Red Light District on the Fleshdrive

Red Light District has started to release movies on the Fleshdrive.

For example on the Redlight District Fleshdrive called Tease Me then Please Me, there is the very sexy Riley Evans on the cover and it includes 20 scenes, all on a discreet fleshdrive that is so small it fits in the palm of your hand.


The Fleshdrive has gotten a lot of attention lately and has even been featured on CNBC, CNET, AVN, XBIZ, and even Howard Stern.  The Fleshdrive is compatct,lightweight and very discreet.  It allows you to watch porn without leaving a trace.  If you haven’t checked out the Fleshdrive now is a great time to do it, especially with these new Redlight District titles.


So ya wanna be a porn star? Well how about this …

It seems that the film studio Red Light District is in search of the next hot thing.   And maybe that could be you.  Many big names got their start working in movies made by Red Light Distract including Bree Olson, Eva Angelina, and Roxy Deville, just to name a few.

First and foremost, you must be over 18 (obviously) and have a copy of your ID to prove it.  They are going to want a government issued ID such as a drivers license, state issued ID card for those who don’t drive, a certified copy of our birth certificate, or a passport.  These things are important, if you don’t have it, get it.  It will be needed time and time again.

Next you will want to include at least 3 or 4 photos.  One should be a head shot, one should be a full body shot (nude of course), and the other one or two will be up to you.  You can have your friend take them, they don’t have to be professionally done.  You will email them over to  What is a headshot?  Well it’s simly a photo showing your pretty face.  Here is a sample of a headshot of a former porn star who was in the business for a short time named Penelope Flowers.  As you see it’s just a photo of your face and on the other end of the scale, a “body shot” is simply a photo of your full body from head to toe.

Red Light District, one of the leading adult entertainment production studios, is looking for attractive new models with sexy bodies. Opportunities range from swimsuit and lingerie shoots to classic nude and adult films. Models are never required to do anything they aren’t comfortable with. This is a rare industry where new models can sometimes earn more money than experienced models. In some cases, models have made as much as $7,000.00 for a weekend of shooting. Travel and lodging can also be arranged for you.

If you are interested in doing something sexy, fun and exciting while earning a lot of money please either email us or mail us at least 3 pictures of yourself. All models must be over 18 years old. It is recommended that you send at least one face shot and at least 2 full body shots (one frontal and one from behind) to receive best consideration. Please also include your name, contact info., and birthdate.

Now before doing this I want you to think of this as a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.  Sure the girls have fun being porn stars but in the end it is a business and you should approach it as one.  Realistically, the smart girls make $30,000 a month easy.  So I want you to start off doing this right.  I want you to go into this with your name in mind.

Think of a name you like … a FIRST AND LAST NAME.   Pick something that is easy to spell.   Mandee is confusing.  Go with the normal, standard spellings of names like Mandy.  This is very important for marketing purposes.  You want a name that is easy to spell more than anything.

Now go to the IAFD and see if there is a porn star with that name already.  If somebody already is using that name pick another name.  Now go over to GoDaddy and see if the name you have chosen is available as a domain name.  If the name you have selected isn’t available as a .com then pick another name.  You want your chosen name as a domain name, TRUST ME.  Even if you don’t plan on doing anything right now with a website, secure your name up front, it will only cost you $10!

Now when you send in your photos and a copy of your ID to Red Light District you can include a short note telling them that you would like to use the stage name of <YOUR CHOSEN FIRST AND LAST NAME>.    This will show you have already given this a lot of thought and will no doubt make them think twice about you as you have taken it more serious than some of the other girls who will no doubt be applying.


from Mark Wood and RedlightDCypher posts: Over the years that I have been in porn I have seen guys come and go. When I started at Zane Entertainment we mostly hired guys like John Strong, who is now with Red Light, Dave Hardman, who has yet again disappeared like a fart in the wind, and Rick Masters, who continues to fight for his right to just fall in love with a costar and live a simple, drama free life.

Back then when you needed talent you went to Reb’s Pretty Girls or Rob Spallone’s Starworld, true enough, but usually at the end of the day you made the trek over to Van Nuys boulevard and climbed those familiar stairs up to Jim South’s World Modeling. Back then you could even smoke up there, before Brick Majors called the health department and Jim got threatened with a ticket.

I digress…a lot…so get used to it. If I make it to senility, if I live that long in this lifetime, I should be even more entertaining. Wait…where was I? Oh yeah…

There were a number of guys that used to chill up in Jim’s office. It was where you hung if you were trying to get work and as long as you didn’t raid the back fridge for all of his Pepsi’s and didn’t piss off his son Junior, Jim didn’t care all that much. Just more people in his entourage for the daily lunch trip to El Torrito or Hamburger Hamlet. All things considered it was a smart move to hang there anyway because it meant that when a new girl came in, which happened every four and a half minutes during the summer months…what with all the girls graduating high school, working in fast food for a hot minute, stripping a week or two, then climbing up the ladder into porn…you’d be right there to catch the newest, freshest talent.

One of the guys that used to hang out there all the time looking for work was a young lad by the name of Mark Wood. Now Mark was always polite even though I never hired him. Fact of the matter is he may have ribbed me on more than one occasion about my not hiring him, but some of the people I worked for just didn’t want to put him on, most likely cuz they had other regular guys who would work for cheap and were reliable. Still Mark never lost his smile and he went on to do well on his own, performing in hundreds of scenes and solidifying his reputation as a top notch performer before going behind the camera and helming his own work. I’ve always felt kinda bad that I never gave him a chance, even when I could have pushed more, back when I used to produce for Jim Holliday, Michael Raven, Andre Madness, Clive McClain, Nic Cramer, and the likes.

Fast forward to the current day. As some of you know, or don’t and couldn’t care less, I used to run the Hardcore Gossip website for my brother Keith when he was over at Metro. I got into the habit of taking movies and reviewing them through guys like Dirty Michigan Steve and crazy broads like Dirty Oakland Annie. Sometimes I even rolled up my sleeves and reviewed them myself. Most of what I saw coming out, especially from the gonzo market, was straight garbage. I don’t know how guys like Roger Pipe and Don Houston do it. Really. There is just so much retarded knock off crap on the market, so many uninspired wannabe directors filling up DVD’s with bad lighting, ugly girls, shaky camera work, sloppy editing, weak male performers, and really cheesy music. I wouldn’t worry about the internet killing your company. These guys are doing a fine job of ruining porn on their own.

To this day I still receive screeners from various companies including Red Light District, which is how I got Mark Wood’s latest title, DON’T LET DADDY KNOW #2 starring such vivacious young girls (sans moral compass) as Micah Moore, Lexi Belle, Cody Lane, Alexia Sky, and the unforgettable Alexis Texas. I had heard from several people that I should check out Micah Moore so I went right to that scene and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Then I went back and watched the whole movie through. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with this title. Mere words just don’t seem to cover it. Here’s the thing, yeah some of the set up’s were a little corny, but I’m going to chalk that up to the barely legal genre and how retarded it can be sometimes. Mark stars in several of the scenes himself, including the one with Micah Moore, and he does an amazing job.

The real gem of the DVD though, comes when Brian Surewood takes on young newcummer Lexi Belle. This may be, quite literally, the best scene I have ever watched. I thought maybe it might just be Lexi, so I pulled out a couple of newer titles from other companies that feature her and watched them. They just didn’t seem to measure up to what Mark captured. Lexi exudes an alluring and deviant legal teen sexuality of such tremendous power and magnitude that its effects remain palpably clear long after the scene is finished. Translation: This scene is FUCKING hot!!! Lol. Brian Surewood doesn’t waste a second drilling her with the kind of professional grade pistoning that has become his trademark. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Final summation, you have to see this movie, if you’re into the whole watching porn thing and not just some born again Christian doing research by reading this site. Hats off to you Mark Wood…and keep ‘em cumming!


Title: Cream My Crack

Cast: Cassie Courtland, Veronica Lynn, Nikki Nievez, Mya Luvanna, Tiffany Rayne, Haley Scott, Annie Cruz, 

Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, John Strong, Marcos Leon, Juan Cuba, Andrew Andretti, Brad Baldwin, Johnny Fender, Mike Hash, Jim Beem

Company: Red Light District

Director: Michael Stefano

            There seems to always be new fetish in porn to have the money shot. Facials are always classic and lately cream pies seem the overindulgent crowd pleaser. Michael Stefano has come up with a new idea for the pop shot and that is to let the male talent jizz in the ass crack of their female counterpart. Think a bukakke of the ass and you get the idea here.

            The film is strong from the get-go with Cassie Courtland and Veronica Jett in the opener having fun with Manuel Ferrara. The film ends with the perky Annie Cruz taking loads of cum on her super sexy ass.

            Overall, Cream My Crack is a basic film with another cum fetish thrown in. I am sure this will catch on and turn into another never-ending series like many titles before.


CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Actor-director Manuel Ferrara has left Red Light District after two years and moved over to Evil Angel, which will distribute his Manuel Ferrara Productions.
Ferrara, AVN’s Male Performer of the Year for two years running, will stay at Red Light through the end of March, long enough to fulfill his commitments to the company. His first Evil Angel release is tentatively scheduled for May.

Red Light owner David Joseph and Evil Angel vice president of operations, Chris Norman, speaking to on a conference call, were effusive in their praise for Ferrara and full of mutual admiration, asserting that there were no hard feelings between the two companies.

“This was entirely mutual,” Joseph said of Ferrara’s departure. “Everything is good between us. I’m really happy for Manuel. He’s the nicest guy in the world.

“He’s been on the fence about this for several weeks. He likes it here but I know that he has looked up to John Stagliano his whole life and that’s the team he wants to play with.”  

Norman said he wanted to make it clear that “there is no hostility between Evil Angel and Red Light District. Despite what you may hear, Evil Angel is not out to raid their directors.” He added that Stagliano has traditionally waited for a director to make a name for himself before inviting him to join the Evil Empire.  

“We’re delighted to have Manuel at Evil Angel,” he continued. “He really came up through the ranks, working for Christoph Clark and Rocco Siffredi [other Evil Angel directors]. We think this is the perfect home for him.”

Ferrara joins his former Red Light labelmate Erik Everhard at Evil Angel, but under much sunnier skies than Everhard, who is suing and being counter-sued by Red Light.

“I feel good,” the French-born Ferrara told “I have a lot of friends at Red Light District and everything is going well. But now I have a chance to go where I probably wanted to be always.”  

He said he’ll be shooting “what I love, gonzo, with intros [to the sex] that are a little bit more involved, like what I did in my series Mind Fuck, where the perversion of the situation will turn you on as much as the sex.”

Despite being part of the Evil Empire he said he’ll be “performing again for everybody,” including his friends at Red Light such as Michael Stefano. The working title for his first Evil Angel release, he added, is Evilution.


Title: Cunt Gushers

Alicia Angel, Joey, Naomi, Sandra Romain, Brianna Love, Brandon Iron, Michael Stefano, Manuel Ferrara

Red Light District

Manuel Ferrara

            No matter if you think it is female ejaculation or pee, girls squirting body fluids out of their pussies is hot. Personally, I feel there is such thing as female ejaculation, but some more of the old school porn viewers don’t believe. So be it.

            Cunt Gushers is a squirting good time with desirable females letting it loose as they perform in five scenes dedicated to the gushing cunts. Ferrara is becoming one of the better directors in the gonzo scene and leave it to this guy to bring us a strong film about severely wet pussies.
Alicia Angel started off the movie sporting an anal plug for more things to come. She was a fun girl to watch and carried herself well. She worked with both Brandon Iron and Michael Stefano, in which they both tapped each of her holes respectively. They also rubbed her fiery pussy until it spewed flavorful fluids.

            Joey is an adorable girl with dimples and a smile that is enchanting. In her interview, she told Ferrara she liked it hard and rough, this was enough to convince Ferrara to take this girl on his own. The duo had great chemistry together and I was really impressed with Joey’s sexuality here. Although, she didn’t take it up the ass, she made a strong impression. She squirted at the end with the help of Ferrara’s fast moving fingers.

            In the fourth scene, Sandra Romain is with Manuel. He worked her pussy early until her pussy let loose with the juice. She sucked his cock very will in return and soon the two were down to it. Sandra wins over this film by a great margin.

            Cunt Gushers was another solid release from Manuel Ferrara, you really can’t go wrong with this guys work.


Why are all the big name directors leaving Red Light District? They’re not, they’re being asked to leave.

Eric Everhard, Vince Voyeur, Sean Michaels, Mike John, Manuel Ferrara, all gone from the company.

Red Light is a branded name, the NAME sells itself. Why?

Red Light made its’ name because of one word, PARIS. Because of that one title and Red Light District’s association with the title, the studio is now right up there with Vivid as far as name brand, even ahead of Digital Playground.

When Dion first started the company, he and Vince Voyeur put a philosophy into place. Let the directors fund and own their movies and the company will handle all post production and distribution and then take a % of the revenues. This was extremely effective because it locked in solid directors to exclusive deals and it kept costs down for the company. It was the ‘Directors’ that carried the ‘Studio’.

Once One Night In Paris was released, the roles were reversed and the ‘Studio’ began to carry the ‘Directors’. Red Light moved approximately 800,000 units of One Night, and with that the Red Light name was branded! This translated into higher automatics on new releases. People who took 10 were not taking 50. People who took nothing were now taking 25.

All the Directors were making tons of cash, because 1) their product is outstanding, and 2) because of David Joseph having the balls to release the Paris video.

Now that Red Light is a branded name and that the name itself carries the weight, why do all that work for 30%? The answer was to simply release the directors from their contracts and start shooting titles that the Studio OWNED 100%. Now Red Light keeps 100% of the title and simply pays the normal budgets for shooting a gonzo.

Everyone made money off of Red Light, and everyone involved in the company has moved on to greener pastures because of their affiliation with Red Light. It’s a smart move on behalf of David Joseph, owning 100% instead of 30%.