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August Danni girl of the month, Bobbi Star, will be in the DHD Studios today at 4pm PST/7pm EST


Starring: Bobbi Starr
“I grew up in the Bay Area, and I love everything about living there, but I also love to travel. If I could be anywhere right now, it would be in the South of Spain. It’s so peacefully beautiful there! But I got to be honest, every vacation is my favorite. I once had sex in the bathroom at an Australian sex convention. I guess I was in the right place! I can’t wait to see Italy, Japan, & Scotland. I graduated from San Jose State University in ’05 and now I do porn but it’s really a great life. I get to have sex with other people who love sex. It’s really like I don’t have to work at all. If I won a million dollars, I’d go back for a master’s degree and give the rest away. My dream date would have to be something I’m not expecting; a total surprise. I admire men who always, compulsively, tell the truth, no matter how bad it sounds. Having sex with strangers is exciting, so I always indulge when I can.”

The Danni Girl of the Year

Long ago a stripper from Texas started her own website called  It was huge back in the day and well years have passed and other similar sites have popped up and Danni Ashe has long since been bought out and retired but her website does remain and the girls featured are still hot as ever.  In fact, they are so hot they have to have a face off to see who is the hottest and will win the tittle Danni Girl of the Year.

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The girls in the running include Adrienne Manning, Alektra Blue, Sunny Leone, Marlie Moore, Amy Ried, Alexandra Ivy, Lana Lopez, Heather Vandeven, Laura Lee, Lindsay Marie, Sophia Santi and Georgia Jones.


DCypher posts: This is Jana Jordan. She is with Ninnworx SR. You cannot have her. Ne-ner-ne-ner-ne-ner…She is far prettier than (most of) you will ever be.

Jana hails from the mighty nation of Texas which gave unto us also Premiere Bush USA Number One, chili, and the Cowboys. She may or may not have once had a friendly Chihuahua/rat terrier named Bubbles.

She may or may not have been a model from 14 to 17 for commercial print, doing acting and “stuff like that” then converted to nude modeling when she turned 18.

She may or may not have worked for Hustler and Vivid on her way to her Ninnworx SR contract.

She definitely likes girls though. That much I do have on good authority. Having met and worked with all the other contract girls at Ninnworx SR I’d say that places her in good company. I hope Ninnworx forces them all to share a room in Vegas for AEE this year. They could install a webcam and sell that shit.

Enjoy the gallery. Go on then.

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Carli Fucking Banks DCypher posts: Do you ever feel like you’re experiencing déjà vu?

I swear that we ran this set once before but even thought I search and search and search through the archives I cannot find it.

That’s strange. I feel like I’m on a bad episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Do you ever feel like you’re experiencing déjà vu?

I swear that we ran this set once before but even thought I search and search and search through the archives I cannot find it.

That’s strange. I feel like you just read that twice in a row. Lol. Suckapunch!

Now go enjoy this amazingly beautiful set of one of the most beautiful women in the whole wide world.

Click Here For Full Set


Valentina Vaughn DCypher posts: This is one of the best Wikipedia entries for a porn chick I have ever seen. It’s concise and chock full of lurid insinuations. Tell me that you agree or suggest a better one.!!!

*** *** ***

Valentina Vaughn (born March 15, 1983 in Baltimore, Maryland [citation needed]) is a stage name for an American nude model and pornographic actress.

She became June 2005’s Penthouse Pet of the Month, for which she was photographed by Suze Randall, and a Hustler Magazine Honey. Vaughn has also been photographed by Andrew Blake and Ken Marcus.

Prior to becoming a Penthouse Pet, she had a history of run-ins with the law, including an arrest for the purchase of cocaine.

She has also begun a career in the adult film industry and has a career as an exotic dancer. She primarily danced at Delilah in Philadelphia since 2001.

She is an avid fan of guns, but due to one of her arrests, she is unable to get a gun license.




Sandee WestgateDCypher posts: Sandee Westgate is hands down the biggest lesbian I know…which believe it or not is saying a lot. She’s also a regulation hottie, as they say. We’ve been involved in a cat and mouse game of leaving each other funny Myspace messages about dog poop for about a year now. I am patient though, and I will wait her out, and eventually win, and get her to send a new copy of GIRLFRIENDS to me. You wait and see.

Danni Dot Com keeps sending me these phenomenal hosted galleries of girls like Sandee and most of the time they just go to waste, rotting in my inbox, instead of being shared with good porn loving folk like you.

I’ve thought long and hard about it, meditated in silence with Zen monks underneath waterfalls, read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, played Stairway to Heaven backwards, smoked DMT with Shamans, consulted with Rabbis, and even watched a couple episodes of Bill O’Reilly. I’ve lost sleep to be honest. I want to do the right thing but I’m weak. I know that enabling behavior is not compassionate, I get it, but I still feel deep in my heart that no matter what Fayner has told you FREE PORN IS WONDERFUL!!! Does that make me evil?

Maybe we can just call it sample porn then? Just think of it like that first vial of crack cocaine that gets you hooked and makes you come back for more of the expensive kind as your habit grows. Look on these exquisite pix of my dear friend Sandee Westgate as your gateway drug if it makes you feel better, the precursor to the hard stuff.


Carli BanksDCypher posts: I’ve often contended that Carli Banks is one of the most beautiful women ever to enter the Adult Entertainment Industry or AEI to you civilian folks.

She has a smile that can melt a glacier, eyes that pierce through to the heart of whomever she stares at, and the most wonderful big big titties you’ve ever seen. She’s definitely fine, even if she steals all the blankets at night, farts in her sleep, and makes cute little whining noises with her nose when she cums, theoretically speaking of course.

In retrospect I feel really bad about (imaginarily) kicking her out of my bed for spilling some cookie crumbs between the sheets. It wasn’t really her fault and I know that now. I could have easily asked her not to eat them in bed, to sit her beautiful naked ass on the cold tile of my kitchen and munch away to her heart’s delight but I felt sorry for her. No use crying over spilled milk now.

At least we will always have this pictures that I (did not) shoot of her from our (totally fabricated) wedding day. Sigh. Just don’t ask me why she was wearing black mere hours before the (make believe) ceremony.

If you see her tell her that the kids (we don’t have) miss her so much and to please come home again…and be sure to check out this set.


DCypher posts: Celeste Starr is fucking beautiful. No doubt about it. I have had the opportunity to hire her a lot over the last few years and I swear to God she just keeps getting better looking as time goes by. So far my favorite scene is when she worked with Cassidy for my Club Jenna show HARD BLUFF. They tore each other up!!!

Sadly I have tried to Pet rescue her from her crippling antisocial and dorky ways on several occasions to no avail.

If you see her you should know that she bites and whatever you do it’s not appropriate to talk about how her peoples did or did not immigrate to America and whether it involved underground tunnels. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You should also know that she is the Danni Girl for June 2007 and tell her congratulations, but from a distance, because she spits like an Alpaca too, right in your eye…and that shit burns.

Here is what Danni Dot Com has to say about her.

When you think of exotic Latina beauties, one name should be on your lips: Celeste Star! This California cutie got into the industry nearly 2 years ago as a way to pay the bills but after a few very satisfying trysts with some of the world’s sexiest ladies, she decided that rolling around with beautiful women was payment enough! When Celeste isn’t busy gettin’ busy in front of the camera this celestial body is plopped down in front of the TV checking out cheerleading competitions. Yep, you heard us. But think about it – what could be sexier than imagining Celeste in her tiny little cheerleading outfit kicking her long legs straight into the air?