DCypher posts: Celeste Starr is fucking beautiful. No doubt about it. I have had the opportunity to hire her a lot over the last few years and I swear to God she just keeps getting better looking as time goes by. So far my favorite scene is when she worked with Cassidy for my Club Jenna show HARD BLUFF. They tore each other up!!!

Sadly I have tried to Pet rescue her from her crippling antisocial and dorky ways on several occasions to no avail.

If you see her you should know that she bites and whatever you do it’s not appropriate to talk about how her peoples did or did not immigrate to America and whether it involved underground tunnels. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You should also know that she is the Danni Girl for June 2007 and tell her congratulations, but from a distance, because she spits like an Alpaca too, right in your eye…and that shit burns.

Here is what Danni Dot Com has to say about her.

When you think of exotic Latina beauties, one name should be on your lips: Celeste Star! This California cutie got into the industry nearly 2 years ago as a way to pay the bills but after a few very satisfying trysts with some of the world’s sexiest ladies, she decided that rolling around with beautiful women was payment enough! When Celeste isn’t busy gettin’ busy in front of the camera this celestial body is plopped down in front of the TV checking out cheerleading competitions. Yep, you heard us. But think about it – what could be sexier than imagining Celeste in her tiny little cheerleading outfit kicking her long legs straight into the air?


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