Two in da pink one in da stink!Fayner Posts: So I woke up this morning around seven like I do these days to let out the hound dog before she shits on the bed. But I had trouble getting up, as my whole right side was sore as hell.

I went out into the living room. Bianca Dagger was sitting on the couch drinking tea. She had slept over last night in the guest room.

“How are you?” she asked me.

“Fine, except my right arm kills! It feels like I was fingerbanging some chick all night!”

“That’s so funny!” she replied, “’cause I had a dream where I was just laying there and someone stuck a finger in my pussy.”

“Was it me? I don’t think I came in and fingerbanged you. Did I?”

“I don’t know.”

I then walked to the kitchen, where I saw tons of whipped cream all over the counter.

“Oh, that’s why my arm hurts so much!”


“Because Taylor demanded I make fresh whipped cream for the apple pie last niught, and I had to whisk the fucking thing myself. It took like 15 minutes.”

“That’s too bad,” Bianca said, “’cause I sure could have used a good fingerbanging last night.”

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