More Fake Twitter Porn Stars

I recently reported about the problems porn star Flower Tucci was having with a person impersonating her on Twitter.  Well apparently she is not the only one.  Then there was the story about a person pretending to be Tiffany Mynx supporting the concept of children as porn stars.  That person would later change their name to @RealJohnHolmes and someone else would grab claim to @TiffanyMynx.  Who knows if that is the real TiffanyMynx or a fraud.

While using these fake Twitter accounts this person always links to posts on blogspot, several times using the same account which is and he often Tweets back and forth with himself using several of his fake accounts.  Thousands and thousands of followers have fallen victim to this person who at times can be quite harsh and verbally abusive.  Here are the names we know he has used or is currently used.

  • @ToryLaneXXX
  • @TiffanyMynx (no longer using this name)
  • @MyaLuanna
  • @RealFlowerTucci
  • @REALJohnHolmes
  • @AmyRied

Just faking you are a porn star is confusing to me, why do it?  But to all out go around pretending to be them and harass their real fans is just so out there.  What the heck is wrong with this guy?  Why is he doing this?

But this person isn’t alone in pretending to be famous porn stars.  There is @AudreyBitoni.  Her accoun appears legit but Cindi from over at Luke is Back just did an interview with Audry Bitoni, the real one and turns out she doesn’t Twitter at all so @AudreyBitoni is a fake too.

Audrey Bitoni

photo of the real Audrey Bitoni from

Amy Reid

photo of the real Amy Ried from