5 Porn Myths Exposed

Pornography is more popular than ever, even if most people keep their viewing habits to themselves. The billion-dollar industry continues to grow and adapt, using new technology to reach customers in new markets all over the globe while.

Yet despite the advances in the creation and consumption of erotic materials, the same tired myths continue to dog the industry. Here are the top five myths about pornography and the adult entertainment industry and why they no longer hold water.

Myth #1 – Porn Movies Are All Low Budget Shlockfests

The most common and pervasive myth about porn is that it’s all directed by film school rejects and Hollywood wannabe’s in foreclosed homes and warehouses in Porn Valley on a shoestring budget in a single day or less. Detractors joke that the storylines make little or no sense, that they are full of bad acting, subpar lighting, and that they all share that cheesy soundtrack even your neighbor can recognize through the walls.

While there was a time during the video and DVD craze that this type of stuff was the standard fare, porn has come a long way in the last decade. From high end features like Kay Brandt’s Baumgartner series for Adam & Eve starring power couple Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite to sex education lines like Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: Satisfy Her Like A Legend to parody releases like Axel Braun’s Justice League starring Charlotte Stokely, commercial pornography is branching out to reach new markets, macro and micro.

These days you can find lesbian titles that focus on heavy foreplay right alongside the standard ‘porn-by-numbers’ stuff, along with transgender romance, interracial cuckolding, and slew of other niche fantasies! And if that doesn’t tickle your pickle, strap in and try out virtual reality.

Myth #2 – Porn Sex Is Unrealistic

The Standing Wheelbarrow. The Butter Churn. The Waterfall. The Snow Angel. The Emperor’s Hernia. Sporking. For years the popular myth was that you’d have to be just short of an Olympic athlete and trained contortionist to perform the sex positions captured in your favorite scenes.

While there are plenty of titles with professional level acrobatics and pyrotechnics you wouldn’t want to try at home in today’s commercial pornography, the vast majority of sex scenes feature the garden variety positions you’ve come to know and love. Worst case scenario, you might learn some new stuff to try out in the bedroom later.

Other complaints that fall into this general category are that the girls are all young, which the growing popularity of the MILF genre undermines (as XBIZ MILF of the Year Brandi Love can attest) and that they are all shaved, which Barely Legal star Avi Love and her big, beautiful bush assure us just isn’t so.

Myth #3 – Porn Guys Are Ugly

Back in the Golden Age of Porn, guys like John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Harry Reems, and Buck Adams got down and dirty with hot stars like Marilyn Chambers, Nina Hartley, and Vanessa Del Rio.

They were manly men doing a dirty job that really needed doing. Getting into the business was difficult. Jobs were scarce, and sometimes questionably legal. The payoff was becoming a real star, if only on the blue screen.

With the rise of gonzo titles in the 90’s, storylines and acting took a backseat to explicit sex. The rapid escalation of production meant the need for more studs. Overnight male performers went from being celebrated studs to feeling like props. Female consumers noticed the change, and the myth that porn guys are all ugly began to take root. Only problem is, it just isn’t true.

If anything, the caliber of male star has gone WAY up since the Golden Age, with more demands than ever on the stars. Big name male talent dominating the adult industry landscape today look more like male models than former pizza delivery guys, with legions of horny fans hanging on their every word on social media and eating up their scenes.

Mick Blue, Jessy Jones, Derrick Pierce, Ricky Johnson, Jean Val Jean, Charles Dera, Bill Bailey, Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Keiran Lee, Shane Diesel, Xander Corvus, Johnny Sins, Isiah Maxwell, Johnny Castle, and literally dozens more, serve as proof that this porno myth just doesn’t add up!

Myth #4 – Porn Performers Are Victims Being Exploited, Especially Women

For some people the idea that women might enjoy sex enough to actively seek a career in it just doesn’t add up. To them, the only reason anyone gets involved in the adult entertainment industry is because they need to feed a habit or are being manipulated by an abusive partner making them perform. That’s just not the norm. Far from it.

It’s important to make the distinction between women being forced into prostitution and sex trafficking and adult entertainment. Adult performers actively seek out employment, of their own volition. They decide who they work with and what they will, and more importantly won’t, do with their bodies. They are free to get up and walk off set.

Performers today have more options than ever to take control of their brand and rake in the profits. Women earn more than their male counterparts, a rare feat in most industries. They run their own companies, like Female Performer of the Year Anikka Albrite, who owns BAM Visions along with her husband Mick Blue and their partner Claudio.

They use their brand to launch their dreams of becoming an author, like sexy XXX Puerto Rican Princess Shay Evans, who just released her erotic fantasies in a new bestselling series on Amazon, Shay’s Sexy Stories.

Most talent are now using their social media to earn money by giving fans exclusive access to their most private videos and photos via subscription. Popular redhead Lauren Phillips also uses hers to raise awareness about cyberbullying, donating part of her camming proceeds to organizations working to end it.

They plan out feature dancing tours across the country, like timeless beauty Jennifer White, create content for their websites and clips to sell in their online stores like inked angel Anna Bell Peaks, and plan vacations around jobs in other countries.

For those with the look, the sex drive, and the motivation, being a performer paves the way to a lifestyle beyond anything they could ever have dreamed.

Myth #5 – Porn is Free

Nope. Totally false. Just because you can see it on a tube site or download it on torrent, doesn’t make it free. Real people work hard, spending time, energy, and millions of dollars each year to create the stuff you love to watch – and not just performers. Production teams, set designers, warehouse employees, accountants, caterers, and literally hundreds of other skilled professionals make their living creating adult content.

They deserve to be compensated for their hard work, as well as the risks they take personally and professionally to create adult content.

If we do not support the people we love they will not be able to continue creating the movies, scenes, and content we consume. That’s why it is important to pay for your porn. Think it’s too expensive? Wrong again!

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by DCypher

John Holmes Biography Re-Released

Porn legend John C. Holmes tells his own story in new book, ‘PORN KING’

PORN KING, the long-unavailable autobiography of legendary porn star John C. Holmes, has been released by publishing house BearManor Media, with a new epilogue by Holmes’ widow Laurie Holmes.

“John was a fascinating, yet simple man. He had a heart of gold, but there were many times when John was lost somewhere between reality, fantasy, and the sexual revolution,” Laurie Holmes said. “He often spun wild tales of grandeur and elaborated on the truth. Like most of his peers, he found it difficult to live up to someone else’s fantasy.”

Revered as “The King” by legions of ’70s porn fans, John C. Holmes was the iconic porn stud whose massive endowment riveted the attention of adult filmgoers worldwide. His amiable detective character “Johnny Wadd,” which he first performed in 1971, helped establish him as a popular personality when most porn performers were anonymous bodies in 8mm loops. Holmes’ troubled life included legal and drug problems before his comeback to adult film in 1983 and his eventual death from AIDS-related complications in 1988.

The bigger-than-life Holmes has been a part of mainstream feature films including “Boogie Nights,” where the fictional Dirk Diggler bears a resemblance to Holmes, and “Wonderland,” where Val Kilmer plays Holmes himself.

In PORN KING, Holmes talks freely about his childhood, his time as a swinger and paid gigolo, his on-set experiences as he shot 8mm loops in small offices and Johnny Wadd films on location, the rise and fall of his struggles with cocaine addiction which led to the notorious 1981 robbery of L.A. nightclub owner Eddie Nash and the retaliation murders on Wonderland
Avenue, his arrest, trial and acquittal before his return to adult filmmaking with performer Misty Dawn, who he married and is now known as Laurie Holmes.

PORN KING was compiled from audio tapes that John Holmes recorded during the last five years of his life. The book was originally privately published in 1998 and copies of the heirloom edition have been seen on the used-book market for prices ranging up to $1000.

The newly revised edition, including an updated, heartfelt, no-holds-barred epilogue written by Laurie Holmes, is an incredible story. The 160-page book is illustrated with family photos, production stills and news photographs of Holmes at adult conventions and putting his hands in cement outside of the famous Pussycat Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard in Southern California.

Porn King: The Autobiography of John C. Holmes is available at Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle download


John Holmes the porn legend or the child rapist? You decide.

I’m flipping channels the other day and I come to the E! network.  It was a show on the most gruesome crimes in history.  Just so happens that at the time I start watching they come to what has become known as The Wonderland murders.   At the start of the story they mention that porn star John Holmes during his time in the adult industry appeared in some 2500 movies.  Wait … what??  2500??? SERIOUSLY???????

Then someone tells me, oh well Ron Jeremy has been in over 2,000 himself.  Wow.  I really had never sat and thought about it.  Those two really are porn legends.  That I always knew but until today I never really sat and thought about how many more movies they had been in compared to stars of our day.

To give you some sense of comparison in terms of today’s stars IAFD tells us that Jesse Jane has been in about 62 movies.  Briana Banks has been in about 249 movies.    Christy Canyon was in about 243 movies.  Racquel Darrian was in 101, Chasey Lain was in 96 movies, Jenna Jameson was in 150, Tera Patrick 105, Belladonna 277, and Eva Angelina with 412.  The only one I could think of who has came close to something like their numbers is Jenna Haze is 502.

But back to John Holmes.

John Holmes was a performer from 1969-1988.   19 years in this business is pretty much unheard of.  The only other two I know of still making movies 19 years later even if just here and there would be Ron Jeremy and Christy Canyon.  She started in 1984 and made her last appearance in a movie in 2005.

He performed under a ton of different names such as Long John Wodd, Mr. John Holmes, John C. Holms, Johnny Holmes, John Duval, John C. Holmes, John Curtis Holmes, Johnny Wadd, Big Jon Fallus, Big John, John Rey, Mark Lloyd.

John Holmes had been with a lot of woman in his time, both on camera and off.  One can’t help but wonder if he ever had any offspring from his numerous affairs.

One of his affairs was with a 16 year old child.  During the height of his popularity in porn he took on a secret lover with a 16 year old little girl who lived in a complex he and his wife managed.  She would later say she looked up to John Holmes like a father figure and would remain his lover for 5 years.  After which time she ran to the police and turned him in.

During the course of their relationship she claimed he beat her, pimped her out and make her prostitute herself for drug money, raped her repeatedly, got her involved in what would become known as the Wonderland murders, got her chased across country by drug lords and the feds.

I didn’t read the book but I read her biography and her summary of what she said took place, as well as about 5 different reviews and interviews and the one thing that stuck out to me is how still, even to this day, she doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility for her own actions.  She continues to want to play the victim role.  And maybe she is a victim of rape and domestic violence.  It wouldn’t be to far of a leap to assume a porn star who did drugs and was involved in a horrid murder would also beat up his girlfriend but somewhere, sometime in your life you have to say in the 5 years she was in this relationship, did she never once think for herself?  Did she never once say I don’t need this shit and just leave?  No.  But when she did finally leave, the first thing she did was run to the police to get him arrested for sleeping with her when she was underage, for revenge.

I have been through my own bad relationships and I can probably say that with a strong level of confidence that John Holmes probably did beat her up a few times.  He probably did do a lot of the douche bag things in her book but you can’t play the victim card forever.  There has to come a point in your life when you say, I was the dumb ass for staying with him and I take full responsibility for my actions.

She about 21 when she left him.  That was more than old enough to know right from wrong.  Blame it on the drugs, blame it on his all powerful presence, fine whatever … but in the end, the only person you can really blame is yourself.

So what John Holmes a porn legend or a pedophile?  In the end I guess you’ll have to read her book and judge for yourself.

I know that I’m usually the nice one that posts here but today I just had to take a stand because this just really hasn’t been sitting right with me since I first got the press release about her book.  Then when I seen the story on E! I just knew this post was screaming out for me to write.  John Holmes is dead so he can’t exactly defend himself so really anyone can say anything they want and there isn’t anyone who can dispute it.

I hope that all these bad things really didn’t happen to her.  I would hate to think that anyone would be stupid enough to fall in love with someone who would beat them up, make them become a hooker and they would stay with them for year after year after year.  But I guess that happens every day in our society.  And it really is sad.  Did it happen this time?  That’s really up to you to decide but in the mean time her book is getting  a lot of great reviews so if nothing else it’s a good read I hear.

The Road Through Wonderland is the haunting memoir of a young girl sucked into the gritty world of drugs, abuse and John Holmes

The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes

(August 10, 2010 – CHICAGO): By age 20, Dawn Schiller had been prostituted, raped and nearly kidnapped; linked to the 1981 gruesome Wonderland murders; and chased cross country by federal officials and drug lords. She had also been the girlfriend of the legendary porn star John Holmes for nearly five years—a disturbing relationship centered on her yearning for love and eventual fear, and his desire for power and drugs.

In her disquieting memoir, The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes (Medallion Press, August 2010) with forewords by Val Kilmer and Kate Bosworth, Schiller offers a candid and shocking account of the troubling childhood that led her to Holmes and how her fragile emotions and his addictive persona thrust her into an unsettling and brutal world of abuse, cocaine, prostitution and murder.

A child of the ‘70s, Schiller recalls her youth spent in a broken home in a rough neighborhood of Carol City, Florida, “listening to heavy metal, getting high and hating life.” With the return of her hippie-pot-smoking father, 15-year-old Schiller hoped for a better life and followed her father to Southern California—an ensuing marijuana-fueled journey that ultimately ended at a home managed by the “king of porn,” John Holmes.

As Schiller recalls in The Road to Wonderland, Holmes—then a 32-year-old married man who, as Schiller embarrassingly remembers, was immediately disappointed in her young age—quickly became an odd but caring father figure to her. Writing with a blend of adolescent perspective and regretful hindsight, Schiller divulges how her feelings for Holmes shifted from a protective friend—initially helping him and his wife with their garden for extra money—to a dominant lover, recalling their first sexual encounter in which she “remained deathly still, pinned immobile under John’s strength.”

In The Road Through Wonderland, Schiller heartbreakingly reveals how John’s “presence, words, and actions filled every lonely, dejected void [she] harbored inside,” ultimately leading her down a path of seedy motels, the drug underworld and perpetual fear. With heartrending and frightening detail, she exposes how John’s raging temper and addiction to freebase cocaine transformed him into a paranoid maniac, who—after beating her up and forcing her to prostitute herself—would viciously scrub her clean in the bathtub while sobbing with apologies.

By turns salacious, by turns tender, this honest account also lends insight to the dynamic of Schiller’s bizarre but touching relationship with Holmes’ wife, candidly detailing their Christmases spent together and how she taught Schiller how to cook John’s favorite meals and fold his clothes to his preferences. The Road Through Wonderland also traces Schiller’s time on the run after the famed Wonderland Murders and her journey to self-acceptance, forgiveness and clarity that birthed Throwaway Teens, a program that brings awareness to kids who are targeted and influenced by predators, and E.S.T.E.A.M., a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting teens who are struggling to find a safe and successful path to adulthood.

A harrowing and surrealistic story of power, control, love and false hope, The Road Through Wonderland lends startling insight into the mind of a teenage girl whose desire for affection, meaning and love fueled her trust in a man that would haunt and scar her life forever.

Dawn Schiller was an associate producer and consultant on the 2003 movie Wonderland, which depicted the life of John Holmes in and around 1981. She is a member of a variety of committees—including the President’s Commission on the Status of Women and the National Center of Victims of Crime—and she has developed a program called Throwaway Teens: Who Are They and How Can We Help?, which brings awareness to the experiences of kids targeted and groomed by predators. Schiller is also the founder of E.S.T.E.A.M. (Empowering Successful Teens through Education, Awareness and Mentoring), a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting teens who are struggling to find a safe and successful path to adulthood.

For more information on Dawn Schiller, please visit www.dawn-schiller.com.

Dawn’s book “The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes” can be purchased at:


More Fake Twitter Porn Stars

I recently reported about the problems porn star Flower Tucci was having with a person impersonating her on Twitter.  Well apparently she is not the only one.  Then there was the story about a person pretending to be Tiffany Mynx supporting the concept of children as porn stars.  That person would later change their name to @RealJohnHolmes and someone else would grab claim to @TiffanyMynx.  Who knows if that is the real TiffanyMynx or a fraud.

While using these fake Twitter accounts this person always links to posts on blogspot, several times using the same account which is snortcrack.blogspot.com and he often Tweets back and forth with himself using several of his fake accounts.  Thousands and thousands of followers have fallen victim to this person who at times can be quite harsh and verbally abusive.  Here are the names we know he has used or is currently used.

  • @ToryLaneXXX
  • @TiffanyMynx (no longer using this name)
  • @MyaLuanna
  • @RealFlowerTucci
  • @REALJohnHolmes
  • @AmyRied

Just faking you are a porn star is confusing to me, why do it?  But to all out go around pretending to be them and harass their real fans is just so out there.  What the heck is wrong with this guy?  Why is he doing this?

But this person isn’t alone in pretending to be famous porn stars.  There is @AudreyBitoni.  Her accoun appears legit but Cindi from over at Luke is Back just did an interview with Audry Bitoni, the real one and turns out she doesn’t Twitter at all so @AudreyBitoni is a fake too.

Audrey Bitoni

photo of the real Audrey Bitoni from Twistys.com

Amy Reid

photo of the real Amy Ried from Twistys.com