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DCypher posts: According to a recent post on Wonkette, with this amazing link to the proof, our fearless leader George W. Bush, has enacted an EO (that’s executive order to you civilians out there) that allows “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq.” Essentially what it means is that if the White House decides that you are in any way “undermining efforts” in Iraq, or related to Iraq or pretty much anything else, the Treasury Department is authorized to seize your money, property, stocks, etc. Given how well they upheld the proposed usage of the Patriot Act, and seeing as how they didn’t turn the NSA onto the American people and illegally wiretap the nation, and seeing as how they never lie and wouldn’t dream of outing a CIA agent as retaliation for busting them on their bullshit excuse to preemptively go to war with another country, I’m sure there is nothing for average Joes like you and I to worry about.

Oh wait. Shit. That’s right. They abused those things too. Fuck! Looks like we’re screwed.

Does this mean that they are coming after Cindy Sheehan you ask? Or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Or Keith Olbermann from MSN news who called Bush a traitor? Or Scott Fayner for his lengthy and lucid rants on this very site? Or me for this post? Or you?

Only time will tell how far they want to take it. You have to wonder how it is that the entire nation sleeps through these major events without noticing them. This should have been on the front page of every paper in America. It should be on a fucking loop on Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs, and Greta. This should be the top story all throughout Scarborough Country today but I haven’t heard much about it anywhere else and I wonder why.

One has to ask, at what point can we say that we have traded our humanity for patriotism? At what point have we allowed our fear, both the media induced kind, like when Alberto Gonzalez has a “gut feeling” terrorists are going to strike us, and that which is very real and healthy, replace our compassion and our faith? At what point will we as a people reach our critical desalination point, set aside the devilish rhetoric of partisan politics, and demand transparency and accountability?

If the last six years have taught me anything it is that the Bush Administration may be guilty of all sorts of crimes but ultimate the most guilty party in this ridiculous charade is YOU the American people who have sat back and allowed these idiots to ruin the country while you fought over boys kissing, flag burning, and Vietnam…yet again. Shame on you America. You get the government you deserve.

On a lighter note, be sure to check out the comments from Wonkette. They are priceless.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As this post was going live it was announced that Dick Cheney would be taking over as active President while George W. Bush had his head removed from his ass long enough for doctor’s to check it for deadly cancer. President Dick Cheney? All bets are off!

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