from Mark Wood and RedlightDCypher posts: Over the years that I have been in porn I have seen guys come and go. When I started at Zane Entertainment we mostly hired guys like John Strong, who is now with Red Light, Dave Hardman, who has yet again disappeared like a fart in the wind, and Rick Masters, who continues to fight for his right to just fall in love with a costar and live a simple, drama free life.

Back then when you needed talent you went to Reb’s Pretty Girls or Rob Spallone’s Starworld, true enough, but usually at the end of the day you made the trek over to Van Nuys boulevard and climbed those familiar stairs up to Jim South’s World Modeling. Back then you could even smoke up there, before Brick Majors called the health department and Jim got threatened with a ticket.

I digress…a lot…so get used to it. If I make it to senility, if I live that long in this lifetime, I should be even more entertaining. Wait…where was I? Oh yeah…

There were a number of guys that used to chill up in Jim’s office. It was where you hung if you were trying to get work and as long as you didn’t raid the back fridge for all of his Pepsi’s and didn’t piss off his son Junior, Jim didn’t care all that much. Just more people in his entourage for the daily lunch trip to El Torrito or Hamburger Hamlet. All things considered it was a smart move to hang there anyway because it meant that when a new girl came in, which happened every four and a half minutes during the summer months…what with all the girls graduating high school, working in fast food for a hot minute, stripping a week or two, then climbing up the ladder into porn…you’d be right there to catch the newest, freshest talent.

One of the guys that used to hang out there all the time looking for work was a young lad by the name of Mark Wood. Now Mark was always polite even though I never hired him. Fact of the matter is he may have ribbed me on more than one occasion about my not hiring him, but some of the people I worked for just didn’t want to put him on, most likely cuz they had other regular guys who would work for cheap and were reliable. Still Mark never lost his smile and he went on to do well on his own, performing in hundreds of scenes and solidifying his reputation as a top notch performer before going behind the camera and helming his own work. I’ve always felt kinda bad that I never gave him a chance, even when I could have pushed more, back when I used to produce for Jim Holliday, Michael Raven, Andre Madness, Clive McClain, Nic Cramer, and the likes.

Fast forward to the current day. As some of you know, or don’t and couldn’t care less, I used to run the Hardcore Gossip website for my brother Keith when he was over at Metro. I got into the habit of taking movies and reviewing them through guys like Dirty Michigan Steve and crazy broads like Dirty Oakland Annie. Sometimes I even rolled up my sleeves and reviewed them myself. Most of what I saw coming out, especially from the gonzo market, was straight garbage. I don’t know how guys like Roger Pipe and Don Houston do it. Really. There is just so much retarded knock off crap on the market, so many uninspired wannabe directors filling up DVD’s with bad lighting, ugly girls, shaky camera work, sloppy editing, weak male performers, and really cheesy music. I wouldn’t worry about the internet killing your company. These guys are doing a fine job of ruining porn on their own.

To this day I still receive screeners from various companies including Red Light District, which is how I got Mark Wood’s latest title, DON’T LET DADDY KNOW #2 starring such vivacious young girls (sans moral compass) as Micah Moore, Lexi Belle, Cody Lane, Alexia Sky, and the unforgettable Alexis Texas. I had heard from several people that I should check out Micah Moore so I went right to that scene and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Then I went back and watched the whole movie through. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with this title. Mere words just don’t seem to cover it. Here’s the thing, yeah some of the set up’s were a little corny, but I’m going to chalk that up to the barely legal genre and how retarded it can be sometimes. Mark stars in several of the scenes himself, including the one with Micah Moore, and he does an amazing job.

The real gem of the DVD though, comes when Brian Surewood takes on young newcummer Lexi Belle. This may be, quite literally, the best scene I have ever watched. I thought maybe it might just be Lexi, so I pulled out a couple of newer titles from other companies that feature her and watched them. They just didn’t seem to measure up to what Mark captured. Lexi exudes an alluring and deviant legal teen sexuality of such tremendous power and magnitude that its effects remain palpably clear long after the scene is finished. Translation: This scene is FUCKING hot!!! Lol. Brian Surewood doesn’t waste a second drilling her with the kind of professional grade pistoning that has become his trademark. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Final summation, you have to see this movie, if you’re into the whole watching porn thing and not just some born again Christian doing research by reading this site. Hats off to you Mark Wood…and keep ‘em cumming!


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