Carli BanksDCypher posts: I’ve often contended that Carli Banks is one of the most beautiful women ever to enter the Adult Entertainment Industry or AEI to you civilian folks.

She has a smile that can melt a glacier, eyes that pierce through to the heart of whomever she stares at, and the most wonderful big big titties you’ve ever seen. She’s definitely fine, even if she steals all the blankets at night, farts in her sleep, and makes cute little whining noises with her nose when she cums, theoretically speaking of course.

In retrospect I feel really bad about (imaginarily) kicking her out of my bed for spilling some cookie crumbs between the sheets. It wasn’t really her fault and I know that now. I could have easily asked her not to eat them in bed, to sit her beautiful naked ass on the cold tile of my kitchen and munch away to her heart’s delight but I felt sorry for her. No use crying over spilled milk now.

At least we will always have this pictures that I (did not) shoot of her from our (totally fabricated) wedding day. Sigh. Just don’t ask me why she was wearing black mere hours before the (make believe) ceremony.

If you see her tell her that the kids (we don’t have) miss her so much and to please come home again…and be sure to check out this set.

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