-back, hip porn industry bash while in Vegas during the AEE look no further because X-Play & Clips4Sale.com are hosting TV’s Greatest Parody Party inside the Venetian Hotel’s Pallazo resort Friday, January 8th beginning at 10PM at Sushi Samba’s Sugar Cane Club.

Forget about the ridiculously long velvet-rope entry lines and the doorman that ignores you because Jeff Mullen, Scott David, Porno Dan, Brad Thomas and the folks from Clips4Sale.com will make this the most enjoyable Friday night bash of the AEE and the easiest party to get into.  Plus it’s right inside the Venetian Hotel massive complex so you don’t have to go anywhere.

Top talent agencies such as Lisa Ann’s Talent Management, Type 9 Models, Foxxx Modeling, A-List Talent, OC Models, Adult Talent Managers, Valley Babes XXX and Big Love Talent will have their girls at the bash partying the night away.

Some of the hot porn stars hosting include Sunny Lane, Shyla Stylez, Shy Love, Ashley Fires, Amy Brooks, Sindee Jennings, Angie Savage, Kayla Paige and America’s porn star virgin Mallory Rae Murphy plus well over 150 other porn starlets and wannabees are expected to attend

“Vegas has so many jam packed parties that tend to be sausage-fests during the AEE convention so we wanted to host a really fun event on Friday night the night before the awards show with tons of beautiful women right here in the hotel that will be a breeze to get into,” stated Scott David of X-Play.

All porn talent 21 and above will be able to enter TV’s Greatest Parody Party free of charge.  A limited number of special VIP free admission cards will be given away in Las Vegas at the AEE to recognizable faces in the adult industry.  Just ask one of the guys for a special VIP pass or talk to Clips4Sale.  All others must pay the $25 admission to get in.

Porno Dan and Jim Powers who together run Immoral Productions will have their girls out in force Friday night.  “Are you kidding me, this is going to be so much fun,” Porno Dan stated.  No word yet if Best New Starlet nominee Tanner Mayes will be attending but rumor has it that she will.

“Vegas during AEE week is a great place but standing in long lines to get into overcrowded parties filled with dudes is no way to roll so come to our party Friday night in the Sugar Cane Club at Sushi Samba at the Palazzo in the Venetian,” Mullen said.  “What’s better than a fun porn party Friday night just a few hundred yards from the circle bar?  Plus anytime that Porno Dan and all these girls are involved you know it will be crazy.”

TV’s Greatest Parody Party sponsored by X-Play, Clips4Sale and Immoral Productions takes place at 10PM Friday, January 8th at Sugar Cane which is located inside Sushi Samba on the 2nd level above the casino in the Pallazo section of the Venetian Hotel.  Wow, that’s a mouthful but not too far from the circle bar.

source: Tony Batman

Kayden Kross follows in Hillary Scott’s footsteps

Kayden Kross Follows in Hillary Scott’s Footsteps with Epic Sex-Comedy Flight Attendants

(Hollywood, CA) The upcoming epic motion picture Flight Attendants might very well turn out to be the most fun sex-comedy of the year as Adam & Eve Pictures contract star Kayden Kross leads one of the greatest casts ever assembled for a porn movie but is there a master-plan taking place behind the scenes that we are all unaware of?
The X-Play produced Will Ryder directed hilarious airborne romp is being distributed by Adam & Eve Pictures and will be in stores on DVD at the end of September but that is only one part of this twisting story.
“I have to say that the celestial stars might be aligning themselves up in just the perfect order for Kayden Kross who could be positioning herself much like Hillary Scott did a few years ago when Hillary won the AVN awards for Best Actress and Female Performer of the Year and pretty much swept all the other award shows,” stated Will Ryder.  
“I’m not a conspiracy buff and am not suggesting divine intervention but the two paths are remarkably similar with both girls starring in a huge science-fiction action adventure movie and also starring in a big fun-loving comedy to form a powerful one-two punch that might become unstoppable for Kayden come awards time,” Ryder speculated. 
Packed with a virtual who’s who of today’s biggest porn superstars, Kayden is ironically  joined in flight by Hillary Scott who seems to be telepathically leading the way for the fast-rising Kross showing her the blueprint to possibly becoming the next Female Performer of the Year.
Already with the years’ biggest hit The 8th Day on her resume’, Kayden now has the other part of the winning equation coming down the pike as her fist is cocked and ready to be thrown with Flight Attendants.
“Flight Attendants was one crazy movie to make. I loved every minute of it,” Kayden said as she vacationed on a far-way Pacific Ocean island celebrating her 24th birthday.  “It’s the exact opposite of The 8th Day in every way possible and I’m really proud of both of these big movies.”
Ryder continued on with his thoughts about the two paths merging.  
“I mean look at the parallels here.  Hillary starred in the Eli Cross political thriller Corruption from SexZ Pictures and also in the top-selling X-Play comedy Not the Bradys XXX during her big winning year and now Kayden stars in the massive Eli Cross’ disciple Ren Savant directed thriller The 8th Day and X-Play’s biggest comedy ever Flight Attendants,” Ryder said. “Things that make you go hmmmm.”
Hillary Scott could not be reached for comment but those on the set during the production of Flight Attendants spoke off-the-record noting that Kayden’s sexual performance was so powerful, so funny and so sexual that it was as if she read the Hillary Scott handbook on great sex.
“She was possessed but I mean that in a good way,” stated a production assistant who did not wish to be identified.  “I’ve never seen Kayden Kross look so pretty yet bang so dirtily,” he said.  When informed that dirtily was not a real word, the production assistant began walking away and muttered, “I don’t know ‘bout that but I seen what I seen.”
“The comparisons between Hillary Scott and Kayden Kross are eerie and will give you goose bumps if you really look into it,” Ryder offered.  “Both are blonds with big tits and gorgeous faces, both have signed a big contract with a prestigious company, both enjoy having sex with men, both can act quite wonderfully and both are kind to animals.  I don’t want to go as far as saying this is some great master plan but come on now you can’t ignore the facts,” Ryder concluded appearing to be slightly shaken by the possible impending destiny.
In addition to Kayden Kross, Flight Attendants stars superstars Teagan Pressley, Shyla Stylez, Eva Angelina, Sunny Lane, Misty Stone, Kacey Jordan, Lexi Love, Michelle Maylene, Cali Couture, Brooke Belle and Kenzi Marie in a rip-roaring good time that is destined to be a major contender for Best Comedy and so unlike any other porn movie you might just drop dead from laughter.
The pilots, air traffic controllers, crewman and passengers are played by legends Randy Spears and Evan Stone along with James Bartholet, Eric Swiss, Brad Hardy, Eric John and Jack Lawrence.  Scott Lyons and Barry Scott help put Flight Attendants so far above all other airport themed porn movies that it finds itself in a league all its own.
Don Houston of X-Critic stated, “They’ve done it again.  Another huge winner.”
Flight Attendants directed by Will Ryder is brought to you by the same maniacs that created Not the Bradys XXX, Not Bewitched XXX, Not Three’s Company XXX, Not the Cosbys XXX, Not Married with Children XXX and will be in stores everywhere soon from Adam & Eve Pictures/X-Play.   Do not miss Flight Attendants!

Flight Attendants Front Box

Shyla Stylez Blushes

Don’t miss this Blush exclusive!

XXX Busty Bombshell Shyla Stylez dances at Blush Exotic Club, September 3rd through September 5th, 2009.


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Blush was voted Pittsburgh’s #1 Exoctic Club. They are a fully nude club, with a full service bar.

Blush Nightclub‎
135 9th St, Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 281-7703‎

Shyla Stylez goes Bazooka


Name: Shyla Stylez
Show Dates: July 16, 17 and 18
Show Schedule: Thursday: 8:30pm, 10:30pm and 12:30am
Friday: 8:30pm, 10:30pm and 12:30am
Saturday: 8:30pm, 10:30pm and 12:30am

In July, we feature AVN Award Winning Porn Star Shyla Stylez.  In keeping with our reputation for bringing to our stage the nations biggest Porn Stars, we proudly present this Canadian born beauty.  Ms. Stylez is not only a huge DVD star, but she was also the 2007 television host of the Los Angeles TV show Unwired TV.  This 36DD beauty has appeared in hundreds of movies and is bringing her class act to center stage.  See her live on the Bazooka’s stage July 16, 17 and 18.

For more info call 816-421-1915 or email bazookas@kc.rr.com

Shyla Stylez jealous of Nikki Benz?

I was googling something today for an unrelated story when something caught my attention. It was an ad, that normally would have gone noticed but then I remembered a story I wrote not to long ago about how the person who created the new official Shyla Stylez website basically borrowed the design of the Nikki Benz website.  That was pretty shitty of them and once the story came out they of course changed her website around thank god.  But then I found this ……..

When you Google Nikki Benz you get a PPC ad for the official Shyla Stylez official website.  Interesting.  Why would they do this knowing that just a month or two ago they were called out for flat out stealing her website design?  Are these people fucking retarded?  Or is it that Shyla Stylez is the one in charge and saying to do this?  Is she secretly in love with Nikki Benz? Wonder what Shyla Stylez obsession with Nikki Benz is?