Shyla Stylez jealous of Nikki Benz?

I was googling something today for an unrelated story when something caught my attention. It was an ad, that normally would have gone noticed but then I remembered a story I wrote not to long ago about how the person who created the new official Shyla Stylez website basically borrowed the design of the Nikki Benz website.  That was pretty shitty of them and once the story came out they of course changed her website around thank god.  But then I found this ……..

When you Google Nikki Benz you get a PPC ad for the official Shyla Stylez official website.  Interesting.  Why would they do this knowing that just a month or two ago they were called out for flat out stealing her website design?  Are these people fucking retarded?  Or is it that Shyla Stylez is the one in charge and saying to do this?  Is she secretly in love with Nikki Benz? Wonder what Shyla Stylez obsession with Nikki Benz is?

4 thoughts on “Shyla Stylez jealous of Nikki Benz?

  1. Ummm actually its called target marketing. Both girls have a huge overlap of fans. On a perceptual map made by a porn fan, both would have very similar positions in the market place. If I own a denim brand (ie: Rock and republic), Im going to want to advertise PPC on the most relavent keyword searches that cross over into target audiences (ie: Joes Jeans, True Religion). Pay per click advertising isn’t easy or cheap. Geez Ryan, judging by some of your ranting blogs, perhaps you need to pick yourself up a marketing 101 text book and read it. This drama you are trying to create isn’t getting too much traction, looks like with most traditional media you are trying to create a story out of nothing.

  2. As similar to most traditional media lol. dang, set it up so comments can be edited lol.

  3. I disagree with you platinumguyx . It’s like if Coca Cola were to buy PPC advertising for any Pepsi related product. You don’t tend to see such a thing because there are trademark issues involved. I don’t know all the laws but from what I understand of it, you don’t profit off of other people’s trademark.

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