Title: Cunt Gushers

Alicia Angel, Joey, Naomi, Sandra Romain, Brianna Love, Brandon Iron, Michael Stefano, Manuel Ferrara

Red Light District

Manuel Ferrara

            No matter if you think it is female ejaculation or pee, girls squirting body fluids out of their pussies is hot. Personally, I feel there is such thing as female ejaculation, but some more of the old school porn viewers don’t believe. So be it.

            Cunt Gushers is a squirting good time with desirable females letting it loose as they perform in five scenes dedicated to the gushing cunts. Ferrara is becoming one of the better directors in the gonzo scene and leave it to this guy to bring us a strong film about severely wet pussies.
Alicia Angel started off the movie sporting an anal plug for more things to come. She was a fun girl to watch and carried herself well. She worked with both Brandon Iron and Michael Stefano, in which they both tapped each of her holes respectively. They also rubbed her fiery pussy until it spewed flavorful fluids.

            Joey is an adorable girl with dimples and a smile that is enchanting. In her interview, she told Ferrara she liked it hard and rough, this was enough to convince Ferrara to take this girl on his own. The duo had great chemistry together and I was really impressed with Joey’s sexuality here. Although, she didn’t take it up the ass, she made a strong impression. She squirted at the end with the help of Ferrara’s fast moving fingers.

            In the fourth scene, Sandra Romain is with Manuel. He worked her pussy early until her pussy let loose with the juice. She sucked his cock very will in return and soon the two were down to it. Sandra wins over this film by a great margin.

            Cunt Gushers was another solid release from Manuel Ferrara, you really can’t go wrong with this guys work.

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