Sweet SerenaDCypher posts: This is Serena. I have asked her repetitively to keep her clothing on but she never listens. I keep telling her that no one wants to see her running around all barely legal and naked showing off her perfect young breasts and freshly shaved kitty all wet and dripping with girly nectar. I’ve done all I can to let her know that the kind of attention men will give her for flaunting her nubile body, supple breasts, and baby soft skin, isn’t the kind of attention she really needs and that it can lead to all sorts of problems in life.

I warned her that men like Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women. She’s so crazy that she stripped while we were talking and did her best to blow me mid speech.

See if you can find her funny birthmark. It looks like presidential candidate Mitt Romney arm wrestling Senator Barack Obama over Florida State. See for yourself if you don’t believe me.

I think you will find the journey to be far more interesting than the destination.

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